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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

In the Bolivia level once I pass the room with the turnstile, you meet the man looking for the pieces of the sword. Lara is then blown off the swinging bridge and the game reloads and starts back in the hallway leading back to the turnstiles. Is that the end of Bolivia or am I missing something? Where do I go next?

Games Guru: I’m not sure I understand where you are. If Lara is on a bridge being chased by a helicopter, get her across the bridge and have her fight the mercenaries on the other side. Do this, and you will move on to the next part of the adventure, Peru.

How do I defeat the monster on the tesla experiment stage or do I need to get the sword fragment first? If so, how?

Games Guru: No, you want to get the fragment last. First activate the control panels, then use the gravity gun to shoot the hanging Tesla coils into the stream of electricity. Once they are all in the stream, use the grapple to grab the sword fragment and end this task. The monster will take care of itself at that point.

On the level Japan, after you get into the room with the huge TV, what do you do next?

Games Guru: You do what your parents have been telling you to do for years: Shut off that television … once and for all. Note that as you approach the TV, you can interact with it. I don’t mean change the channels. Grapple it, then pull it as far off the shelf as you can. It won’t come all the way off because there are cables holding it in place. Shoot the cables. The TV will fall and you will find your way out of this room.

Do you have any good secret codes? Like unlock all levels? Or ANYTHING that doesn’t involve beating the game?

Games Guru: Good news and bad news on this one. The good news is there are all kinds of codes that make Legend easier. The bad news is that to get them, you need to earn them legitimately.

For instance, as anyone who has dealt with Lara can tell you, giving her the ability to kill enemies with a single shot will help. The bad news: to get that ability, you need to beat the Bolivia Time Trial in 4:15. Once you do, you can give her one-shot kills by holding down the left trigger button and typing: Y A Y X LB B. Complete England in 27:00 and you can make Lara bulletproof by holding down the left trigger and typing: A RT Y RT X LB.

On the level England, when you finally get to the really big room with the really cool house, what do you do next? I’ve tried going in the house, but the only thing in there is a big statue with a chandelier above it, and outside the only things useful are the big graspable turny thingies. How do I get out of that place?

Games Guru: The trick is to make the chandelier swing, then jump on the rope to raise the bell (you called it a “statue”). You won’t complete this level by bringing the bell and the chandelier together, but your next task will be revealed.

How do you get the crates in Bolivia up a level to cover the spaces?

Games Guru: This is not entirely easy. Notice that there are pressure plates on the floor. You are going to need to drag two of those crates over the plates, then have Lara step on the third plate. Why only two plates? Well, you are going to need to drag one of the crates up the ramp to the left and flip it onto one of the crates on the plates.

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45 Comments on Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

  1. You know on the japan level i tryed to do what you said but its not working i tryed pulling it a littel but its not coming out at all what must i do

  2. Lara should be in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale along with Solid Snake (Metal Gear), Crash Bandicoot and Avline from Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

  3. lara croft // April 14, 2013 at 3:59 am // Reply

    Can someone tell me where do I go next after I put the crades on the plate thing she can’t jump that far to The other side what do I do ? Please anybody who can help me!! ASAP!!

  4. How do I fli crates in this game

  5. spongebob geek // April 8, 2013 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    I got the white bikini but can’t use it in missions how do i fix it?

  6. How do you break the bell

  7. m stuck peru she goes to rescue amanda…. she always falls into the pit……. 😦

  8. help stuck in peru and dont know how to get out

  9. I can’t kill tokimoto on level thre how do I.

  10. Some1 Please help im stuck in west africa I hve no clue what 2 do I have no idea what 2 do I cant find another boulder so the gray stone can come out the water is only on one side why please helpppp

  11. i’d sent a question but it nots coming up but then i had tried sending a comment but there was no reply PLEASE help me out i’m begging you i’ve to finish lara croft tomb raider legened PLEASE let me just repeat the question in england where there’s a huge bell and a chandelier what do you do and what buttons do you press (i have purchased this game on nintendo dsi please be specific once again please respond).

  12. heya im jus stuck on da part in the level of england where theres a bell and a chandelier and i had moved the chandeleir but i don’t know how to get on the rope please can u help me out thnx

  13. at the end of tomb raider leval england how do you defeat the sea monster, once you leave the castle

    • hiya “the geek” please can you help me with the level england where there’s a big bell and a chandeleir and what do you press and what do you do ( this games on nintendo dsi please be specific if you don’t know the answer please pass this on to someone else )Thank you

    • you shoot the statue things and the monster looks at it grapple the lever and pull and the monster get hurt

  14. ok i beat the sea monster now i just dont know how to get out of this level. do i need to grab the sword and how do i do that??

