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Jak II

How do I beat those hellcat cruisers?

Games Guru: Ah, they can be pretty pesky. Use Vulcan Fury. Switch zoomers a lot. Hide out when the Krimson Guard comes for you. They’ll go away after a while. Stay in the air and do your best to avoid fire. But you will get hit, a lot.

Is there an easier way to beat Kor (metalhead leader) besides your stated way?

Games Guru: From everything I can see, beating Kor is fairly straightforward old-school gaming. He has no hidden self-destruct button; you simply shoot him till he goes.

Here are some tips, though. First, eliminate the eggs as quickly as you can. You can destroy them before they hatch, leaving you with more time and probably more ammo for Kor. Second, don’t worry too much about Kor’s laser early on. You can dodge that single ray easily enough. Third, after you have taken out one-third of Kor’s life status, you will see flying heads and a new batch of eggs. Go for the heads first, the eggs second and Kor third. A word to the wise: Kor now has a double laser.

Finally, Kor will drop down to finish the job. Run in a circle around the hole. If you keep running, Kor’s triple laser will not hit you. When Kor fires that electrical pulse, jump it, turn and fire a few shots, then keep running and firing when able. Don’t let Kor get close, and you will win the fight.

What are some tips for beating the final boss?

Games Guru: Metal Kor starts out with one of the cliches of boss battles: kill the mini monsters while battling the big guy. In this case, shoot Kor a few times (five at most), then take out the hatchlings as they come out of their eggs. When he powers up to shoot you with his laser, duck and shoot him, then go after the hatchlings again. Repeat, and repeat, and repeat this. When you have taken away one-third of Kor’s health, he will change strategies.

Round two: This time, flying metal heads will attack from above, hatchlings will continue to attack on the ground and Kor will fire a double-barreled laser. You know what to do: Shoot the air force, crush the hatchlings and shoot at Kor whenever possible while avoiding his lasers.

Round three: This time Kor wants to do it himself. He will chase you. Run away. He will fire three lasers at you. Run away, turn back and shoot him. He will do a ground-rippling pulse attack. Jump it, run to a safe distance and shoot. The trick is to run, keep a safe distance and do lots of hit-and-run attacks. It will take a while, but this is the safest way to get the job done.

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  1. when do you get guns

  2. how do u do the level where the tank chases you?


  4. on last stage of final boss turn to dark jak and do an earthquake ability that will cut his health in half then take out your peacemaker and blast him a couple of times and he will die

    • thats exactly what i did,by the way it has been a while since i have played the game because my playstation2 is with my sis in new york

  5. I think Jak 2 is one of the best games I have evere played.

  6. yo it is so simple all you do is use the peace maker until it is out of ammo and then use your rifle and then your machine gun

  7. how to get to the leader

  8. i’ve noticed that jak 2 doesn’t really have any brainy tricks you have to learn, it’s just basically luck..except for in the tomb of mar, where you have to puch the beetles to open the door, here is the trick: while they are on their backs, notice how some beetles have a red stripe or slash? well, these are the key beetles you have to punch, the other ones are distractions, and will literally blow up in your face, it is dumb to amilessly punch around and hope you hit one ,chances are you will hit alot of explosives (which will drain alot of health, that you will need later) so i beat it by getting my friends to track them with there fingers and keep track of where the red beetles were. you will need 3 to 4 people total:)

    • if you dont like jak 2 you dont like good games just sayin because jak 2 is a great game,(im not tryin to be rude)

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