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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

I need codes, please. Ben 917 or NBP398 don’t work because there are only five slots and only use numbers 0 to 9.

Games Guru: Try these codes:

82434: Mos Eisely
Obiwan’s House
Mos Eisley Cantina
Trash Compactor
Death Star Hanger
Death Star
Wampa Cave
Millennium Falcon
The Dark Cave
Carbonite Chamber
Sensor Balcony
Yoda’s Hut
Ewok Village
Death Star 2
Emperor’s Lair
Death Star Subsector 1
Unlock Sith Mode
Unlock Dancing Girl
Unlock Jedi Spirit
Unlock Bubble Blaster
View final movie

Oh great and wise guru, I need help!!!! I have every minikit in the game except for one in Jedi Destiny that my minikit detector says is hovering over a pit in a small room. I have spent at least 48 hours in total just trying to find out how to get the minikit and I never got it. I am desperate for help. Please help me. Please please please please please!!!!

Games Guru: Because it would take about 1,000 words to explain this one, I’m going to point you in the direction of an equally good guide. Even though it’s for the PS2, it works for the Xbox 360, too. Here’s the link. Scroll down to Episode 6, Chapter 5 for your answer:

In the April 2007 Tip Corner, the code given is QYA828, which is six characters long. But my Game Boy seems to only accept 5-digit codes of numbers. How do I put in the code?

Games Guru: You have the code for the Tie Interceptor. You have to beat the entire game first. Then, the game will allow you to put in letters (not just numbers) and will open a sixth slot for the complete code to be entered.

How do you get the red brick in episode 4, chapter 2 and episode 5, chapter 5? Please be specific.

Games Guru: Since these are really detailed, I’ll answer your first question about Episode 4 to get you started.Back where you began, find the first gap in the ground. Move way to the right and get the Astromech Droid to hang over the metal cylinders. Blow them up with a Thermal Detonator, but hover away before the explosion. Then, move the Droid back over the area. Use the Force to pile up the three crates to the right. Get on them and jump to the flat-topped stone. Then use the Droid to hover to the next rock up. There’s a mine cart, which you’ll easily find. Knock it over the ledge and it will break open along the tracks. A cave will magically open. Inside is the Power Brick.

Dear Games Guru, on episode 4, chapter 1, how do I get the minikit in the room that has the crane? According to my minikit detector, it’s behind a wall. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Games Guru: Head to Bounty Hunter area and get inside one of the vehicles you can make there. Go back to the Crane Room. Head over to the lift that’s at the back of the floor. The minikit will magically be visible right over the lift.

How do you beat Battle on Endor? IT’S TOO HARD!!!

Games Guru: This is a big, big section. If you enter the code ABACAB, you will unlock all extras which may help. If you have a specific obstacle you need help beating or finding, please write back.

I cannot blast down the force field in chapter one episode five. Is this a glitch I cannot resolve? Thanks!

Games Guru: Go back to the room where you found C-3PO. In that room, you will find some levers. Have you tried pulling them? That should lower the force field.

How do you get all of the minikits on level Dagobah? I am having trouble with my minikit detector. It says I have to go OUTSIDE the map!!

Games Guru: Stack the three boxes and explore the tree branch for the first minikit. For number 2 check the big island in the lake. Check Yoda’s house and the water around it for kits 3 and 4. You will find 5 in the cave and 6 right outside the cave. That should get you started.

I’m in episode 4, level 5, Escape the Death Star. I’m at the part where you need to extend the platform to get waved through. I have the yellow car on a square button and the other characters and I on the other buttons; they are dead centered on them. For some reason, whenever I switch characters, the button under them turns red. What do I do? Please help!

Games Guru: You need to go back out the door you just came through and pull the lever to the right. Give it a try.

Can you tell me where the last minikit is in episode 4, chapter 1? According to the minikit detector, it is somewhere in the room with the crane. Please help me! Thank you.

Games Guru: Go into the Stormtroopers’ bath and use the pull the plug. This is where you should find the 10th minikit. You will need someone with Dark Force skills to accomplish this.

