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Pokemon Emerald Version

How do you catch Groudon and Kyogre in Emerald?

Games Guru: It’s a long process. Here’s a video to help you out!

One of my friends told me that I could clone Pokemon. Is this true and, if so, how do I do it?

Games Guru: It is true. It’s a little complicated. But here’s how:

1. Make certain the Pokémon is in your party.
2. Link another Game Boy Advance together via GBA Link Cable or Wireless Adapter.
3. Once you’re linked, head over to the Pokémon Center. Bring up the trade menu.
4. Trade the Pokémon you want to clone.
5. Turn off the machine that with the original Pokemon you wanted to clone. But save the other game.
6. When you turn it on again, you should have the original Pokemon and the cloned on the other machine. Don’t save until you know the clone is present.

Where do you find the berry crusher? I’ve been looking all over the Pokemon Center for it. Thank you.

Games Guru: A helpful woman over at the Slateport market has the scoop for you: “The Berry Crush machines are at the Direct Corner upstairs” at any Pokemon Center. Good luck with your berry crusher sessions!

Dear Games Guru, I am having trouble. How do you get the old sea chart? Thank you.

Games Guru: You actually had to go to a Nintendo Special Event to get one. If you have GameShark, you can go at warp to Faraway Island using these codes:19C67C656689


There, you have to capture the Mew.

Where do you find evee and staryu?

Games Guru: Take your super rod and go fishing around Palletown.

Where is team magma hideout?

Games Guru: Their hideout is in a sea cave just north of Lilycove City.

How do you get strength?

Games Guru: You get it in the tunnel outside Verdanturf Town.

Games Guru, I have read your advice many times and everything works, so I ask you this: Where can I get Latios? I’ve tried everything. Can you at least identify a pattern?

Games Guru: A lot of people tell very different stories about how this Pokemon is caught. This is what I know. After you beat the League, you will see a television show in which you are asked about colors. Answer that you like Red, and Latias will enter your game. Say that you like Blue, and Latios enters.

Either way, you should be able to track the new Pokemon with your pokedex.

Some people say you should not fly directly to cities when Latios/Latias appears, or the Pokemon will simply fly away. I actually ran into Latios by accident, so I don’t know if this is true. I have also heard that even though Latios/Latias runs away from battles, it maintains damage and also remains asleep or frozen. Again, I do not know from experience.

How do you unlock Rayquazas lair?

Games Guru: Get on a Mach Bicycle and ride up to the top of the Sky Pillar.

At what level does a Metang evolve?

Games Guru: Beldum become Metang at level 20, and Metang becomes Metagross at level 45.

How do I find the Frontier Brains?

Games Guru: This is a very interesting question. I have never seen the Frontier Brains. In fact, before receiving this request, I had never heard of them. Once you beat the Elite 4, you open Battle Frontier. Take the challenges and you will meet Anabel on your 5th and 10th tier battles — she is the head Brain.

What is your goal at Mirage Island? Is there a rare Pokemon there or something?

Games Guru: To the best of my knowledge, the only things on Mirage Island are a Pokemon — Liech — and a berry.

Games Guru, I have a lot of questions in mind. Could you please answer them?


  1. How do you get to the cave in the Battle Frontier? Is that tree that blocks my path a Sudowoodo?
  2. How can you get to the top of the Sky Pillar?
  3. Is Regirock in the Mirage Tower? If not, where is it?
  4. Can you confine Latias (and maybe Latios) into a certain space? It always goes from one place to another.

Games Guru:

  1. Have you gone down the waterfall to enter?
  2. Ah, Sky Pillar. It’s off Route 129. You will see a break in the rocks on the top of the screen; enter and you will swim along a spiraling path. Sky Pillar is at the end of the path.
  3. Regirock is in the Desert Ruins–but you can only get Regirock after solving a rather complex puzzle that has been explained in earlier postings.
  4. As I understand it, and I have not caught Latios or Latias, you get one shot at this Pokemon on Southern Island.

Do you have to use a masterball to catch Groudon and Kyogre?

Games Guru: NO — save your Master Ball. Have loads of Pokeballs before you go after the big guys, and save your game right before you start the fight. It may take several tries, but you can indeed catch those guys with a plain old standard Pokeball.

How do I get into the cave on a part of the Battle Frontier?

Games Guru: Are you talking about the Artisan Cave? The entrance should be open. I guess I need you to specify what kind of trouble you are having finding it.

Where do I enter the codes?


Games Guru: You will need a Gameshark, a Codebreaker or an Action Replay — a device created specifically for running codes with games.

How do I get my Pokemon to level 100 (using a code)?

