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Heads Up

Brought to you by Clay Swartz, associate editor of Boys’ Life magazine, Heads Up is your one-stop destination for the coolest stuff from around the globe. Plus there will be plenty of chances to win free stuff, so check in as much as possible.

  • This Lego Death Star Time-Lapse Video Is Awesome
    Lego’s Star Wars kits are fun, but they’re a ton of work, too. That’s why it’s sometimes nice to sit back and watch someone else do all the work. Lego superstar Bar Van Dijkwent did
  • Tour This Incredible Lego Baseball Field
    Go inside one of the most detailed Lego creations ever, Clutchers Field: an incredibly detailed baseball stadium made completely of Legos. It’s complete with bullpen carts, escalator, a double-decker grandstand and lots of fans. Check
  • Ever Wondered Why Barns Are Red?
    Hint: It's not because farmers all love the same color.
  • Did Scientists Actually Discover a Real-Life Unicorn?
    Scientists in Siberia recently discovered the fossilized skull of a 30,000-year-old Elasmotherium sibiricum, a giant horse-like animal that had a massive horn growing from the center of its head. If you’re thinking it sounds a
  • Watch Footage of an Early Wright Brothers Flight
    On Dec. 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright became the first humans to achieve powered flight. Their first flight, piloted by Orville, lasted 12 seconds, traveled 120 feet and topped out at less than 7

Book Zone

Love books? This is the right place. Get chances to win free books, the latest info on cool new books and pretty much anything else related to – wait for it … BOOKS! The Book Zone is ruled by Boys’ Life Senior Editor Paula Murphey.

Scouting Around

The Scouting Around blog is your source for Scouting news. Get ideas for your troop by reading about Scouting activities across the country. Biking in Buffalo? Caving in California? Fishing in Florida? Mountain climbing in Montana? Shooting in South Carolina? It’s all in Scouting Around.


Love fishing? Want to learn how to catch more fish? Check out Boys’ Life‘s ultimate fishing blog for tips, tricks and expert advice.

  • Name That Fish Quiz
    Can you identify these popular freshwater ichthyoids?
  • What Are Those Things?
    Power Poles are a recent innovation that most fishing pros use to silently anchor our boats in place. Here's how they work.
  • Bonus Fish in Winter
    If you like catching great big fish -- and having a lot of peace and quiet while doing it -- fishing on a cold winter day can be the perfect cure for cabin fever.
  • 8 Fishing Knots to Know
    Can you imagine going fishing without knowing how to tie an improved clinch knot? Or a double surgeon's loop? Neither can we.
  • How to Make the Most of a Rainy Day
    If you like fishing enough, you’ll eventually end up on the water when it’s raining.

Games Guru Q&A

Stuck in a tough spot? Can’t figure out how to get past a monster? Just looking for an easier way? The Games Guru has the answers you need to succeed in your favorite video games.

Ask the Gear Guy

Not sure which gear to buy? Need tips for maintaining your equipment? Just send in your questions for the Gear Guy to answer.

boonDOCS: Wilderness First Aid Q&A

Wilderness first aid expert “Dr. K” explains how to be prepared for medical emergencies that can occur in the outdoors where resources run thin and accidents are sure to happen.