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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

In the Bolivia level once I pass the room with the turnstile, you meet the man looking for the pieces of the sword. Lara is then blown off the swinging bridge and the game reloads and starts back in the hallway leading back to the turnstiles. Is that the end of Bolivia or am I missing something? Where do I go next?

Games Guru: I’m not sure I understand where you are. If Lara is on a bridge being chased by a helicopter, get her across the bridge and have her fight the mercenaries on the other side. Do this, and you will move on to the next part of the adventure, Peru.

How do I defeat the monster on the tesla experiment stage or do I need to get the sword fragment first? If so, how?

Games Guru: No, you want to get the fragment last. First activate the control panels, then use the gravity gun to shoot the hanging Tesla coils into the stream of electricity. Once they are all in the stream, use the grapple to grab the sword fragment and end this task. The monster will take care of itself at that point.

On the level Japan, after you get into the room with the huge TV, what do you do next?

Games Guru: You do what your parents have been telling you to do for years: Shut off that television … once and for all. Note that as you approach the TV, you can interact with it. I don’t mean change the channels. Grapple it, then pull it as far off the shelf as you can. It won’t come all the way off because there are cables holding it in place. Shoot the cables. The TV will fall and you will find your way out of this room.

Do you have any good secret codes? Like unlock all levels? Or ANYTHING that doesn’t involve beating the game?

Games Guru: Good news and bad news on this one. The good news is there are all kinds of codes that make Legend easier. The bad news is that to get them, you need to earn them legitimately.

For instance, as anyone who has dealt with Lara can tell you, giving her the ability to kill enemies with a single shot will help. The bad news: to get that ability, you need to beat the Bolivia Time Trial in 4:15. Once you do, you can give her one-shot kills by holding down the left trigger button and typing: Y A Y X LB B. Complete England in 27:00 and you can make Lara bulletproof by holding down the left trigger and typing: A RT Y RT X LB.

On the level England, when you finally get to the really big room with the really cool house, what do you do next? I’ve tried going in the house, but the only thing in there is a big statue with a chandelier above it, and outside the only things useful are the big graspable turny thingies. How do I get out of that place?

Games Guru: The trick is to make the chandelier swing, then jump on the rope to raise the bell (you called it a “statue”). You won’t complete this level by bringing the bell and the chandelier together, but your next task will be revealed.

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

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50 Comments on Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

  1. hooper hooper // May 27, 2009 at 3:40 pm // Reply

    the second lever wont budge any advice please help pease help !! i’ll be very greatful! 🙂 get back to me asap thanks !!!

  2. i cannot get the crate on to the ramp

  3. Can Some 1 Help Me.. I Cant Kill The Sperpent After Athurs Tomb.. It Wont Let Me Drop The Last 2 Cages.. Can Any1 Give Me Some Advice x?
    Get Back 2 Me ASAP

  4. How do I get the rope in the Croft Manor?

  5. hi i really need help on the kazakstan level..after i jump down from the mountain and kill all the guys what do i do next??

  6. how do i drag the crates up the ramp?

  7. husbandplayingallnite // December 28, 2008 at 10:07 pm // Reply

    I’m in West Africa and we don’t know where to go. IT is saying we havent turned the 2nd water wheel. But we have two wheels on the inside turning…by water so it seems. What are we Missing? We go outside to the waterfalls and etc but it seems like there is no where else to go. We keep going in circles going back through all the checkpoints to see if we missed anything. This makes day 2 of this. No sign of relief yet. How do we turn this 2nd water wheel? and where is it? (Just to make sure what we think is the 2nd water wheel really IS it)

  8. how do you kill the beast at the end of game.

  9. Hey. Does anyone know what 2 do with the waterwheel

    Ive tried but i just cant figure it out.

    Plz help me


  10. Hey. Im at this bridge were a helicopta is shootin @ me (afta a cinematic) nd i dno wha 2 do can any1 help. theres a pic of lara jumping wiv guns in th bottom right corner wha does tha mean??

    Plz help.

  11. Im stuck on the part with on the first stage Bolivia with the moving walls. when I get to the two walls i get smash.. what to do?

  12. justbought and switched on for first time

    what do you do when you reach the cliff – how do you get over it and find the stones


  13. thats from bolivia btw

  14. jayko you seem to give clear answers could you PLEASE tell me…

    what do you do at the bolivia level after you put all 3 cages onto the plates and that door thingie opens??? she cant jump far enough to get up there…

  16. in bolivia what do you do when you put all 3 cages on the plates ??? i tried to jump but she cant jump far enough… and you cant use the grapple thingie what do you do PLEASE HELP..lots of people have been asking this and no one gives the actual answer… so if you kno the answer please be the first one to give the answer..

  17. d game is very easy but findin d way is diffeculte

  18. fellers i already bit d game.but there tomeny questions to answer.but i can help url out

  19. to diffeat the sea monster theres 4 propellers.u ame at one and start shootin at at untill it rings like a bell.then d moster will look at.then u use ur grabble to pull the gage handle.then d drums will fall over it.u do this 4 all 4 propellers.and make sure u face the propeller to gett the grabble catch direct.

  20. how do u beat the part (in lara croft tomb raider legend) were u have swing on the spiky stands in bolivia how do u beat this part

  21. objectives said I must SUPPLY WATER TO SECOND WATERWHEEL I don’t now what should I do HELP ME

  22. how to pass mission in west africa???what should I do with waterfalls?????please help me!!!!