In episode 5 , chapter 1, I’ve destroyed 10 AT-STs with the “pulley-line” and retrieved the first minikit. Now I don’t know what to do next. Can you help me? I’m on Mac OSx.

Games Guru: Actually, you should be able to find two minikit canisters in this battle. Look for a dome and drag a bomb over to destroy it to find the kit you may have missed.

Great wise Guru, please answer my question: In episode 5, chap. 1, I need to find the last minikit. Using the minikit detector, I have deduced that it is somewhere in the area where you have to lift R2 up the mushroom platforms using the force, and then artoo opens the gate at a station. Thank you greatly and I wish you good health.

Games Guru: Are we on the same episode and chapter? I have Episode 5, Chapter 1 as the battle for Hoth.

Where is the red power brick for episode 5, the Empire Strikes Back section 5, Cloud City trap?

Games Guru: When you start the level you should see an X-Wing fighter. Have a look behind that fighter. (This hint is for the PS2 version and should apply to the PC and other console versions. If you are looking for Game Boy or DS, this may not work.)

Do you have a code for disappearing and General Grieves?

Games Guru: I’m afraid that I do not. Sorry.

I have beaten all the levels on every episode and unlocked almost every character, but I have few extras. Do you have any tips or codes to help me get studs or extras faster?

Games Guru: I have all kinds of codes for unlocking characters, but for studs and extras I’ve got nothing. Sorry.

How do I get Slave 1 and TIE Advance?

Games Guru: QYA828 will get you a TIE Interceptor, but I don’t have a code for a TIE Advance. For Slave 1, you are going to need to retrieve all the minikits.

How can I get all ships, bounty hunters and Jedi?

Games Guru: Go to the bar in Mos Eisley and enter UDLRAB to unlock all characters. I’m not sure if this will get you ships as well, but I think it might.

How do you beat the bonus levels? Also, is there a code to unlock all 3 ghosts? Anakin? Yoda? Obi-Wan?

Games Guru: About the ghosts, I only know BEN917 to unlock the Obi-Wan ghost.


As to the bonus missions, though I generally prefer more specific questions, I think I can help. With Darth Maul, hit him until he creates a platform and starts force throwing stuff at you. Force throw the stuff back at him, and he will come down for you to finish him off. Learning to throw stuff that is being thrown at you is a good skill against Doku as well. So is adapting to situations. Try switching your character until you and Yoda can put enough of a hurt on Doku to make him go away. I have no tricks to suggest for the last mission.

Where is the powerbrick for level 3 episode 4, Mos Eisley Spaceport?

Games Guru: At the end of the level, you will enter a room with four bins along the left side of the wall. Use the Force on the second can, and LEGO bricks will fly out. Use the Force on the bricks, and they will form a small door that only R2-D2 or a crawler can pass through. You will find your brick in that doorway.

I need help getting all of the gold bricks. I’ve finish the first episode’s gold bricks, but I still need to find the rest.

Games Guru: There are 99 bricks and you have found 33 of them. I can’t walk you through the other 66.

In episode 4 level 4, where do you go to rescue the Princess?

Games Guru: Go through the “Troopers Only” area, shooting troopers and screens. Build the control panel and pull the levers, then head down the hall pulling the levers. You’ll find her.

Where do you enter the password to unlock the really cool ship – The Tie Interceptor?

Games Guru: You will find the password entry screen in the cantina—the main hub of the game.

What are AT-STs?

Games Guru: AT-STs are the little chicken-like, two-legged tanks you see in the snow on Hoth. AT-ATs are the big cow-like models.

Can you supply me with codes? The one in the April BL magazine has helped me unlock the TIE Interceptor. I wish I could unlock more.

Games Guru: See a few of my favorites in the answer below, plus this one: CL4U5H — Gets you a Santa Claus hat and clothes.

How do I turn off Darth Sidius’s force field in episode VI chapter 5, Jedi Destiny? Thank you. (Game Cube)

Games Guru: Beating the Emperor is not a question of turning off a force field. He is shooting lightning and electrifying the floor. The key to getting to the Emperor is watching the floor panels when he electrifies them. He generally goes for the row of panels second from the right.

