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Pokemon Red Version

Where do you get the Earth badge?

Games Guru: Go to Viridian City on Route 21.

How are you supposed to collect all 151 Pokemon when there aren’t any wild Charmanders, Squirtles, Balbasours, Eevees or Bell-sprouts?

Games Guru: Ah, an excellent question. You need to trade. Sometimes the only way to catch ’em all is to trade with friends who have Pokemon Blue. There are other reasons to trade, too. Your Machoke will never evolve into a Machamp unless you trade him.

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50 Comments on Pokemon Red Version

  1. Salamence101 // October 28, 2009 at 8:48 am // Reply

    To froggy16 and Pokemaster P,
    I will also note that the “Pokemon Ranger Shadows Of Almia” Page is apparently taken care of. “Pokemon Hacker” on that page is answering all of the Questions and seems to know what he is doing so we will leave it up to him. I would do it but my knowledge of that game is kinda fading. I haven’t played it in so long. :mrgreen: 🙄 🙂 😉

  2. Salamence101 // October 26, 2009 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    To Pokemaster P,
    My first was Emerald version

  3. To Pokemaster P and Salamence101,
    Well I just beat yellow version, 151 pokemon seen, 151 pokemon caught. I had some long drives during vacation…it was fun you all should play some of the 1st generation games if you get a chance.

  4. To To Pokemaster P and Salamence101,
    Sounds great, I am glad to have the help.

  5. To Pokemaster P and Salamence101,
    Sorry was on vacation, will read it in a second. Oh and Crystal version was my first, people gave me gold, blue, and yellow later.

  6. grass type

  7. Pokemaster P // October 23, 2009 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    To S101 and Froggy16,

    I have a random question!

    What were your first Pokemon games?

    Mine was Blue version.

  8. Salamence101 // October 22, 2009 at 8:25 am // Reply

    To froggy16,
    Like Pokemaster P said, check out my comment on the D&P page. Also, We will be using this page for conversations between us.

  9. Pokemaster P // October 20, 2009 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    To froggy16,

    Go to the DP page, Salamence101 has a message.

    It’s about board postings, and i have to write the stuff down.

    So this is our Conversation page.

  10. To Bowser 3000,
    FOUR YEARS? I would think after so many defeats you would have gained enough experience to be at a high enough level to beat him (because I assume you could beat geodude, although pikachu would REALLY hate you by then.) Oh and a little advice, get a nidoran and train it untill it learns double kick, it is super effective agains brock.

  11. Bowser 3000 // October 7, 2009 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    I got yellow and it took me 4 years to beat Brock. On my new file, I beat him fast!!!

  12. I have blue and yellow (that I got off of Amazon that had beaten Brock [the guy who owned yellow must have had a hard time beating Brock because of rock-ground]) Yell was harder because Pikachu has bad defence and fainted a lot. But my rival, Gary stupidly eeveevolved his Eevee into Vaporeon. But still yellow is awesome :).

  13. In my old game I had a level 41 Rattata.

  14. To Bowser 3000,
    You don’t need two pidgeys and rattata is not that great of a pokemon.

  15. BTW, I got LeafGreen.

  16. I trained the Pidgey and Rattata to a higher level.

  17. To Bowser 3000,
    Remember to train your pokemon at the same level. Why didn’t your metapod evolve? When you get a chance replace the level 3 pidgey and rattata.

  18. I beat Brock!!! Here’s my team.
    Pikachu 15
    Nidoran 11
    Metapod 10
    Pidgey 3
    Rattata 3
    Pidgey 6
    By the way, I just upgraded to GBA 2 days ago! Yay!!!
    -Bowser 3000

  19. To Bowser 3000,
    I would recomend traing all of your pokemon to the SAME level, that way you won’t have a repeat of last time. In order to beat Brock get your nidoran to level 12 so it will learn double kick, it is super effective against his pokemon.

  20. Hey Froggy16, this is my NEW Team. (Have not beat brock yet.)
    Pikachu 9
    Caterpie 5
    Nidoran (M) 6
    Pidgey 6
    Note that I have trained these wild ones from lv. 3 or 2 afetr 1 day.

