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Pokemon FireRed

When you go to one of the islands of the rainbow pass, there is a steel door with some codes. How can I open it? Also, how do you know the second password for team rocket hide in the rainbow islands?

Games Guru: You get the second password by beating the Rocket member in the cave on Island 4.

Mr. Games Guru, I’ve been trying to get the ruby so I can get to 4 Island. I’ve beaten the Pokemon League in under a week of having the game, so what more do I have to do?

Games Guru: Are you asking what do you need to do to get the ruby? It’s on Island One. If you are asking what is left to do in the game, there is plenty to do. That’s the good news; the bad news is that you can no longer catch ’em all as some of the rarer Pokemon can only be had by attending Nintendo events and downloading them.

I am in Celadon City. I found the rocket’s secret hideout and I have the elevator key. The problem is that I don’t know where the elevator is, and every other important building is blocked by a rocket guy. Please help me.

Games Guru: The elevator is in the lower right-hand area of the floor. If you check second floor, you should be able to board once you have the key.

Who do I talk to to get the password for rocketbase?

Games Guru: We are talking about the underground lair in the game corner, right? Have you looked behind the poster and found the not-so-hidden door? We will assume you have and that you have gone downstairs. If you go to the fourth floor (B4F), you will find a lift key that will enable you to get to any floor. That should get you anywhere you want to go in the Rocket’s lair.

Where do I find the key in the Pokemon mansion?

Games Guru: In the basement, back room to the left.

How do you get to the other side of seaform island cave?

Games Guru: As you explore the cave, you will find an item ball containing the HM Waterfall. Teach this to one of your Pokemon, then ride the waterfall down. That should take you to where you need to go.

How do you get the pre-evolution of quagsire?

Games Guru: Do you mean a wooper? You can find them surfing around Island 4, try using your Good Rod.

Can you trade Pokemon from Silver or Crystal version to FireRed?

Games Guru: If you are using the wireless controller that came with the game, the answer is no. The wireless only works with LeafGreen and FireRed. As I understand it, these games do not recognize the link cable.

I’ve already caught the three legendary birds and Mewtwo, so I was wondering about Raikou, Enfei and Suicune.

Games Guru: If you started with Squirtle, you can find Raikoa. There is an Entei in the game if you started with Bulbasaur. And, if you started with Charmander, Suicune awaits. They are hard to track down. They start moving around the countryside once you defeat the Elite 4.

How do you clone items?

Games Guru: I do not know anything about cloning in this game. Sorry.

After giving ruby & sapphire to Ceilo and beating Elite 4, what should I do? Can you help me please … and tell me about wireless connection?

Games Guru: Ah yes, all of the answers you seek are combined in one. You see, once you have given the Ruby and the Sapphire, you open the wireless, which allows you to trade Pokemon with Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby cartridges. It also enables you to connect to Pokemon Coliseum.

I’ve beaten all the trainers and Elite 4. Now I need to find the password for Team Rocket warehouse and the cave with the guy blocking the way, saying strong Pokemon in here.

Games Guru: You need two “secret codes” to open the warehouse. You will find one password on six islands and the other password on seven island.

How do you beat Rocket Warehouse?

Games Guru: I think what you are asking is how do you know which teleportation tiles to step on to go around the Team Rocket base hidden beneath the casino in Celadon City. Is that correct? If so, here goes: Step on the T tile just in the front and that will send you to basement 2. Head left and find your way through the big maze. This will let you out in the lower southern half of the floor where you will find a tile. Step on that tile. This will take you into a sealed area on the first floor of the basement. Grab the stuff and head back the way you came, then find your way back through the maze and teleport back. Find your way back through the maze and take the T tile you skipped before entering the maze. This tile takes you to a maze on the third floor and yet another maze. Find your way through that maze, take the T tile. Make sure to pick up every item and interact with any interactable items. If you have done so, you should be able to go back to the elevators on the first or second floor and ride the elevator up to the fourth for your battle with the boss.

Where do you catch a Rayquaza?

Games Guru: Rayquaza is on the sixth floor of Sky Pillar. Better sharpen your biking skills. Getting to that sixth floor is no easy feat.

When I use the wireless adapter to select mystery gift, I don’t see wonder gift. My friend says if you select the wonder gift, you can have the ticket in the game. The only things I see are wonder cards and news, but it didn’t work when I selected one of them.

Games Guru: Have you gone into a Pokemart and typed “Link Together With All” on the clipboard?

I have strong Pokemon, but I’m in the powerplant fighting Zapdos. I got him almost down to no health but just enough to keep him alive, and I’m not fighting him anymore and I want to catch him. I had 42 ultra balls and 4 great balls, but now I’m down to 14 ultra balls. Is there any other way I can catch zapdos without wasting that many ultra balls?

