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Pokemon LeafGreen Version

Dear Games Guru, so far I have caught MewTwo. Now where do I go? Does my next quest deal with the seven islands? If so, which island do I go to? Or is it at island 8 or 9? You mentioned getting a diploma on the website and that one would have to capture 386 Pokemon. What is the diploma for? Do you have to capture the 386 Pokemon on one game only? Are there diplomas for each Pokemon game?

Games Guru: I’m not sure where you got MewTwo and exactly where you are in the game. I’m assuming it’s the Level 70 MewTwo in the Cerulean Cave. If that’s the case, you have to defeat the Elite 4 and then complete the Seven Islands quest. You’re able to go to the island quest earlier, but it’s best to do it later

in the game. There, you’ll go to One Island first. Regarding the diploma, you have to capture 386 Pokemon to get it. And, yes, many of the Pokemon games offer diplomas. I hope this helps a little.

I got into Cerulean Cave and defeated Mewtwo, but the cave doesn’t seem to have an end. I think that there might be something else I have to do. Please tell me if there is something I missed, if there is an ending to the cave or where to go next.

Games Guru: You’re pretty much done with this mission. But first, I just want to make sure that you have captured Mewtwo, the most powerful of the Pokemon, with a Master Ball. If you already used it, you can still get him with many Ultra Balls. Once Mewtwo is captured, head back to the port of Vermillion City. From there, you can travel to the final Sevii Island: Quest Island.

I just pushed all the boulders into place in Tanoby Key on Seven Island and I heard a distant rumbling. What can I do now?

Games Guru: You are able to enter a house and to find a king’s rock after moving the boulders. I do not know if you could have done those things before moving them. The noise is from a door opening.

Can you still find Entei when you choose Squirtle as your first Pokemon?

Games Guru: Nope, you Squirtle guys only get Raikou; Entei goes to Bulbasaur owners.

On seven island in the house closest to the bridge, there is a back door blocked by boxes. How do I get past the boxes?

Games Guru: I am pretty sure that I have finished everything on Seven Island, and I do not believe I ever passed through that door. There may be something I don’t know about.

How can I get a Cyndaquil?

Games Guru: Sadly, the only way to get a Cyndaquil in LeafGreen is to trade.

I cannot seem to find the sapphire stone. I know I have to go to the dotting hole and use cut on the small ruin-like house, but I can’t use cut on the door because there is a man blocking it. How do I get rid of the man? plz help me!!

Games Guru: It may be easier than you think. The sapphire stone is in the Team Rocket warehouse on Five Island. Beat the Rockets there and the stone is yours.

At the elite four place, a girl is not letting me through. She says Lorelei of the elite four is absent. How do I go through? I have all 8 badges.

Games Guru: Go to IceFall Cave and have a look around. You never know just whom you might find there…

I got to the dotted hole, but there is a man in front of the door. I know you have to cut the door, but I can’t. How can I make the guy move?

Games Guru: Dotted hole? There are lots of places with Braille writing. Is that what you mean? If so, you will need to find a way to decode the Braille.

I really need to know if I can go to island 4 without beating the elite 4.

Games Guru: You cannot get to Island 4 without beating the Elite 4. If you find out some secret way, please let me know.

I can’t get to the Pokemon league. I can’t get past the boulders. Can you help me? Thanks.

Games Guru: Sure. Give the Hidden Move STRENGTH to one of your Pokemon.

What do I need to do if I have all the Unowns?

Games Guru: Time for a spot of honesty here. I have absolutely no idea what to do with the Unown. I don’t even know how many varieties there are. That’s what makes them so mysterious, I suppose.

Are there codes to get a mew or master ball, and are there Deoxys in the game?

Games Guru: This game has about a million unlockable items and creatures, but there are no codes. As I understand it, you get one master ball unless you want to import more from another cartridge. Also as I understand it, there are Deoxys on Birth Island — Island 9.

I am at Mount Ember and am trying to get the Ruby, but these two Team Rocket grunts won’t move or battle me. I don’t know what to do. Also, can you tell me where to get the Sapphire? Please help me.

Games Guru: You probably need to speak with Celio, the guy in the Pokemon Center on One Island before setting out. Go back and speak with Celio, and the Rockets will gladly fight you.

How do you get the move Rock Crusher?

