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Tips for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

I began my PokeQuest with Chimchar, the fire monkey, and soon added a Geodude, Shinx and Shellos to my crew. Geodude, who evolves into Graveler and then Golem, is a rock/ground Pokemon who is impervious to electric attacks and stands up well against flying and fire Pokemon. His Magnitude attack wipes out all kinds of opponents, but he is useless against water and plant enemies.


Chimchar, the Diamond and Pearl answer to Charizard, is a cute monkey with a flaming tail. When he evolves into Infernape, his hairdo goes flaming, too.

Hence, I also have Chimchar, who burns through plants. For fighting water Pokemon, I captured a Shinx, which evolved into a Luxio who evolved into a Luxray—a relatively competent electric Pokemon.

You should always strive to have the basics—fire, water, ground and electric—in your party. You can combine elements (Gyrados has fire and water, Infernape has fire and fight) but you need to cover your bases.

I generally do not carry ghost or psychic Pokemon. I know, there are a lot of you out there who will swear by Alakazam and Mewtwo. But you can teach Luxray Bite—a dark attack that wipes out psychic and ghost Pokemon in a hurry.

Get your water, electric, ground and fire attacks down pat, and you will have an answer for any situation.

Tips from Nintendo

In Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, the way Moves affect opponents have changed. Physical Moves strike the opponent up close and use the Attack stat, where as Special Moves strike from afar and use the Special Attack stat. Knowing the difference between the two greatly improves your battle strategy.

Have your Pokemon learn moves that cover its weaknesses. For example, have a Fighting-type Pokemon learn a Ice-type or Dark-type move.

Pay attention to a Pokemon’s ability. Quite a few Pokemon have more than one available to them. A Pokemon’s ability like Levitate can make the difference in a battle.

If you have taught your Pokemon the wrong move, don’t fret! There are people in the Sinnoh that can help. Try looking for the Move Deleter or a Move Tutor. These are people who can help you with your troubles.

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50 Comments on Tips for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

  1. iv got a shaymin and having trouble getting darkia in the poke balls i throw

    im gonna try finding arceus!!!

  2. dear pokemon girl,

    impossible to get to newmoon w/out a cheat. sorry, but you can get a cheat at best buy (its called action replay, lil brother has one) hurry, they run out fast cuz they can be used 4 every game i can think of

  3. go to best buy 4 action replay (a cheat 4 diamond and pearl, and a lot of other games)

  4. if u hav acion replay but no shaymin, go to route 224 (using walk/run anywhere) al the way 2 the rock that looks like it wuz cut in half and walk down the side to the water where u can’t go without cheating and surf 2 the RIGHT until u see a (fake) shaymin follow very long path and get to shaymin SUPPLY yourself and heal pokemon SAVE in case right in front of him

  5. if u have an action replay but no darkia, go to fullmoon island and use walk/run anywhere and run to the RIGHT (if u get scared cuz you stop, its normal, just keep running) ul get to newmoon island and its the reverse version of fullmoon go thru trees and SAVE in front of him (in case) SUPPLY yourself and heal pokemon first

  6. how do u get 999 master balls?!?!?!

  7. to desperate for help.

    you can only find bonsly and misdreaveous in pokemon pearl .

    on route 209 and in the Eterna forest.

  8. desperate for help // October 26, 2007 at 8:02 pm // Reply

    i really need a misdreaveous but i cant find one anywhere !! 🙁

  9. desperate for help // October 26, 2007 at 8:01 pm // Reply

    i really need to find dialga but i cant find it!!!!

  10. desperate for help // October 26, 2007 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    I cant find a Bonsly. can sombody help me????????????

  11. To #1Eevee Fan:

    Bonsly: evolves when it learns Mimic

    Mime Jr.: evolves when it learns Mimic.

    No, that is not a typo, people. They evolve with the same move.


  12. What lv does Bonsly and Mime Jr. evole at?

    #1Eevee Fan

  13. Water Dragon

  14. To “jacko wacko”:

    I’m pretty sure that Mystery gift only works in special Nintendo events. But you get it by saying something to someone….

    In Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf green, you go to the store and there’ll be a peice of paper on the counter. Put in “LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL” and the store clerk will talk to you about it. I cant remember what you saw in Diamond and Pearl, but you say it to a guy in the TV place in Jubilife.

    Palkia is a water and psychic type.


  15. wat type is palika

  16. how du u open dat mystery gift thingy ma bobby (translation how do you open the mystery gift) piz answer

  17. To “tom”:

    I dont think the ability to go to Dark Mountain is related to your number of wins at Battle Tower. But i cant remember how you get through…


  18. ummmm….. no you can get 2 masterballs ….. ( you can win the other one from the

    game center).=P

  19. I need to know how to get to Flower Paradise and the Hall of Origin, too.


  20. Hey,

    I’ve been to Fullmoon Island, but does anyone know how to get to Newmoon Island without cheats?