Games Guru: I get this question a lot. The answer is, “No code.” Nintendo does not allow codes of that sort in Pokemon games. With Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em and train ’em up the old-fashioned way. Kinda like Scouting.

I have Pokemon Emerald in Japanese and I don’t have time to read the hiragana and katakana, so I was wondering if you know how to get something to translate the game. Thank you.

Games Guru: You are way out of my league with this one. I have always just played the plain old localized American versions of this game.

How do you beat the eighth gym leader?

Games Guru: You will need to beat a Luvdisc — use electric, a Wishcast — use grass or plant, a Sealeo — back to electric, a Crawdant — electric, and a Seadra — tough fellow who burns grass, so try to put it to sleep before electrocuting and megadraining.

Do you catch a Jirachi in artisan cave by walking a lot then Mew and MewTwo attack to make a door open and inside is there a Jirachi?

Games Guru: Jirachi is not a native Pokemon, so to speak. To get him, you must either download him by taking your Game Boy Advance, complete with Pokemon Emerald cartridge and wireless attachment, to a Pokemon Center or by using a Gameshark.

How do I get a quick claw? Thank you.

Games Guru: Talk to the instructor at the Pokemon Training School in Rustboro. He’ll give you one for free.

I’m at the ruins for Regirock, but how do I get in?

Games Guru: Have you gone to the secret cave and opened the door? I am going to assume that you have. Go to the Braille sign. I am told that it says “Left, Left, Down, Down, then use Rock smash.” Give it a try.

How do you make the girl smile?

Games Guru: I’m sorry — I don’t recognize this side quest. Can you give me more details?

How do I get through mirage tower in the desert?

Games Guru: Hop on your Mach Bike and ride, ride, ride.

How do you open the Sootopolis gym doors?

Games Guru: First you need to explore the Cave of Origin. Once you have seen the big fight going on in that cave, you need to go to Sky Pillar to wake a legendary Pokemon to visit the Cave of Origin. Then you need to return to Sootopolis to see the results of your waking the legendary Pokemon. Then you can enter the gym.

How do you get Registeel?

Games Guru: Oh boy, are you asking a tough one. Registeel, Regisice and Regisrock can be found in Sealed Chamber, an underwater vault found near Pacificlodge. Take a Relicanth and a Wialord among your Pokemon and head west on Route 132. You will find a dive patch surrounded by currents, so dive. Search for a rock with Braille on it. When you find the rock, go up, and you will find yourself in a chamber. Now you will need a Pokemon with dig, as one of the Braille tablets you find next says “dig here.” Now return to the water and you will discover that doors have opened below. Enter the doors and make sure your Wailord is first in your party and your Relicanth is last. Now clock on the Braille tablets and you will hear a noise meaning that mysterious doors have opened around the world. One of those doors is on route 111. Find some Braille in the desert and it will say “left, left, down, down use rock smash.” This will take you to Regirock.

Look for an area covered with trees on Route 104. Look for more Braille. It says to stay along the walls and run a lap. Do this and you open the door that leads you to Regisice.

Between Routes 121 and 120, you will see a girl giving out berries. Take the stairs behind her. You will find a rock with an opening. Enter, walk to the center and use flash. The door to Registeel should open.

Will Latios come to you if you have the master ball?

Games Guru: To catch Latios, you need to unlock Latios. You do this by watching the television on the downstairs floor of your house the day after you have defeated the Elite 4.

Games Guru, I trust you more than anyone who posts comments on this page. That is why I’m asking you this one question: Could you please shed some light on the subject of whether or not you can get to the moon on launch level 100, and if so, is there any way to get the level up quicker than waiting 100 weeks?

Games Guru: I will try my best for you, and thanks for being so nice. As far as going to the moon in Pokemon Emerald, I have never seen or heard of anything like that. This is pretty much an Earth- (assuming Pokemon takes place on Earth) bound game. When it comes to codes and Pokemon, Nintendo likes to place loads and loads of unlockable items in these games to give them endless play value, but I know of next to no codes for them.

How does my Golbat learn Meanlook so I can catch Latias and Latios?

Games Guru: I don’t think Mean Look is available in Emerald. Also, don’t fret if Latios escapes you that first time you see him. As I understand it, the only way to catch him on that first sighting is with a Master Ball and believe me, you want to save that for later. Once you have run into Latios (or Latias), you will be able to track him down on your Pokedex.

To get latios or latias, do you have to beat the Elite 4 the first time?

Games Guru: Yes, my understanding is that they do not enter Hoenn until after you are champ.

In Pacificlog town, there is a man that says, “I can’t see Mirage Island today.” Could you find out how to see it?