Games Guru: I am not familiar with Rock Crusher. Are you sure you do not mean HM 6, Rock Smash? You get Rock Smash in a cave on the northern portion of One Island.

How do you get through victory road?

Games Guru: That’s a big task. I can’t give you a “turn left here” and “take these steps” roadmap. I recommend having several escape ropes; six strong Pokemon — one that can break rocks and push rocks and one that can swim; and several revives and lemonades. You will get through; it just may take you an hour or two.

I have 7 gym badges and beat Blaine. When Bill asked if I wanted to go the the Rainbow Islands, I said yes by accident. I need to get back and get the 8th gym badge before I go to Rainbow Island. How do I get off Rainbow Island and go back to Kento region?

Games Guru: You should be able to catch the boat from One Island. If it is not there, check for side quests. As soon as you complete a small side quest, the boat will return.

Is it true that there are islands 8 and 9? If so, can you tell me how to get there? And can you also tell me where to get Mew?

Games Guru: There are indeed nine islands in the Sevii chain. The problem is that to reach them, you need a game code device such as a Gameshark or you need the Mystic Ticket, which you can only obtain by visiting a Nintendo event and downloading it.

I know about catching Mewtwo in that cave, but I never did see Mew.

How do I get into the rockets hideout on island five? I got one code; where’s the other?

Games Guru: You need two “secret codes” to open the warehouse. You will find one password on six islands and the other password on seven island.

Are there any legendary Dogs? If so, how do I get them?

Games Guru: I suppose Entei or Suicune could be considered doglike, but I cannot name a species for them. They are legendary. In order to get a shot at Entei, you need to select Bullbasaur as your first Pokemon. For Suicune, you need to start out with Charmander. Catching them is tough, as they move around.

After you complete the kanto pokedex and get all 150 Pokemons, what do you have to do to get diploma and the hard egg?

Games Guru: Have you really done that? Wow! I have never caught ’em all. To earn the diploma, however, you must catch 386 Pokemon. I do not know anything about the hard egg.

After you’ve given Celio the ruby and sapphire, what are you meant to do?

Games Guru: You can now enter the Cerulean Cave and catch many, many great Pokemon. That is the place where you will find very powerful Pokemon indeed, including ______. No spoilers. Sorry.

I’ve beaten the Elite 4, but I can’t get the ruby. How do I get it?

Games Guru: Beat the Elite 4 and go to Mt. Ember. It is there.

How do you get into Cerulean Cave, and where are Mew and Mewtwo?

Games Guru: Mewtwo is in the Cerulean Cave. To get in, you need to do something impressive: Give Celio the Sapphire he requires.

I’m trying to figure out Braille signs so I can go on in the game. Where can I look them up?

Games Guru: You will find a Braille key in one of the rooms on Mt. Ember.

How do I get to Island 4? Even though I beat the Elete Four, I cannot get to Island 4.

Games Guru: You do not need to get to Island 4 to beat the Elite 4; they are at the end of Victory Road. After you beat the Gym in Veridian City, head west along the road. Make sure you have a Pokemon with surf as well as one that can break rocks and push boulders.

Now that you have all 8 badges, the guards will let you through the various gates and arches all the way north on Victory Road until you come to a cave. This cave is long and filled with tough opponents and wonderfully powerful wild Pokemon that you can catch and add to your collection. Make sure you have herbs, burn heals, revives and everything else you could need to keep your Pokemon going as you find your way through the cave.

Remember, BE PREPARED.

You will find the Elite Four once you find your way through the cave.

I have been having trouble trying to make my Abra as strong as like level 98, and right now it’s about a level 49. When I beat the Elite Four, I’m going to trade it for Mr. Mime from a kid in the game. Would it be better to keep Abra?

Games Guru: If you evolve your Abra up to an Alakazam, it becomes a very good pokemon. Its natural ability is that it does not flinch, making it more reliable in tough fights, and it synchronizes with opponents.

Where do I find the last code to get in the warehouse?

Games Guru: You can learn the second password on Island 6. You will find it deep inside the lair with the Braille signs posted. FYI, the signs say “Cut” in Braille. Cut the door and in you go.

I can’t get where I need to in the Team Rocket Warehouse. Are there any codes to switch the directions of Team Rocket spin pads? I also have fainted Zapdos and then saved my game. Are there codes to bring back legendaries? I am having trouble catching Articuno, and I used my master ball on Moltres. Is there a code to give you more master balls?

