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Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun

Where do you get all the program modifiers?

Games Guru: Are you talking about customizers?ย  There are quite a few.ย  Any one in particular?

How do you get vilcano panel?

Games Guru: Do you mean one of the Vulcans? There are three different chips plus a SuperVulcan.

Where can you find Lavapanel after you beat the cyber snowman?

Games Guru: Instead of looking for Lavapanel K, try looking for Heatbreath K.

I have beaten the cybersnowmen, but I can’t find the chip “blkbomb” to light the cybertorches. Where can I get it? Please help.

Games Guru: Try buying two HEAT SHOT CHIPs from Higure. They should do the trick.

When you beat Duo the first time and get a continue2, then get to the part where you have to help searchman in Undernet 6, how do you get there? I can’t find a way out of Undernet 4 (the area near Django).

Games Guru: Go to Sharo and enter a three-round virus battle to win the much-needed copy key. Go into the Undernet. Take the east exit out of Undernet 3 and use the copy key at the blue gate. Now prepare for a fight.

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50 Comments on Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun

  1. Megaman xpert // April 18, 2008 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    i have played many games from the Megaman game series and i value these games very much right now i am trying to get as many games to peice out the history of Megaman and to figure out many of the questions that are buzzing in my head like (how was Megaman made a netnavi?) or (is Megaman really Lan’s twin brother Hub?) all i know is as long as i can (jack in) Megaman will allways be the greatest netnavi ever!




  2. megamanx56 // April 10, 2008 at 6:47 pm // Reply

    i know were to find life aura its in black or dark earth and its not lavapanel its heat bearth and its in netopia area and u get by a netdealer

  3. megamanx56 // April 10, 2008 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    who ever needs help tell me

  4. where can you find Lavapanel

  5. basscrossX // March 30, 2008 at 7:28 pm // Reply

    how do you get life aura in this game?can you even get it?

    and what do you have to do to beat dou???????????>:((((

  6. king of the games // March 26, 2008 at 7:58 am // Reply

    to kliop:the blkbomb z is in the sharo area,it’s inside of a purple mystery


  7. how do you find blkbomb z

  8. Dunno if anyone here could help, but where could I find the battlechip GrabRvng? It’s one of the few standard chips I need, and the only one I don’t know the location of.

  9. rizzoknight // March 2, 2008 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    can anyone tell me where to get the c-slider or how to get the parts

    or can u tell me where is the black navi

  10. does anyone know were the other four ghosts are that you have to send off be4 the tournament

  11. How to get to Laser Man Can you tell me ?

  12. were can i fine all the giga chips.

  13. where do you get the jet parts, wing part, and the board part dealers? Im stuck on that part.

  14. Finished megaman 34 times // January 4, 2008 at 5:13 am // Reply

    wow i cant believe pples still play this game. but yea its a great game, i owned it 34 times alrdy got all stadndard, got 43 mega chips, all 5 gigas and well only 1 secret chip….and PA’s got 25. the only mosnter i find hardest is sparkman, i got 1550 hp but i sumtime still lsoe to it not like DOU, i owned him.

  15. TheManManMan // January 2, 2008 at 1:30 pm // Reply

    Where can I find a heatbreath chip?

  16. Does anyone know where to get a HeatBreath K Chip or any sort??

  17. damangaruler32 // January 1, 2008 at 12:42 am // Reply

    You have to buy the parts for the c-slider from navi’s in the black market, I think there are 3 parts, then you have to give them to a girl navi in an place where you battle coldman, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I kinda forget, I haven’t played in a little bit, hope this helps you out……

  18. where can i find board part to make c-slider

  19. Can somebody tell me were all the points are?

  20. hey how do i get to netfrica? it’s so confusing…

  21. To Fight Bass first you must get all 150 standard chips. Then go to Undernet5 and open up the gate. There you will be able to fight Bass and get his Giga Chip

  22. the last soul you need is the thunder,you need to beat thunderman in the “red sun tournament”.

  23. what are the 6 souls in red sun?

    i forget.. wind,torch, roll, guts, search, and what elsee

  24. to get blkbombZ go to the sharo aarea with an unlocker and go to the person who you get the c-slider from aand use the unlocker on the purple data next to her

  25. i guess you will have to baet the game one more time,because you are supposed to get the roll soul at the eagle tournament.

  26. damangaruler32 // November 8, 2007 at 11:08 pm // Reply

    Thanks, but when do I get the Roll soul, I’m aleady in the part of battling Duo in Continue 2, I’m just um getting the rest of the chips and stuff………. So ya, sorry for all the questions……….

  27. How do I find the cloth to take the dirt off, so I can jack in. In the first part.

  28. u can get to undernet 6 from undernet 3,be sure to explore well the area

  29. to damangaruler:the last soul you need is the roll soul.

  30. to fireman :you can get one of the evil chips by defeating kendoman ds,to find him you must defeat kendoman in netfrica area first, to get the other 4 you need to find the navis with the letters “ds” in their names.

  31. i dont know where fireman is but thunderman is in the netopia area,sparkman is in acdc area 3,burnman is in park area 2,laserman is in undernet 5 and kendoman is in netfrica area.

  32. does any one know where fireman, burnman, thunderman, sparkman, laserman, and kendoman’s areas where they appear so u can get their navi chips?

  33. how to find burnman during the tournament ; continue 2

  34. megaman fan 999 // October 27, 2007 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    i need help on finding how to get to the third town on megaman battle network 4 red sun!!!!

  35. how do you get to undernet 6

  36. the navi custimizier can be found in many places. try looking in undernet6 there is a grey navi selling cutomiziers.

  37. how do you find all 150 chips to defeat forte and how do you get all 5 evilchips?

  38. damangaruler32 // October 6, 2007 at 11:25 am // Reply

    Thank you! I just need 1 more soul whatever that is, and 23 more standard chips… I already know how to get to every place in the undernet, and every where else but ya, thank you! Just tell me how and what my last soul is, I have guts soul, fire soul, search soul, thunder soul, and wind soul, it would help alot, I’m just running around the net trying to get zennies and perfecting my folder, I’m waiting for some better chips to fight Duo on the 2 thing cuz i already beat it b4 once… ok ya bye ber now…

  39. Hey guys im on continue 3 and i cant find hops batch which is a navi customizer block that helps me not have bugs

  40. boyscoutfreak // October 3, 2007 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    damangaruler. Get all the stanrd chips, then get all the souls, go to undernet 4, use the souls at the door, go into undernet5. go around until you find a ramp leading up to a door that has base behind it, use the chips to open it. fight base then leave come back and fight all the guys walkin around. Oh yeah, walk around till ya run into the special laserman fight him but dont destroy the mystery data. There was one more way but i cant remember it

  41. damangaruler32 // October 2, 2007 at 10:18 pm // Reply

    Where can you get all 5 evil chips?

  42. To killerpook:

    Do you know where chip #149 is? It’s the last standard chip I need. Please help

  43. Does anyone know where I can get chip #149? It is called grabrevenge. It is the last

    standard chip I need. may you please help?

  44. chaos gospelDS // September 14, 2007 at 2:21 pm // Reply

    go to where you had to fight shademan and talk to all of the mr.progs but be ready to


  45. Can Someone tell me where the 4 medals are?

  46. Serenade lord of the undernet // September 1, 2007 at 10:12 am // Reply

    does anybody no were i can find navi cutomizer thingys

  47. wow english mistakes XD what im trying to say is im at the squirls park part and ive got the lettters




    and i dont know what to do next

  48. hov do i fin dex`s brother??? i know the questin isnt a pro like but i really wanna dight dex XD


  50. how do light up the torches

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