Can you please give me some codes for Game Boy Advance?

Games Guru: BEN917 gets you Obi Wan’s ghost. NBP398 gets you something really funny. HHY382 gets you the Emperor

How do you unlock the ghost characters on the PC? Do I buy them or do I unlock them somehow?

Games Guru: Try this code: BEN917

I can’t seem to figure out how to buy the players that you can customize on the PC.

Games Guru: You obtain new characters in the Mos Eisley bar.

Do you know how to get a huge amount LEGO studs besides getting every coin in a level?

Games Guru: Since I don’t know which platform your game is on, I will address the GameCube version. Anything I can tell you will translate to PS2 and other console versions.

I do not know directions to a hidden stash — sorry. I can tell you that the Character Bonus Levels are stud rich and that you can earn studs by destroying the turrets on Star Destroyers.

In episode 5 chapter 1, where do I go in the snowspeeder?

Games Guru: Head north and destroy 10 AT-STs.

How can you turn off the force field in Episode 5, Chapter 2? I’ve tried everything I can think of. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Games Guru: In the words of Yoda, “In trouble you are, young Jedi, but much for you I have.” Enough of this Yoda-speak. When you are in the Hangar, you will find four levers on the right side of the room. Pull them. Now you will see four red lights along the floor. Push crates over them. This will enable you to build a big gun to take out the shield generators protecting the Falcon.

Now, look around and see if you can find a fast mode of transportation to ride back to the Millennium Falcon. Hop in, look for any bonus stuff you can build and get out of there!

How do I get past the fifth episode, fifth level Dagobah?

Games Guru: I should think the fifth level of the fifth episode would place you on Cloud City. Either way, I need a little more information. Is it the training that’s holding you up? Is it the cave? Are you having trouble constructing an X-Wing?

In Episode 4: A New Hope in mission 5, when you have to raise the ship from those red beams, I go up and I see a C-3PO sign, and Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi fighting with lightsabers. I don’t know what to do. Also, I remember in the first one, you could switch characters. Can you in this one? If you can, that could end my C-3PO dilemma.

Games Guru: Good news: you are so close to the end of this level, you should be able to taste the victory as you play.

After R2-D2 activates the second of those computer locking stations, you will see a speeder appear. Use it to go across the red squares in the floor. This will take you to the final switch, which only C-3PO can trigger.

Once you get across, you can switch to C-3PO and have him stand on the steam vent to lift him up to the Protocol Droid station on the ledge above. Then head right and through the gap. Now switch to somebody with a bit more muscle because more storm troopers are on their way. Survive the storm troopers, head for the Falcon and you’re home free!

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  1. We are in Chapter 3, level 3 & trying to get up on ledge to Grevious…any suggestions as to how?

  2. I nede to unlock 3 gosts

  3. trev master // March 1, 2010 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    how do you get the minikit in episode 6 chapter 5 fighting the emporer how do you get the one in the room over the hole with the black around it?

  4. i’m new hear but i need help getting *2 on my game cube do you no how

  5. How do you beat chapter 4 episode 5 im really stuck.

  6. Dear Wise Game Guru,

    I’m in episode 4, level 5, Escape the Death Star. I’m at the part where you need to extend the platform to get waved through. I have the yellow car on a square button and the other characters and I on the other buttons; they are dead centered on them. For some reason, whenever I switch characters, the button under them turns red. What do I do? I have destroyed everything and pulled all the levers, at least I think. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear BBT,

      First of all, you need to submit a question, but I will help u this time. What u do is get behind the blue thing, and push it to the red and green thing. They will connect, and push on the green part, and the top of the blue part will rise. Then,use the grapple,pull the lever, and push the thing off, to reveal a car. drive the car over the buttons, and grapple up and get a storm trooper helmet.(Make sure the buttons have green around the before you do).Then go up to the panel and use the storm trooper helmet and that’s all there is to it. which is a lot. It took me forever to write this, so you should thank me.