Games Guru: Sorry, I have no codes to help you, and that’s just the beginning of the bad news. You get only one master ball, and you should save it to catch Mewtwo at the very end.

Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres are tough to catch. Here’s my suggestion: Get lots of regular poke balls. I find great balls are a complete waste of time. Ultra balls are good, but expensive. So what I do is I get right up to the platform with the legendary pokemon, then I save. Then I wear them down and paralyze them. Then I throw great, ultra and regular poke balls until I run out. (I might have 30 of each kind of poke ball.) I find there is no combination that works every time. It’s just a matter of luck. If I use up my entire inventory, then I click the game off without saving and try again.

As to the spin pads, you need to proceed using the process of elimination. Those teleportation pads are little more than a logic puzzle.

Could you please tell me how I can advance to a new region, such as Johto?

Games Guru: This game takes place in Kanto. Once you become champion, you can go explore the islands.

I’m trying to get to the Pokemon League and find the legendary Pokemon. I can play the game clear to the end, but get stuck when I get to the Pokemon League. I also need help on getting into Cerulean Cave.

Games Guru: The Elite Four in LeafGreen and FireRed are indeed tough. Those of you who want to do this on your own should read no further: There be spoilers ahead, mateys … Argh, LOTS of spoilers.

Your first opponent in the Elite Four has Ice Pokemon. Give her guys a shock and she’ll go away. I recommend using zapdos if you have collected the legendary Pokemon. If not, almost any electric Pokemon will do—just make sure they are level 45 and up.

Your next opponent uses rocks and fighting Pokemon. Guess what? Zapdos will nail these guys, too. Zapdos can’t shock this guy’s two Onix, but he can peck right through them. Otherwise, plant Pokemon and Water Pokemon will do nicely here. Just make sure they’re level 45 or preferably 50.

The third member of the Elite Four uses poison and Ghost Pokemon—two kinds of Pokemon that do not like electricity, water or fire.

The fourth member has dragons and flying Pokemon. These Pokemon do not like electricity, ice or water. Use electricity on the gyrdos and areodactyl. If you have articuno, use the ice beam on the remaining three. You’ll win quickly.

Your last opponent, the mysterious champion, will have pidgeot, alakazam, rhydon, arcanine, executor and either charizard, blastoise or venusaur, depending on which Pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game. You can use fire on pidgeot and executor. Alakazam is fragile, but hit him hard because he does all kinds of damage if you let him hang around. Rhydon does not like water.

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110 Comments on Pokemon LeafGreen Version

  1. cookie monster1235 // February 23, 2010 at 9:54 pm // Reply

    how do you get alakazam without trading?

  2. How can I open the cave in the 1 island…

  3. pokemon123456789 // February 21, 2010 at 11:34 am // Reply

    what is the seven islands

  4. Can I get to birth island without cheating or hacking?

  5. how do you get the ticket to the 8and 9 islands



      • genuine turtwig // February 12, 2010 at 7:19 am //

        you go to mt ember and find the brail decoder then you use it in dotted hole to get the second rocket password (you get the first in the cave on 4 island) and go to the rocket wear house where you use the floor to get to a man who’ll battle you for the gem if you win he’ll give it to you and tell you something about Geovani

      • genuine turtwig // February 26, 2010 at 7:39 am //

        you go to mt. ember and get the brail decoder then you go to dotted hole and a team rocket scientist steals it and gives you the second code to get into the rocket warehouse you go to the rocket warehouse and get the gem back with some info about Giovanni.

  7. Rate my team from 1 to 10 charizardLv72 zapdosLv54 articunoLv51 moltresLv50

    • I would give it a 3/10, a team is 6 pokemon, you only are using your starter and legendary pokemon, but at least you don’t cheat.

      • Salamence101 // February 15, 2010 at 9:48 am //

        Hey, cut him so slack. The legendary birds aren’t uber, so they’re ok.

      • Yeah but you can’t have a team with 4 pokemon, and since he listed them as his team it is pretty obvious he didn’t train any other pokemon besides charizard. I am not saying I use to be any better, you want to know my first team? Freligator lv 68, Togetic lv 38, Gyarados lv 31, Wooper lv 19, Oddish lv 12, Iggilybuff lv 11… I know you are impressed with that 🙂

  8. Hi! can you tell me what the Pokemon Leaf Green Master-Code is?

    Blazekin LV. 100
    Raquaza LV. 100
    Mewtwo LV. 100
    Charzard LV. 100
    Eevee LV. 100
    Vaporeon LV. 100

    thank you!

