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NERF FireVision Sports

NERF FireVision Sports

Glow Play

Too dark to play? NERF FireVision Sports has you covered. With Fire Frames eyewear, you can see the FireVision Football glow in the dark. Or, with the indoor NERFoop Basketball Set, you can dunk in the dark with the glowing backboard and basketball. Basketball set with one pair of Fire Frames, $14.99; football with two pairs of Fire Frames, $19.99.

All prices listed are MSRP -- manufacturer's suggested retail price. You can often find better prices at stores or online. Purchases from links on this page help support Boys' Life and the Boy Scouts of America.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I put this on my Christmas Wish-list the second I saw it.

  2. amazing sports has never been so much fun!

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