Games Guru: You know what? There is no sure-fire way to catch Zapdos unless you waste your master ball, and you do not want to do that. I have caught him in this level several times, and I find that it is really a matter of luck. I will say that I have caught him with good old standard Pokeballs generally, but the other sometimes work as well. I have caught him on the fifth try and I have caught him on the fiftieth. What I am saying is: try and try again. Save right before you launch your attack, make sure to paralyze Zaptos, then go to work. If you run out of ultra balls or it is getting too expensive, turn off your game and start again. As long as you saved right before you attacked, the only things it will cost you are your time and your sanity.

Where and how do you get cut?

Games Guru: Speak with the seasick captain of the S.S. Anne.

Got any codes? I need to know quick!

Games Guru: You know, I don’t know if Nintendo has ever put codes in the Pokemon games. As far as I know, everything is based on unlockables that you open only by winning badges and various competitions… oh, and through exploration.

How do you get more than one Master Ball in with a code or something, please?

Games Guru: As far as I know, there is only one Master Ball, the one you are given as a gift. Use it wisely.

How do I get surf?

Games Guru: You receive HMO3, Surf, in a small house in the Safari Zone. All you need to do is enter the house and talk to the guy.

I’m stuck in the ice cave that leads to the eighth level. Please help me out!

Games Guru: Pokemon FireRed is one of those games that never seems to end. You beat the Elite Four and think the game is over only to discover that the islands and many of the best Pokemon are yet to come. And in all of that, you run into the Ice Cave—and more of Team Rocket.

Go into the cave, then surf across to the door. Go through the door and you’ll find patches of ice that crack when you step on them and break if you step on them a second time. The trick here is to plan your path so you never need to step back again. Get to the top of the ice. You will find a ladder up here. Step on the ladder, then back on the ice and you’ll drop down one floor.

Now head down and to the right. This will take you to a ladder and back up. The trick in this area is to target your falls. Your path along the lower floor will be blocked by rocks. If you go up one floor, you’ll be able to move past these barriers and drop back down.

Give it a try. Oh, and be sure to have a water Pokemon with you—one that can swim up waterfalls. (Just a suggestion.)

Where do you go after defeating the Elite Four?

Games Guru: Give the islands a try. Go to Cinnibar and look for Bill and the laboratory.

How do you get in that cave on Cerulean Cave?

Games Guru: Go north and left of Cerulean City and you’ll find a waterway. Surf it down and to the west and you will see a cave.

After you beat the Elite Four, how do you get to island four, five, six and so on?

Games Guru: Once you beat the Elite Four, return to island one, then surf north and enter Moltres Mountain. You will find new enemies to fight and new side quests to take on.

I cannot find the area of the Pokemon Vulpix and Krabby. Can you please tell me which town, route or building they are in?

Games Guru: Vulpix is available only in LeafGreen. To get a Vulpix, you’re going to need to trade with a LeafGreen owner. For a Krabby, try using the Good Rod in the waters around Pallet Town.

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  1. cotelp new smarter version! // April 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm // Reply

    lol new name cause it true! today i tell u how to get mew first be in the place with the ship then go in diglet cave as soon as u in go out lol then go and sell/buy to have only 5 pokeballs then go in diglet cave again go in the ladder and when u see pokemon it mewlv.17 dont catch it then next pokemon mew lv.23 hurt it to 1 hp then use pokeball and vioal! you have mew! rate 1-100 on this cheat it not game shark chaeat i swear!

    • Not so sure about your name change, that is not a way to catch mew, make sure and try cheats before you state them as fact.

  2. BLASTOISE 123.......? // April 21, 2010 at 4:48 pm // Reply



    • You don’t need a masterball to catch any pokemon, if you would like I could give you some tips. The only way to get 999 masterballs would be to use a cheating device or to play through the game 999 times and trade it over.

  3. BLASTOISE 123.......? // April 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm // Reply


    • The only one you can get in game is the rainbow ticket. Catch 60 pokemon, beat the eltie four, get the national pokedex, get the ruby from Mt. Ember, and then talk to Celio and he will give it to you. The other two you have to go to a Nintendo event or use an action replay or gameshark.

  4. BLASTOISE 123.......? // April 21, 2010 at 4:37 pm // Reply


    • You will need an electric pokemon for gyradose,water for aerodactyl, and one that knows and ice move for the rest.

  5. What is the perpose for the metal statue on island 7 where the kid is cleaning it?

    • You can find a metal coat near it that when you give to an onix or scyther and trade them they will evolve. Oh and it is a memorial/grave for his dead Onix, it might have been a Steelix can’t remember.

    • Hmmm, I thought I answered this. You can find a metal coat near it which is an item used in trading. It is a tomb stone for his old pokemon.