  9. i dont know what to do after i catch mewtwo, and defeat the elite four, and get the ruby and sapphire…?help?

    • genuine turtwig // February 3, 2010 at 7:08 am // Reply

      you give the gems to Celio on island 1 and then all you have to do is complete the national pokedex.

    • Salamence101 // February 4, 2010 at 11:57 am // Reply

      why don’t you try catching every pokemon in the game. Complete your pokedex. If you don’t feel like doing that, then restart the game.


    • Salamence101 // February 1, 2010 at 2:10 pm // Reply

      first, make sure you have the national dex and you have beaten the E4. Then, go save lorlei in the cave on 4 island. Then go to the dotted hole on island (6 or 7 i can’t remember). This dude will come and steal it from you and tell you the second password. hope dis helps :mrgreen:

      • Salamence101 // February 1, 2010 at 2:12 pm //

        o yeah, you have to do what i said above to make the door “cuttable”. And the item i was refering to that will be stolen is the sapphire.

  11. say rate my party out of 10
    Mewtwo Lv.86
    Zapdos Lv.81
    Charizard Lv.83
    Moltres Lv. 82
    Articuno lv.82
    and a Pupitar Lv.83
    you now im tired of catching all the pokemons and leveling my party ive also defeated the elite four 16 times.
    the only pokemon i just want to catch is ho-oh and lugia but i cant find the mystic ticket and the navel ticket say how can i get them????

    • I am going to give your team a 6/10. First off I like the fact that you are actually traing your team so that is plus. I don’t like that you are using all legendary pokemon though, one or two in a team is enough. I would give you a 7 if you had tyranitar, why are you keeping it a pupitar? Oh and those tickets are not in game, you have to go to a Nintendo event sadly.

  12. is there a way to get espeon or umbreon without trading froggy 16?

    • Sorry, but no. See Eevee evolves into Espeon by increasing its happiness to the max and then making it gain a level in the day time, and the same for Umbreon just at night. The problem is Nintendo didn’t put a game clock in Leaf green. You will have to trade it to ruby/sapphire/emerald in orde to have day and night.

  13. to any one after mew i have heard that if beat the elite 4 12 times then if you got to cerulion cave (the one with mewtwo in it )
    and go to where mewtwo was and press A you batle a leval 20 mew i dont know
    any way plz anser if true
    can some one rate my team

    Raichu lv 56
    Dewgong lv 58
    Blastoise Lv 57
    Nidoking Lv 58
    Nidoqueen Lv 56
    alakazam lv 60 rate team out of ten

    • genuine turtwig // January 16, 2010 at 10:05 am // Reply

      you are wrong the only way to get mew that i know of is a Nintendo event you can try your idea but odds are you won’t find mew.

      I’d give you team a 9 out of 10 because they may not be as strong as you think because they are high leveled.

    • You must go to a Nintendo event or use an action replay/ gameshark to get mew. Think about it, if it was true by now you would be able to find step by step directions on every website and it would be well known. As for your team, I am going to with hold my vote untill I know what moves your Nidoking and Nidoqueen know.

      • u can get a mew in red and blue version in game without cheating. its very easy most ppl just dont know about it. actualy there r 2 ways to get him. u can also catch a lvl 5 Gengar and a host of other beastly pokemon at lvl 5 in cerulean city (dont know how to spell tht town) and they rnt in the cave. just look it up on google.

    • 5 out of 10 level um up bud

  14. where is mew

  15. where can I buy TM 28-dig

  16. Ditto trouble!!! // January 12, 2010 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    thanks froggy 16!! hey does anyone know how i could catch mewtwo with a lv. 83 blastiose?

    • Let me just give you some basic tips. First paralyze it. The next thing you should do is lower its accurcy untill it says “It won’t have any effect…” After that lower its health and then use false swipes on it untill it has 1 health. If you do all of these things mewtwo is easy to catch, I think it took me like 3 or 4 ultraballs.

    • genuine turtwig // January 16, 2010 at 10:00 am // Reply

      go through cerillion cave then save before battling mewtwo if you fail to catch him turn the game off and back on if you did this right it will put you right where you were before battling mewtwo.

