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Top 10 Best Pokémon Jokes


We asked Boys’ Life readers to send us their favorite Pokémon jokes. Here are ten of the best.

Q: Why did the Wailmer cross the road?
A: To get to the other tide!
— Micah S., Pasadena, Calif.

Q: What does one Geodude say to the other Geodude?
A: Let’s rock!
— Andrew G., Greenwood Lake, N.Y.

Q: What does an electric-type Pokémon say when they get gassy while drinking milk?
A: I’m Zaptos intolerant!
— Bryan W., Milford, N.H.

Q: What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court?
A: Odor  in the court!
— Austin J., Dresher, Pa.

Q: What do you do when your Loudred evolves?
A: Buy more earplugs!
— Nathan H., Ededn, N.Y.

Q: What do you call a scout that likes to chew gum while climbing Pikes Peak?
A: A Peak-A-Chewer!
— Alex L., Littleton, Colo.

Q: Which Pokémon could also be a pirate?
A: Arrrrrr-ceus
— Joshua N., Brick, N.J.

Q: What do you call a daredevil Weedle who does stunts on a motorcycle?
A: Weedle Knievell
— Brendan N., St. Louis, Mo.

Q: What’s Wailord’s favorite TV show?
A: Whale of Fortune
— Ethan C., Los Gatos, Calif.

Q: What is a Pokémon fan’s favorite place to go in France?
A: Paras!
— Chase B., West Des Moines, Iowa

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  1. Q:How do get pikachu on a bus??
    A:Poke’m on!!


  3. I love pokemon and I have soulsilver and Ihave beaten kanto and jhoto and caught every legendary except entei and rikou

  4. What kind of popcorn does pikachu like?


  5. why did combuskin cross the road?

    to prove he wasn’t torchicken!

  6. Monkeyface // April 17, 2010 at 1:46 pm // Reply

    Cool jokes!

  7. Neogoldman2 // April 15, 2010 at 12:30 am // Reply

    How do you get a bunch of squirtles into a bus?

    Answer: You poke-em-on

  8. yeah, but some of these are groners

  9. What do you get if you have a pikachu with a cold?


  10. Why do you never take a shower with a pokémon?

    He might peek-at-you

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