  23. Who has Tomb Raider II, Lost Artifact, Last Revalation, or all three? (like me 😀 )

  24. on the first level in bolivia when you put the crates on the pressure pads, i’ve done it and when i go to get the gold award the mouth piece your ment to grab she can’t it’s to high for her what do i do?

  25. i am going out of my mind with this one level, when you are fighting Amanda in Bolivia after you have Aurthur’s sword. i can get her down where she is on the floor allmost dead but after that i can’t figure out what to do next :S. Please help me before i break my key board.

  26. hi im stuck on the part where ive just rolled in to a room n theres all spikes n a barrel on the pressure plate and a gold chain, wot do i do i keep gettin killed by thespikes

  27. Hey can you help me. I have just gotten past the part where you get the wheel spinning in west ghana as per th eothers guys question. Now I am up above it and I dont know what to do. I can see I probably need to put a crate on eitherof 2 pressure plates and then get in the middle and pull out the thing. However there is one crate next to one pressure plate but not the other. Do I need to find another crate or do something different? If so where do I getthe crate from?



  28. Can some PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    I’m stuck in West Africa (Ghana)…..I’m on top of the water fall near the metal bridge and I’ve killed all the men. The problem is the wooden bridge I need to cross is missing before I even get to cross it. All thats there are 3 swinging ropes and there’s no way to the other side to get into the next room. Every time I try to jump to the ropes I fall down

    the water fall. What am I doing wrong and why is the bride missing before I even get to

    cross it???

  29. How do u even get the crate to the upper level in Bolivia 4 the pressure plates? Which ramp do u use?

  30. how do you beat the sea monster outside of king authurs tomb? bullets don’t hurt it and it seems to like the sound the barrels make when you shoot them but i can’t seem to get past there! HELP?

  31. i need help with killing the old man with that long stick and that sword piece the turrents make it harder also any one know how to glitch ur way through the game?

  32. i am not able to defeat the monster in england

  33. how do u get past the part wer you have to swing on all them pole things in the dark room. it is after the part wer you open the vault using the 3 crates x x x

  34. To get past the bell part wat u need to do is get the coffin of bedwyr and put it up against the broken pillar then u swing the chandaleir really hard then u jump onto the pilliar and jump onto the marble hangy thing and stay on and he glass should break then get off and walk thru the door were u have to defeat a seamonsster still tryin to figure that one out if anyone can help

  35. IN peru to use triangle on PS2 to pull out the buttons on those 4 statues then it clears the water and you go through the hole in the door.

  36. I mastered the game inside and out so imma be helping in the comment area. Most of you have troubles with the sea monsters. You shoot the red target on each of the 4 statues and it makes a noise which makes the monster look then grapple the wheel and hit the triangle button to pull the cage on his head. Do that 4 times.

  37. Help! Im stuck in England after finding king arthurs tomb. Im trying to defeat the sea monster. How do I defeat it?

  38. stuck in england trying to defeat the sea monster I hit him with 3 cages but in the fourth there is no cage how do i defeat it HELP!!!

  39. I really want to know how to beat the sea serpent in England. It is driving me absolutely crazy b/c I only have one bar of life and I can’t even hit him once!! HELP!

  40. distressed damsel // April 7, 2008 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    can someone plez help me??!! in the Russia level, how do u kill the fiery monster, i shoot it, and his health goes down, and then he disappears, and his health goes back up, plez help!

  41. how do i get up on the last statue to get all three boulders when looking for amanda

  42. 1hotpotato // March 28, 2008 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    Ok… in Bolivia, with the cages/crates, you need to put them on the basically teeter toter. Put it on the edge that is down, climb up to the right, up on the short set of stairs, turn and jump on the teeter toter. this will launch the crate/cage to the level where you need it. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

    As far as the water monster, I had to have my son help me on this one. Shoot the whatever thingies (with stone doors… there are four of them… do this step individually)till the monster turns and looks at them, use your grapple hook and pull the lever that causes the cage from above to come crashing down on him. repeat for all four.

  43. tombraiderrocks101 // March 26, 2008 at 8:13 pm // Reply

    would someone please help or tell me how to beat that water serpent ..ive tried everything but after i get the bell down ..i go outside but i dont have a clue how to beat it …please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. someone pleasr just say how do i kill the sea monster in england? im stuck for a very long time and im so deperate (:p)

  45. Runescape luver!! // March 21, 2008 at 1:29 pm // Reply

    tomb raider is way better than runescape!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have all tomb raider games.,……

    any1 need help type 2 me!

  46. I REALLY need help!!! In Bolivia, there is the big room with 3 boulders. I’ve managed to get 2 of the 3 boulders onto the squares, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get the 3rd down from its pillar…I have been at this for wayyy too long and I’m about to lose my mind. Pleeease help! 🙂

  47. I pulled the tv down once and it went back up and I cant get it down again can it get stuck?

  48. Russell Dollar // February 18, 2008 at 8:01 am // Reply

    I cant seem to get past the Bolivia stage as ive tried for 3 months…. please help me with a simple walkthrough guide for this stage….with alll the mechanisms..asap!!!

  49. awesomepinkbabe // February 17, 2008 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    i dont really understand the part about in bolivia where you do the crate things…do you like have to jump on the other end once you put the crate there,if not then pleasee help me b/c ive been trying to beat it for 4 days so please help me!!!!

  50. I have gotten the sea monster down to 25% health when I try to get the 4th cage to come down, Lara will grapple but nothing will happen. Is there some trick to get the 4th cage to come down?

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