    • You need a special ticket to take you to an island with Ho-oh and Lugia, you have to go to a Nintendo event to get it.

    • You need a ticket to take you to an island with Ho-oh and Lugia, you have to go to a Nintendo event to get it.

  7. hi everybody i just want to show u my team rate 1-100

    charizard lv.100
    mewthreelv.100(i traded)

    the mewthree i didnt trade is won by doing the pkeflute 32 times in front of mewtwo

  8. um froggy 17 i want to know 2 things how do you know so much and how do you get a baby charmander? i have 1 charizard (male) but how do you get another charizard (female)?

    • Breed your charizard with a ditto in the daycare center on island 4. Oh and you will find that no matter how hard you try you can not forget all of this information about pokemon lol.

  9. how do you beat the rocket warehouse

    • When you walk in take the left pad. When you stop go to the pad to your left that takes you up. Go right, and then take the down pad to the left. When you stop walk up and battle the rocket. Then take the left panel to the left of where the rocket was standing. Then walk all the way up to a small room. Of the three pads that lead down take one of the two to the right. Then battle a rocket and go right. Battle a rocket and she will change the pads at the entrance so that you can leave and come back with out having to do that again. Then just two more battles and you have the sapphire.

  10. how do you get pokemon eggs?

    • On island 4 there is a pokemon daycare. If you put a compatible male and female together they will make an egg of the lowest form of the female. Compatibility is very complicated so if you have a pokemon in mind I can tell you some options, or you can use a dido.

  11. if you already beat team rocket in the mt. ember and the ice cave and you still dont have the second half of the code what do you do??

    • Go to a place called the dotted hole on island 6. Use cut to get in and then take the first hole, north hole, west hole, east hole, south hole. You will find the sapphire but it will be stolen from you but the scientist give you the second password.

  12. I cannot find out where the Rockets hideout is near the volcanoe on island one. I have defeated the elite four so what can I do now- I just cant seem to find the entrance. Please help !!

    • First catch 60 pokemon and talk to proffesor Oak to get the national pokedex. Then talk to Celio in the pokecenter on island 1. Then when you get to Mt. Ember take a right and you should see two team rocket members.

  13. What level should my pokemon be when i go to the elite four?

  14. venusuar11 // March 28, 2010 at 9:12 am // Reply

    what is a gameshark?

  15. venusuar11 // March 28, 2010 at 9:10 am // Reply

    how du u go tu a nintendo event\

    • They are few and far between, check Nintendo’s website and the news but I warn you, they don’t have many of them.

  16. venusuar11 // March 28, 2010 at 9:06 am // Reply

    how do u clone?

  17. Where is the key to get to Blaine’s gym on Cinnabar Island?

  18. hey, i was wondering how do you get past the boxes in that house on 7 island

    • You don’t, that was put in for something that was discontinued in the English version so it serves no purpose.

  19. ask pokemon master // February 28, 2010 at 6:11 pm // Reply

    what is the ledenary pokemon of icefall cave after you get all the gems to celio? i relly can’t take it any more!ps. this is sort of embarresing ’cause of the name but its really for emerald-platinum.

    • There is no legendary pokemon in icefall cave. After you give Celio the ruby and sapphire you can catch mewtwo in Cerulean Cave which us what you might be thinking about.

  20. cyndiquill25 // February 21, 2010 at 6:15 pm // Reply

    what pokemon does your rival have when you are going to beat him a third time?

    • I can answer this for you but third battle doesn’t help. Did you count the very first? Did you battle him west of Viridian City (not required)? What was your starter pokemon? Because I don’t know these things the list of options would be to long so tell me the last place you battled him.

  21. i have 300 pokemon level 100

  22. how do i get deoxys without codes in fire red

  23. how to get deoxys without cheats or codes

  24. how do i go back to elite four and beat them the third time

    • If it is telling you that Lorille is away then you need to rescue her from Icefall cave on island 4, some advice, you have to go up the waterfall so find the HM for it first.

  25. My fire red stops right after I beat the elite 4 and goes to credits. Every one else seems to get National Dex. Any suggestions as to why this is?

    • Ok real hard fix here. After “THE END” turn off the gameboy… turn it back on… hit continue… and you keep playing…

  26. in the 5th island how to you get through the maze in the rockets warehouse?

    • When you walk in take the left pad. When you stop go to the pad to your left that takes you up. Go right, and then take the down pad to the left. When you stop walk up and battle the rocket. Then take the left panel to the left of where the rocket was standing. Then walk all the way up to a small room. Of the three pads that lead down take one of the two to the right. Then battle a rocket and go right. Battle a rocket and she will change the pads at the entrance so that you can leave and come back with out having to do that again. Then just two more battles and you have the sapphire.

