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It’s Klondike derby season; have you had yours?

Klondike derbies are great.

You get to have fun in the snow by also learning and practicing essential Scout skills, and you get to compete against your friends and talk all kinds of smack if you win.

What’s that you say? It doesn’t snow where you live? No problem …

What’s that? It’s too cold where you live? Whatev …

Klondike derbies can teach you how to be prepared in the snow.

But mostly, they’re just really fun.

Click here for information on running a Klondike derby.

Click here for tips on building a sled.


3 Comments on It’s Klondike derby season; have you had yours?

  1. LOL yes Ours is this weekend! Scout on!

  2. Yep it was my best yet I actually packed enough socks!

  3. Ours is just a week and a half away and we just got 2 feet of snow. It’s going to be awesome!

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