Games Guru: I am glad you asked that question because I have never been to Mirage Island and your question caused me to go look. There is a bit of luck as to when you can find that island. It is on Route 130. Some people say the island’s appearance and disappearance is decided by the numbers of the Pokemon in your party; others say it’s just random. Everyone agrees on one thing: keep visiting that man in Pacificlog and sooner or later, he will say that he sees the island and then you should surf Route 130 and go to it.

Can you find Groudon and Kyoger on Emerald version? On pacifilog is there a way you can get that guy to say he can see that invisible island (I think it is called something like “Milage”)?

Games Guru: Once you beat the Elite Four, return to the sea lair. This is one place where Emerald diverges from Ruby and Sapphire.

Instead of an invisible island named “Milage,” how about an invisible tower named “Mirage”? It’s in the desert. You’ll need to beat the Pokemon League to open it and a Mach bike to reach it.

Where do you find Relicanth? I need to get him so I can get Registell.

Games Guru: The best place to catch Relicanth is on Route 124. Dive and you will find an occasional Relicanth hiding in the seaweed.

Where do you catch Scyther, Quilava and Dratini?

Games Guru: I believe that all of these Pokemon are from other games and not available in Emerald.

How do you get pokemon Regirock?

Games Guru: Getting Regirock requires a bit of work. He is in the desert ruin off Route 111. Enter the building and you’ll find some Braille that says, “Left, Left, Down, Down, Use Rock Smash.” Follow these directions and you’ll smash an invisible door and open the way to Regirock.

How do I get the Aurora ticket?

Games Guru: You need to take your game to a Nintendo event like E3, or sometimes they have this available at Pokemon stores, where they are sending out the code that unlocks the ticket. I don’t have an Aurora Ticket; hence, I have never “caught ’em all” in Emerald. I have heard, but never verified, that you may be able to unlock the ticket with a GameShark. You might want to give that a try.

I really need to find Houndour.

Games Guru: This isn’t as hard as you might think. Once you beat the Elite Four, the Safari Zone gets upgraded. You can now find Houndour in the Safari Zone.

Where do I get the Mystic Ticket?

Games Guru: This is one of the most misery-causing questions in video gaming. To get a Mystic Ticket, you need to be at an event where Nintendo is offering free wireless, such as Comic-Con. You have to take your Game Boy, Pokemon Emerald in place, and download it on location.

Now that I know how to catch Lugia, where is it?

Games Guru: He is on Navel Island. You’ll need the Mystic Ticket to reach that island.

Where do Ho-oh and Lugia live?

Games Guru: They are on Navel Island. You will need the Mystic Ticket to get there.

Where is the Sky Pillar?

Games Guru: This is Route 129 on your Pokedex—just south of Mossdeep. Head left until you meet a lone trainer named Swimmer Richard, then head north. This will put you on a spiral path. Follow the path and you will find the hidden island of Sky Pillar.

Can you provide some secret codes?

Games Guru: Here’s a way to get a free Pokemon—a good one. After beating the Elite Four, go home and watch some television in the family room. You deserve it—you’re the new Pokemon champion!

Mom will come and ask you a colorful question. Tell her “red,” and she will give you a Latias. Tell her “blue” and she will give you a Latios.

I can’t get Deoxies.

Games Guru: If you get an Aurora Ticket, you can travel to Birth Island. There you will find your Deoxy. Finding it is tough. Catching it is tougher.

If you can find Mew, Celebi and Lugia, how do you catch them?

Games Guru: I have not tried to catch Mew of Celebi, but Lugia just took many, many tries. Stock up on all kinds of pokeballs and save your game before approaching Lugia. That should give you many tries at catching this legendary Pokemon.

I read in a printed PokeDex that the only way to obtain the Pokemon Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile was by transferring them from Pokemon Emerald. After playing the game, I couldn’t figure out where to find them! I am starting to get desperate, because these three Pokemon and their evolved forms make up a significant gap in my Pokemon Pearl PokeDex, and I have been trying to complete for a long time. Please help. Thank you.

Games Guru: There are 200 species of Pokemon in Hoenn. Once you catch ’em all, expect a call from Professor Birch.

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  3. i beat the elite four and picked blue but i cant find lotios PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

    • where i can found mystick ticket in emerald version??

    • Hey! I cought Latios and Latias without action replay or gameshark. (But I reset the game and migrated to Diamond.) The first time I chose red and cought Latias in the desert place. Then I migrated it to Diamond and reset the game. Then I chose blue on the tv, and found Latios on one of the rivers. (P.S. Somebody told me that Latios only appears on water, but I’m not so sure.)