  7. thank everyone for the ccheat codes 🙂

  8. o wise games guru in episode 5 chapter 2 DS version how do you open the first door on the right

    • You have to submit a question in the box with the “Submit agame question” for him to actually answer in a few weeks.

  9. oh gam guru give me all the ps2 cheats in exsistence!!!!

  10. how do you beat level 5 episode 5

  11. ben917 doesnt work oh wise wise guru how do i really get him?

  12. Enter ABACAB

  13. shadowroy64 // January 2, 2010 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    I have the game On Gamecube. Is there REALLY a such thing as a Minikit detector?

  14. how do you beat mos eisley space port in ep.4

  15. look im just going to cut to the chase ineed help on when you have to fight the emperor and he jumps on the platform what do u do

  16. i need more studs 😀

  17. need more cheats mates

  18. how do you free han from jabba in chapter 1 , episode 6 on DS?

  19. how do i turn off extras??

  20. what is a miny kit detector

  21. star warsrocks

  22. In episode 4 chapter 2 where is the red brick?

  23. How do I find the minikit in Yodas house? I have the Minikit Detector and every time I go in his house, there is always an arrow that points outside and every time I do go outside, its not there! What should I do?

  24. Oh great and wise one , i need help .

    I am on the level in which you recieve training from yoda..

    I am not quite shure how to pass the level and i would be very gratefull if you could help me

    Thanks very much

  25. Hey,want to know stuff.I don’t have a Xbox 360 but, I do know that there is a extra “Use old save” which you have to unlock which allows you to use any character from both “Lego Star Wars the Video Game” and “Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy”.

  26. how do you get all the people

  27. Dear wise and great and powerful and smart Games Guru how do I get disguies 2 in extras or is there even one. I have 1 and 3 but i want number two if there is one. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you very much. 🙂

  28. what do you do after you do after you destroy 10 at-st’s on battle of hoth?

  29. how do i get more studs 🙂

  30. i need more cheats people

  31. how do i get these cheats to do there stuff

  32. HEY,Jabba the hut i may not be the Guru but i know alot off cheats for PS2 lego star wars 2,so listen up.
    Emperor:HHY382,palace guard:SGE549.And to help you get into the room wheare i said there where bounty hunter missions here the codes to unlock the four characters.Boba Fett:HLP221,Greedo:NAH118[Oh,if the 11 in the Greedo code dont work use LL instead],IG-88: NXLA73,Lobot:UUB319. and there you are jabba and everyone else.Hope they help.

  33. In lego starwars 2the room with jabba on it is full of Bounty hunter missions and you can earn a lot of studs in there. to unlock this you need all the bounty hunters in the cantina bar by purchising them after they been ulocked.

  34. when you use Emperore on charecters lightning comes out of your hands!

  35. Jabba the hut // November 22, 2009 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    oh, great and wise guru. I need codes for lego star wars 2 for PS2 and I need lots of them please give them to me

  36. were do i find power brick on epsod 4 chapter 3

  37. to super mario, i NEED cheat codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please? 🙂

  38. gamerdude14579 // October 19, 2009 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    i have this 4gba it rocks

  39. i Know the cheat code to unlock every single gold brick (Xbox)


  40. On lego star wars II the orignal trilogy on game boy advance sp, how do you get the guy with the the blue hair on cloud city trap?

  41. kool aid dude // October 10, 2009 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    Is this for Xbox?

  42. legogameman/DSdude // October 10, 2009 at 6:06 pm // Reply

    The sandbox is the bonus level in the room with the question mark. I heard about it from a friend. Inside it is a large room with the ground made up of (you guessed it) sand. I heard that you fight a giant ewok in there. This is for the DS.

  43. Is there any cheats for studs. If there is plz let me know. By the way i am 9 years old. And i am throgh 63.2 persent. and I’m out.

  44. Does anyone know what the heck the Sandbox is? And how you beat it? (For DS)


  46. To game geek: try udlrab

  47. harry500000000 // September 26, 2009 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Iv’e used cheat codes before but i can’t remeber what they are

  48. it is so easy it is the best

  49. this game is wicked

  50. its cool and hard

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