  17. To froggy16 I beat vermillion gym and i’m at rock tunnel

    • Good job, if you get stuck just let me know, (oh and I hope you didn’t think I was saying your team was bad because I liked it, I was just warning you to keep their levels up because it can catch up with you towards the end of the game).

  18. oh guru I can`t get elite force

    • Sadly the game guru will not answer you here. Do you need help fidning the elite four or battling them? Tell me your team and their levels and I can make suggestions.

  19. On Mt. Ember where you get the ruby, the braile says “Everything has meaning, Existence has meaning, Being alive has meaning, Have dreams use power.” What are you suppose to do?? What is the meaning of this message??

    • Nintendo left that up for you to decide, it is just some words of wisdom. It is not reffering to anything in the game.

  20. Ditto trouble!!! // January 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    i just got a ditto and i tried to breed it with a raichu, blastoise, and a flareon. each time the man said that they didn’t like each other that much….do i need the ditto to love me or something or is it just a stubborn ditto?

    • “That much” is the key. Because ditto is not in their breeding class it takes a little longer, just wait a while, they will have an egg. If two pokemon won’t breed he will say “The two prefer to play with other Pokémon than each other.”

  21. Crobat lvr101 // January 8, 2010 at 10:24 pm // Reply

    How do u get tryanitar? i cant get a lalvitar in fire red?! plz help!

    • You will find Larvitar in Seavalt Canyon on island 7 but it is only found 5% of the time so it is some what rare.

  22. pokemon palyer // January 8, 2010 at 11:24 am // Reply

    i just beat the elite four, but how do i get the rainbow pass to get to islands 4-7 i am so confused!!!

    • First you need to catch 60 pokemon and get the national pokedex from proffesor Oak. Then talk to Celio in the island 1 pokemon center. Next go to Mt. Ember, battle the rockets, get the ruby, and give it to Celio and you can get the pass.

  23. Here is my team you can lol at it if youn wish Just got to Vermillion City. Iyvesaur lv.26 butterfree lv. 16 ratata lv. 15 mankey lv. 15 digglet lv. 18 pikachu lv. 13 rate 1 through 5 I vote 5

    • I vote it a 3/5 (oh and I don’t think your vote counts lol). As far as your pokemon goes it is a good team except for the ratatta so I would give them a 4/5. But your pokemon are way to weak so for levels I would give them a 2/5. Lt. Surge’s pokemon are at level 18, 21, and 24. You should have yours around level 20 by now.

      • vote my team..

        Charizard lvl: 100
        zapdos lvl: 57
        Dragonite: 74
        Articuno lvl: 70
        Tyranitar lvl: 65
        Mewtwo lvl: 90

  24. What can i do if i finished everything in the game of leafgreen Even with the national dex finished and all pokemon at level 100??

    How can you get through those boxes blocking the hidden door on island six??
    TXS : )

    • If you have really done that good job but the odds you did that with out cheating are very slim considering there are many pokemon you can only get by going to a Nintendo event. Those boxes are there because in the Japanese version of the game that is where you go to battle trainers you scanned in with the e-reader cards. That was discontinued every where else so it is not in the English version so there is nothing behind the boxes.

    • genuine turtwig // January 6, 2010 at 6:51 pm // Reply

      what hidden door if you told me where it was I might have an easier ability to help you

  25. How do you get the rest of the island after the 7th

  26. how to open the mystery gift with out using wireless adaptor???

  27. Ia m registeel on the platinum page. How is a good way to train just got the game. SO FUN!

    • It depends how far you are in the game. My favorite place to train is to use the vs. seeker at the top of cycle hill where there are 6 trainers.

  28. pokemon player // December 29, 2009 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    i got to the first three islands, but then i accidently went back to bill, and he took me back to the cinnabar island—-how do i get back to the islands?~?~?~?~?

    • Go to the Vermilion City harbor, the boat should take you back. If not beat the elite four first and catch 60 pokemon to get the national pokedex then I am sure it will take you back.

  29. How can i get alakazam? i have a kadabra at level 60

  30. oh, yeah, i can answer machines question. ISNT ALTERING CAVE IN EMERALD!??!?!

