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Age of Empires 3

I’m really bad at strategy games, even though I play a lot. Could you tell me some of the tips you have?

Games Guru: I’ll start by giving you some basic information that applies to any Age of Empires: Learn to level up quickly. Above all else, you need workers to advance your civilization, and you need food for workers. So the moment the game starts, tell your town center to start training workers and send the workers you have to gather food. As new workers arrive, have them build houses so you can train more workers, gather wood so you can build houses and buildings, and gather food. Build your force up to 15 or even 20 workers because the faster you gather food and build shelters, the faster you can move to the next level. You will need to find your right balance—but a few things hold true:

  • Don’t worry about gathering gold until your civilization has evolved the first time.
  • Send soldiers and workers out. Find more resources, explore the map, claim territory, KNOW WHERE YOUR ENEMIES ARE HIDDEN!
  • The best players can max out the entire technology tree in well under 15 minutes. Master the skills you need so you can level up and attack quickly.

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62 Comments on Age of Empires 3

  1. The game is good but takes a lot of memory on my computer. Every country has good and bad qualities. To me its hard to level up the city!!

  2. the russions are the best.

  3. AWESOME!!I like British.

  4. BEST GAME EVER!!!!! I Beat it all including the expansion packs, Got to a level 99 hometown. Germans rock on this game!!
    (CHEAT: george crushington) AWESOME!!!!!

  5. aoe is awesome i love the british

  6. Type in “Speed always wins” to make the game faster. Building, resource gathering, and resaerch becomes almost instantaneous.

  7. PSP or DS i don’t know which one i should buy

  8. Bob12345678901234567890098765432109876543211029384756 // February 28, 2011 at 5:10 pm // Reply

    By the way , is there any cheats for Civilazation 5 since it is also a strategy game?

  9. if you type “tuck tuck tuck” in the chat box it spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anything

  10. i beat A.O.E 3 it was a little hard but fun.

  11. which do you think is better, A.O.E. 2 or 3?

  12. Has any one played medival total war 2

  13. some codes are where’s that axe? speed always wins and x marks the spot

  14. I just finished playing a skrimish. I used speed always wins and built a fort, then cranked out units like mad. It took forever, but i finnaly won!

  15. two words:GREAT GAME!

  16. i have all three games and even though there are many cheats, i barely use them. the best thing you could do is keep you allies happy. also you should act expansionalist. build walls and upgrade them around everything you wish to keep. use outposts and imperial feildguns to guard the walls at short intervals. organize towns into districts with house sections and military ect. have as many town centers as possible to prevent the enemy from wiping you out completely.

    hope it helps

  17. Type in (Where’s that axe?) You get a giant statue of goerge washingtonton! He spits fire at buildings!

  18. jklee 123,

    it is so tottaly worth it

  19. HEY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re talking about age of empires 3 here! not 1 or 2!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. try playing tbrdscrp when you get the chance.)

  20. their is nothing else to tell

  21. kool aid dude // October 31, 2009 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    This is for AOM 2.
    Cheat codes:
    LUMBERJACK: gives you 1000 wood
    MARCO: shows whole map
    POLO: shows buildings and reinforcements on map

  22. the monster trucks are on the indian game to

  23. JAPANESE SAMARAI // October 23, 2009 at 6:32 pm // Reply

    In Age of Empires 3:Asian Dynasties,there is a cheat to get modern days MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!!!!The cheat is (tuck tuck tuck),type
    those words in the chat box.The monster trucks will go WILD!!!
    (I only tried on Asian Dynasties)

  24. What a cool pokemon. My favorite pokemon movie

  25. awesome. just totally awesome. I have A.O.E 1 and 2. they’re also awesome.

  26. To Fred,
    Little probelem in that…You need more food to get into the next age or to build more citizens, and you don’t need gold AT ALL that early in the game. And the factory(s) isn’t availible untill the 4th age.

  27. You start with more food than anything and you get five settlers. Put 2 on trees 2 on gold and 1 on gold. If you have the factory unlocked get that from your home city first and put it on gold. DO NOT ATTACK YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you have 10,000 $ you put the factory on heavy weapons.

  28. gives you 10,000 food

    Then don’t follow them…at least untill you have a big enough army. I don’t go in untill I have population limit.

  30. YOYOPEOPLE // April 15, 2009 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    when ever i see knits or villigers, i atack them but they lead me to their villiges i am taken down there PLEASE HELP GAMES GURU!

    • attack them but don’t follow them or send 2 or 3 guys after them not a whole army

      (or you could use the monster truck)
      monster truck cheat is tuck tuck tuck

      • the Chosen One // July 20, 2011 at 4:26 pm //

        if you use a revolution in your town center all of your villagers turn into militia. But do not use until you have 2 factories and lots of resources.

  31. Well, there are TWO monster trucks. BigAndy is the second one i found in the scenerio editer.

  32. To Wierd,
    I don’t know of any thing called that, do you mean the big monster truck? To get that you type in tuck tuck tuck.

  33. I repeat: whats the cheat for BigAndy?!

  34. Sweet game. although it dosen’t have that much replay value.

  35. btw: wats the cheat for BigAndy?

  36. Usually(=’ing:as ofen as posibl) I max out. I get 50-80 vs at the end of the game.

  37. To Wierd,
    I was just curious what he meant by a tone, didn’t know if he meant the 148 villigers like you said or if he over exagerated and it was like 30. I perfer no more than 50, any more and you can’t have a big enough army, especially since it takes awhile for troops to make, and make their way across the map.

  38. To Homer: The xp limit is 30,000 experience points.
    To froggy15: You can have a maximum of 148 villagers. ONLY if you are german allied with the cree. You can have 99 settlers, + the 45 settlers(now 144) plus a cree alliance will give you 4 cree couriers a piece(giving you a total 148 villagers) and you should have a HUGE econimy by now.

  39. To cubcamper,
    How many do you define as tons of villigers?

  40. Nova and orion: gives 10,000xp

    still wont exceed max xp limit per game.

  41. My brother has tons of villigers. Sometimes I make two home bases. I also make walls around my villiages.

  42. tuck tuck tuck .spawns a monster truck that can run over anything.
    speed always wins .turns on 100x build/gather
    x marks the spot.reveals entire map(except fog of war)

  43. To ekvi;jk,
    I am best as the russians or the egyptians, I tried to post info about setting up a game but apparently I can’t post that.

  44. To Jklee123,
    It is a really good game, and you should be able to find it for like $30 by now, DON’T buy it for $50, that is a rip off.

  45. to froggy15
    who do u think is the best nation? I personally like the germans. This game is way better than age of empires

  46. Is the game really that good? Because i’m thinking about buying it, but it’s almost $50

  47. Very fun but campain seems kinda easy

  48. To ekvi;jk,
    Just finished playing it a few minutes ago, great game, to bad they screwed up the sequal.

  49. Have you played Rise of Nations ?

  50. Try the Asian dynasties expansion pack

    I like the Germans

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