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Inspiring Service Project Honors 16,000-Plus Fallen Heroes

Boy Scout Joshua Katz of Lake Worth, Florida, knew he wanted to honor the fallen soldiers buried at South Florida National Cemetery, but he also knew he didn’t want to leave any one hero out.

How to honor 16,000-plus fallen soldiers all at once?

Joshua recruited fellow Scouts and parents to spread out across the cemetery and read aloud the name of each and every soldier, while also placing a symbolic coin on top of each headstone. Family members of fallen soldiers had the opportunity to take the coins home, knowing that their loved ones had not been forgotten.

Cemetery officials were so impressed by Joshua that they’ve asked him to make the ceremony an annual event. Joshua calls it the POW-MIA-OREE.

(Good luck watching the video below without getting emotional.)

Read more about Joshua’s project here.


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  1. Yet another example of what a scout can accomplish.

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