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Prepare for Hiking With These 4 Simple Foot Exercises

Training for a big hike? Perform these simple exercises a few times a week to reduce the risk of ankle sprains, aching arches and other foot-related injuries.

Achilles Stretch

Stand on a step with your heels hanging off. Let your heels slowly drop over the edge for 15 seconds before bringing them back up to step level. Repeat five times.

Bottle Roll

Fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it. Slowly roll your foot on the bottle, stretching your arches and toes as you do it. Perform for 10 minutes with each foot.

Toe Grab

Place five small objects (like marbles) and a cup on the floor. With a bare foot, pick up the objects one at a time with your toes and place them in the cup. Repeat four times with each foot.

Towel Curl

Spread a thin towel flat on the floor, and place one bare foot on it. Keeping your heel in place, pull the towel toward you by grabbing it with your toes and arch. Repeat five times with each foot.