  4. Show off your Pkmn party in Emerald so people can rate each other’s pokemon. Have fun!

    Absol Lv. 71/Amulet Coin
    Swampert Lv. 54/Cleanse Tag
    Loudred Lv. 42
    Lairon Lv 41
    Tropius Lv. 36/Macho Brace
    Breloom Lv. 29

    P.S. Please have at least 4 pokemon in your party.

  5. atlas22b, i would feed my pichu fried chicken.

  6. emerald player, there are many fake video game help videos on YouTube. whoever made the video probably faked it.

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  9. emerald player // January 27, 2010 at 2:49 pm // Reply

    I saw this video on YouTube on how to get to navel rock without using any cheats and I tried it out and it did not work so that is why I am asking is it true?????? What is behind the trees in the mans house in sotoopolis.How to get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald with no Cheats. this is the youtube video i saw

  10. killerman, what Battle Frontier facilty are you in? (Battle Tower, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, etc.)

  11. how do you make the girl in rutburo city smile

  12. pokematic, once you complete the Hoenn Pokedex, Prof. Birch will call u on ur PokeNav. Come to his lab and you can choose one of the 3 Johto starters for keeps.

  13. cool, thanks Salamence101! you too

  14. how do i face all the main people in the battle frontier cause i always end up going to the right door but not the left please help me

  15. groudon10000 // January 16, 2010 at 8:55 pm // Reply

    I have been trying to catch any legendary, and I beat the elite four, but not Wallace. Can I still catch all the legendary pokemon?

  16. Salamence101 // January 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm // Reply

    Keep up the good work corky! :mrgreen:

    • WOW, salamence 101, are you seriously still here? I remember about 4 years ago asking you for advice on this game.

  17. how do you get one of the Jhonto starters because i read in a guide that you can get one

    • Salamence101 // January 20, 2010 at 5:03 pm // Reply

      you have to CATCH every pokemon in the hoenn pokedex. This is impossible without a link cable. So if you don’t, well….. meh

  18. pokekid13, honestly, i need all the help i can get answering questions. would anyone else like to help me?

  19. pokekid13, that would be AWESOME! thanks

  20. killerman, sorry but the only way is cheats.

  21. an observer, no she doesn’t. instead of her giving it to you when you answer red or blue, you encounter it randomly and then you are able to track it down. i’ve caught latios b4.

  22. I might be able to answer peoples questions. I’ve played emerald for years and know some stuff.

  23. an observer // January 6, 2010 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    corky your mom DOES give u a latios/latias

  24. how can you get evee in pokemon emerald

  25. shahzum, yes that is true about bagon. my rayquaza once knew dragon claw.

  26. shahzum, scyther is one of those pokemon that you can find in one of two games released at the same time, like firered/leafgreen, but not in the other. sorry but you can only find scyther in firered. i recommend trading one with someone who has firered.

  27. jonbuddy1, no your mom in the game doesn’t give you latios or latios.

  28. Anonymous, you can only find jirachi with a gameshark.a gameshark or action replay is the only way. that is just a rumor.

  29. there will be three doors after you beat the eliete four go to the middle the one on the left cotaians a maste ball the right is just poo pokemon leauge [86times] you just find jirichia.

  30. Does your “mom” really give you Latios or Latias on the spot??? ‘Cause that would be EPIC!

  31. The games guru is wrong about Team Magma’s Hideout! Magma’s hideout is near Lavaridge Town, not North of Lilycove! Team AQUA’s Hideout is North of Lilycove in the sea cove.

  32. to skykid google it, the process is long i’ll tell you in my next post

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  35. Where would you recomend me to put secret base in Emerald?

  36. where is the hm flash

  37. how can i get the eon ticket in emerald with no cheats or anything like that

    • just cheats. they used to have events to give them out at GameStop stores, and Nintendo Events, but they don’t anymore.

  38. how do i connect my Gmaboy Advance SP to my computer or what cord or usb do i need cause i want gameshark real bad

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  40. mudkip321, sorry but they don’t have nintendo events for emerald anymore.

  41. Wat is the word to make the sick girl laugh ! Tell me the answer

    • B flat Clarinet // January 26, 2010 at 9:30 am // Reply

      there is none

    • no, b flat clarinet, there is a word you say to the man. he gives you a pc pokemon storage box wallpaper in the game for it. there is a website (google it) where you design the wallpaper, and it gives you the code. you then tell that code to the man.

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  45. killerman, the only way to get a squirtle, bulbasaur, or charmander in Emerald w/ cheats is to trade with someone who has pokemon firered.

  46. venasaur777,
    You do not need honey for Sudowoodo. Sprinkle it with water fom your Wailmer can, from the flower shop.

  47. corky and PokemasterP, I’ll help you guys. I am amazing at Emerald!

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  50. how can i get a bulbasaur,charmander,and a squirtle on emerald without cheats

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