  21. how many wins do you need at the battle tower to get to stark mountain

  22. to catch cressalia you nead to use block on it.

  23. …but i can trade you a Deoxys!!!


  24. to pokemongirl.

    i just went on the web and found out you just got to migrate deoxys from other pokemon games like fire red to pokemon diamond or pearl. and you can do it with other pokemon to.

  25. how do you migrate pokemon

  26. to PWNAGE

    how did you get shaymin

  27. To D.C:

    I dont know where to find Deoxys. And if i dont know, it’s usually because a cheat is nessecary to get there.


  28. To PWNAGE:

    Congratulations. You are the first person i have ever been able to give a “PERFECTLY BALANCED TEAM”-rating to. YOU ROCK!! Finally, someone who listens…


  29. To Spiritomb Hunter:

    To get the Spiritomb, you have to have put the Odd Keystone in Hallowed tower AND THEN meet 32 people underground.

    Does that help? Have you done that?


  30. were can you find deoxys

  31. spiritomb hunter // October 17, 2007 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    there is some sort of precence at the hallowed tower it says it apears ready to emerge but i still cant get spiritomb

  32. Rate my team(again)

    Arceus: Lv 100

    Shaymin: Lv100

    Palkia: Lv 100

    Darkrai: Lv 99

    Hitmontop: Lv 100

    Deoxys: Lv 100

  33. THANK YOU POKEMONGIRL!Youv’e been a big help.

    #1Eevee Fan

  34. To “Ace Trainer”:

    I dont have Arceus either. Perhaps you need to to have a cheat to find it? Or you can only get it after beating the Elite Four and i’m just not looking hard enough?


  35. you can find Hm rock clime hidden under the snow near a house on route217

    to find it use your pokemon watch functions.

  36. if you are realy stuck get a pokemon guide.

  37. To “#1Eevee Fan”:

    kricketot: 10

    finneon: 31

    cherubi: 25

    aipom: whenever it learns the move Double Hit

    combee: only females, 21

    stunky: 34

    cranidos: 30

    sheildon: 30

    drifloon: 28

    burmy: female, 20–wormadam

    male, 20–mothim


  38. WHERE DO U GET ARCEUS?!?!? It sounds strong and legendary! Im gonna challenge the elite 4 in my Diamond game and i want it!!!

  39. HOW DO U GET ARCEUS???!!! I got 8 badges but I din’t beat the leage yet. I have Pokemon Diamond. PULEEEZE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!

  40. what lv does kricketot,finneon,cherubi,aipom,combee,stunky,crainidos,sheildon,

    drifloon,and burmy evole at?

    #1Eevee Fan

  41. To “PWANGE”:

    Palkia is a water-type and Shaymin is a grass-type, and Arceus is every type, so your team is at least half-balanced. Manaphy is another water-type, Darkrai is dark-type, and Deoxys is a pschic-type, so that half of your team is unbalanced. Your team is very good, but for it to be completely balanced, you would have to replace Manaphy with a fighting-type pokemon.


  42. hey you can catch shaymin without a pokemon hack!!!!!!!!!! but you will need 1 a ds ar 2 put on run anywere through anything. ok go to sunnyshore and go to the rock thats silver. than run down on the water and youll see shaymin than she disapers go to the path and get on your bike go until you get to the island and boom there she is hint use the masterball cheat cuz she real hard to get

  43. hey does any

    one know were to get the three regis

  44. for all the people who want to know how to get gible, u dont have to trade to get it u just go into a cave under the bycicle path(WHICH IS HIDDEN) and then just search around until u find one. i know cuz i got a garchomp now

  45. To catch Mesprit, quickballs might not work; i tried that many, many times. I just caught mine last night, and i used a dusk ball.


  46. Dear dude,


    (AR used?;-P)

  47. Rate my team

    Arceus: Lv 100

    Shaymin: Lv100

    Palkia: Lv 92

    Darkrai: Lv 90

    Manaphy: Lv 100

    Deoxys: Lv 100

  48. OH… MY… GOSH…


    No, i did NOT use a quickball, i used a duskball…

    I cant believe it, i’ve been chasing it for weeks…

    THANK YOU, GUYS. No, i dont really know why i’m thanking you. I think it’s cuz you helped me catch the other legendaries with your tips.


  49. To “subzero”:

    If only it were that easy. I’ve tried that literally like fifteen times, and in my experience, a quickball is NOT enough to catch Mesprit.


  50. To “Dude”:

    Why do you have two fire types, two psychic types, a dark type and whatever type Dioxys is? UNBALANCED!!!!!


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