  31. what do you do in the Altering cave

    • The only thing to do inside is when you use mystery gift with a friend the zubat will “alter” into either: Aipom, Houndour, Mareep, Pineco, Shuckle, Smeargle, Stantler, or Teddiursa. If you are not able to use myster gift than the cave is useless.

  32. I beat the league caught mewtwo the legendary birds got the sevii islands. Is there anything else I can do in the game?

  33. what is in the cave of Six Island

    • I am assuming you are talking about altering cave. The only thing to do inside is when you use mystery gift with a friend than the zubat will turn into either: Aipom, Houndour, Mareep, Pineco, Shuckle, Smeargle, Stantler, or Teddiursa.

  34. what is in the cave of Six Island

  35. were do i find the move push so can move the rocks

    • The move is called strength. First find the golden teeth in the safari zone. Then go to the warden’s house in Fuschia City and he will give you the HM for strength.

  36. OMG!!!! I only have a Zaptos!!

  37. oh and this a good team blastoise, zapdos, dragonite, pinsir, aerodactyl, and golem all lev. 100

  38. cna u get latios or latias in leafgreen

  39. genuine turtwig // December 13, 2009 at 7:32 am // Reply

    to help:
    it might not help you very much at all because the best levels for battling the elite 4 are between 50 and 60.

  40. i hav a levl 46 marrowack will that help in elite 4??

    • That is a a start…you are going to need more pokemon than that though. Tell me your team and their levels and I can make suggestions.

  41. Hey guys can anyone tell me what the braile in Mount ember means when you get the ruby

    • The first chamber just has the braille alphabet. The next chamber says “Everything has meaning Existence has meaning Being alive has meaning Have dreams Use power.” Kind of cool if you ask me…

    • pokemonfreek // December 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm // Reply

      to boohead84

      if you want to find out what the braille means, look it up on the internet because thats actual braille, its not hard to find

  42. is their anyway to get in the celurean cave without beating the elite four.and if their is can you tell me

    • Not without using a walk through walls cheat. You also must catch 60 pokemon and get the national pokedex and give Celio the ruby and sapphire before you can get in to Cerulean Cave. If you need help beating the elite four just tell me your team and their levels and I can help.

  43. hgt darkness // December 7, 2009 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    waiting. . .

  44. hgt darkness // December 7, 2009 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    how do you get in the cave on mt.ember that team rocket are blocking

    • You must first beat the elite four. Then catch 60 pokemon and get the national pokedex from proffesor Oak. Then talk to Celio in the pokemon center on island 1. Then when you go back to Mt. Ember the rockets will battle you and you can get the ruby in the cave behind them.

  45. To Jaxwer,
    That is actually the most asked question so it is not a “noob” thing to ask. You must also give Celio the ruby and sapphire before you can get into Cerulean Cave and get the national pokedex from proffesor Elm.

  46. To genuine turtwig,
    His memory must be a little off because you can not get mew in leafgreen version without going to a Nintendo event or using a gameshark/ action replay. And even when you do you get it by a map and going to an island…not a museum.

  47. Ok this starting to get on my nerves.. Im noob to don’t laugh at me xD. But when you defted Elite four and teh pokémon league master. And i fix 60 pokémons and get the national pokédex. But when i try to get in the cave where “the very strong pokémons” are he says i need an title “Pokémon league champion” How do i get it? Do i need to save and reset the game or something? I havent deard try reset the geame yet. But what should i do to come in that cave? Would be awesome whit and “noob answer” so i can understand. 😛 thx for me.

  48. From Com.Pogi // December 4, 2009 at 3:14 am // Reply

    You can`t catch Entei easily because this Pokemon is running
    Latios in Pokemon Emerald and that`s why you need is a
    Master Ball to catch easily or a Pokemon with Mean Look
    attack or ability with Shadow Tag.

  49. genuine turtwig // December 3, 2009 at 6:25 pm // Reply

    to jimbob what did you do at that museum and whitch one was it?

  50. To ginuine turtwig,
    I haven’t done this in a while so it might be a little off. First you have to go up to any clipboard in a pokemart (I never noticed they were there) and type in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL. Then you get a friend and you both put in your wirless adaptors and when you turn on your game you before you hit continue there is a place to click on mystery gift. Actually his son is “Silver” who is your rival in gold, silver, crystal, and will be in heart gold and soul silver. He has red hair and I know in crystal version he had some issues with how he treats his pokemon, kind of like his dad.

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