  15. im starting to play lara croft and still on the first stage, Bolivia.. How do i get out of there? if i go up, i always fall down to the waters.. Thanks

  16. missy girl // August 5, 2010 at 2:14 am // Reply

    help,just drived into water to get to cave,pullede all the lights out ,went thru to the under ground water tunnels and have to keep getting air ,dont no what to do next anybody help me

  17. missy girl // August 4, 2010 at 3:07 am // Reply

    Hey,stuck in water afta lara has just been on bike and shot everyone up,i dive down and pull lights out from thr wall then end up in water tunnels and have to keep going up for air,PLZ HELP

  18. HELP,im stuck in the water where ya pill the lights out then ya go thru hole and i keep coming into the big water tunnels and have to keep getting air ,wat do i do please help me

  19. How do you beat the robot in that cave, I forgot what country I am in.

  20. Hey,I’m stuck in the cave with no weapon or something else,and only with a cave lights.I don’t know where to go or climb next,then I only stay there with the dead body of Sarah.I really need your help Guru

    • ehh, is that the part with the monster in the cave?
      Well, there are this spears sticking out of the wall ( the trap)
      you swing and then jump forward, like this you should get over the ramp
      I hope i helped (probably not) its been a long time ago since i played the game

  21. I really do not get it to beat the monster in the telsa experiment stage and to grab the tela coils with the gravety gun i can never grab them no mater how hard i try please someone help me out

  22. the remake of the first tomb raider is the one i have it
    is one of the best of the new ones.

  23. im at this bolivia place and im in the temple….How do you pass that level with the three plates on the floor….how do you get that crate up?????

    • do u no the ramp you put one box on the end of it and then u jump and the other side and then the box goes on to th squares

    • are you talking about the very beginning if so that teater totter thing on the bottom you have to pull the crate from under it and the you push 1 of the crates on it then quickly run to the other side but just before getting to the other side of the tetter totter jump and land on the other side it will catapult the crate on the ledge

    • hi,it is easy to make the boxes up.first move the box to the edge of the giant see-saw (or what ever it called).then there’s a rock shaped like stairs,go there then jump into the big see-saw then..voila the box is up,do the same with other boxes

  24. pls.i am stuck . i do need a bit of help… england-lara just jumped off the bell-glass King Arthur’s statue-there are graves,some emty. how do get pass the glass???? by swinging thing? thks.

  25. i’m in africa, by the giant turning wheel ,where do i go next?

  26. how do i pass ghana

  27. and you dont need to shoot the helicoptor!!!

  28. to get across the bridge in bolivia you need to fire your guns at the same time as you jump 🙂

  29. I NEED HELP AT THE END OF THİS GAME // July 26, 2009 at 7:36 am // Reply

    HEy please someone help. Now I’am at the end of this game.. But I have a problem when I can’t beat the beast.. İt TELLS ME TO DO THE triangle BUT I CAN’T DO ANYTHİNG İF SOMEONE KNNOW HOW TO DO THAT PLEASE PLEASE WRİTE ME BACK SOON. thks for helping:)


  31. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! :(:(:(:( I played this game and now At this game.. Lara was at England. She saw the King Arthur’s statue.. and I don’T know how to play this makes me realy CRAZY.. let me tell u the scene of this part of game.. There are lots of water and When Lara looked up she could see caves.. and there are graves…

  32. hello guys help me i am stuck on the bridge wen she has too shhot the helicopter
    🙂 😦 🙂 😦 🙂 😦 😀

  33. I NEED HELP WIT THE END!!! // June 19, 2009 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    alright im at the end where that beast is and i cant beat him it tells me to do the triangle and it dont work he gets back up and recharges his health… HELP ME PLZ! 😦

  34. Hey please somone… ok this is how u do it… alright go to the wall turn on a the levers and go to the center thingy lol and u have to block it out and swing and hit the balls fast once there all going it will unlock then u use ur grapple and aim and get it the end lol


    I`m in chamber with Amanda and she sends that unknown entity after me ( which you know, I cannot kill ) how do I get the third sword fragment and get away from the beast??

    • when you blast the circular balls and lights shoot out to the fragment grapple the fragement and you beat that countrie

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