  27. are you able to go to ho-oh’s island and lugia’s island

    • You have to either go to a Nintendo event to get the tickets that will take you to their islands, or use an action replay/ gameshark. You can not normally go to their island with out getting the special ticket.

  28. how do you obtain mew, deoxys, lugia or ho-oh in pokemon fire red or pokemon ruby

    • You have to either go to a Nintendo event to get the tickets that will take you to their islands, or use an action replay/gameshark.

  29. My team is beast: plz rate
    Charizard (shiny) lv 100 lol my starter was shiny 😀
    Electabuzz lv 100
    Tyranitar lv 100
    Dragonite lv 100
    Venusaur lv 100 (I traded from my LeafGreen)
    Gyarados lv 100
    I did NOT cheat!!!

  30. how do you know when suicuine raiku and entei are running aeound?

    • After you get the national pokedex from proffesor Oak one of them will run randomly around mainland Kanto. If your starter was charmander suicune will appear, bulbasaur entie, squirtle raikou.

  31. Can u pick my rate

    Charzard L100 Aerodactl L97 Articuno L100 Zapdoes L100 Moltres L100 Mewtwo L100

    1-10 thanks,

  32. Can u please tell me what to do after u beat the elite 4


  33. what does proffesor oak do with his last pokeball

    • No one really knows, I always thought it was kind of sad he only had one left and yet he just left it on the table.

  34. fire red trainee // February 3, 2010 at 3:12 pm // Reply

    am I able to reface gym leaders,where would i first run into Suicune and at what level would he be, and can i link trade him to pokemon emerald

    • No you can’t rebattle gym leaders. Once you get the national pokedex suicune (if your starter was charmander) will run wild through out mainland kanto, you can find it on any route at level 50, (it is only on one route at a time but it runs around, after you see it the first time you can track it with the area feature of your pokedex). Once you give Celio the ruby and sapphire you can trade it to emerald.

  35. I can not seem to find the thing that makes you identify ghosts so I can not get to biking road.I also want to know how to clone.

    • Press the secret button behind the poster in the Celadon City game corner. You will find team rockets secret base. Once you beat Giovani he will give you the silph scope to make it so you can see the “ghosts”.

  36. what do i do when i beat the elite four 2 times

  37. what does professor birch do with his last pokeball

    • That is a good question, I know for Oak it says it is his last pokemon which is kind of sad. I always was kind of secretly mad, it’s like if you are going to just leave it there why not give it to me?

  38. how do you open the pokemon collesium?

    • I am not sure what you mean, there isn’t a colosseum in fire red, be more specific and I might be able to help.

  39. What do i do when i catch mewtwo

  40. am i allowed to link trade with a wireless adapter from pokemon emerald to pokemon fire red cause i wanted to get mewtwo on to emerald.CAN I?????????

    • You can trade between fire red and emerald by using a link cable. Just to make sure though, you can’t have one gameboy with the wireless adapotor and the other with a link cable, just making sure you know that because your question was confusing. Before you can trade though you will need to give Celio the ruby and sapphire.

  41. thanks froggy16

  42. how do i run into suicuine and should i use my master on it cause i did not use my master ball on mewtwo

    • If your starter pokemon was charmander than you can find Suicune on any route on mainland Kanto, meaning it is only on one of them but it runs around. I would look on route 15 but there really isn’t one good route. And good job not using your masterball on mewtwo, suicune is MUCH harder to catch.

  43. where are nintendo events held and at what time\

    • They are few and far between, to find the next one I suggest going to their website. The only permanent one is in New York City.

  44. how do i enter mewtwos lair cause yhe man said i need to be the luege champion

  45. what do i do when i beat my rival at the elite four

    • You still have a few things you can do on the islands and to beat the game you have to catch all of the pokemon.

  46. were do you get the second code for the team rocket base on five island?

    • Salamence101 // January 20, 2010 at 5:00 pm // Reply

      get it from the person that stole the sapphire from you. He will tell you when he steals it.

    • To be more specific, first save Lorrille in icefall cave on island 4, then go to dotted hole on island 6, use cut to get in, take the first hole, north hole, west hole, east hole, south hole, and then what Salamence101 said.

  47. Can you trade a pokemon using the nonwireless connecter? And where is the Sky Piller in FireRed

    • I thought you couldn’t but Salamence101 said he tried it and it works so I am going to say yes. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can trade to the older games like crystal, gold, silver, yellow, red, or blue. And Sky Pillar is only in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald version.

  48. Is rayquaza in pokemon fire red

  49. can i clone pokemon on fire red without trading or cheats

  50. Um, hi. Which games can you clone pokemon on? I know you can on emerald, pearl, diamond, and platinum, but I’m not sure about the other ones.

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