  21. Yeah… I traded my Cubone for Machamp on my old Yellow game. Now that I’m gonna train ALL my POKEMON and not just PIKACHU and SANDSLASH so I can beat the ELITE 4 and GARY.

  22. Acctually, I’m gonna restart Yellow so I can train ALL my Pokemon and not JUST Pikachu.

  23. To awesome,
    You have to trade machoke to another game. But a little know fact, on yellow version you can trade a cubone for a machoke and because you got it in a trade the next level it gains it will evolve into machamp. And yes you can trade between fire red and emerald but you must first give Celio the ruby and sapphire on fire red.

  24. To Bowser 3000,
    Now that I think about it, yellow isn’t that diffrent from red or blue version so if I was in your place, I would get fire red or leaf green version. If you do and you ever need help feel free to ask on one of those pages.

  25. To Bowser 3000,
    Personally I think they are all good games, I enjoyed red and blue version more because of all of the glitches and they just feel more mysterious because the game is just so old. Fire red and leaf green are good games but they just seem so boring. Maybe I am just old fashion…

  26. can you trade pokemon from firered to emerald

  27. what level deos machoke evolve

  28. Hi Froggy 16 I’m getting a universal link cable and a Game Boy Advance and I’m gonna use the cable to trade Pikachu to my gold and make a lot of clones of it!!! Thanks for the cloning glitch! I’m going to beat the elite 4 on my Pokemon Yellow with 6 lv. 77 Pikachus and Raichus!!! Also: Shoud I get Fire Red or Old Red or Blue or Leafgreen?
    -Bowser 3000

  29. To gameboy77,
    Ok to get more masterballs…Put your masterball in the 6th slot in your items bag. Then fly to Veridian City and talk to the old man that had the coffee problem. Let him show you how to catch a pokemon. Then fly to Cinnabar island and surf along the east edge of the city. You will run into strange pokemon and even a glitch pokemon called Missingo. After you run away from Missingo check your bag and a wierd symbol will be next to it, this means you have somewhere between 10-99 masterballs, but you can do it over and over agian so it doesn’t really matter. Oh and those pokemon aren’t as cool as the original 151, just my opinion.

  30. To gameboy77,
    Red, blue, and yellow are pretty much the only games that have a lot of legitment cheats, because Nintendo didn’t take the time to look for them. I can tell you how to get a level 100 mew with just two badges if you want to know? Let me split this into two comments.

  31. why arnet their cool pokemon on red like duskox and wailord and pokemon like that?!? plz awnser!

  32. Hey froggy16 is their any way to get any more master balls besides that way?!?! P.S. Are you shure that you can get more than one master ball because the games guru is never wrong and he said that you can’tget more than one!

  33. are their any cheats, PLEASE HELP:)

  34. To Bowser 3000,
    Your team hasn’t changed much at all. And that is 7 pokemon so take the goldeen out. You should try to get them all to at least level 50 or 55 if you want to beat the elite four. Oh and I know you probably just caught the nidoran in the safari zone but please let it gain one level to evolve before it gets to be at any more of a disadvantage.

  35. Bowser 3000 // August 1, 2009 at 7:05 am // Reply

    Pikachu 78
    Sandslash 50
    Aerodactyl 33
    Haunter 26
    Starmie 36
    Goldeen 30

  36. To Chopper,
    I think you should keep the moltres but switch out zapdose with jolteon (make sure it knows pin missile so it can be good against psychic), and wigglytuff with kadabra. That would make a better team. What does your Nidoking know? It can learn so many moves that I want to make sure you are using it right. Oh and make sure one or two of your pokemon know ice moves. I know so much because you will find that this stuff doesn’t leave your brain, no matter how much you may want it to.

  37. P.P.S. how do you know so much

  38. P.S. I DO NOT lie

  39. I do have a ,Marowak and Machoke in the 40s.What pokemon would(sorry) you change them out with besides those three.Howabout Jolton,Victreebell,and Kadabra?

  40. Which pokemon is cool a charmander or a houndour if you need me I be on platinum.

  41. I got Machamp

  42. To Chopper,
    You should get them to at least level 50. I am not to big on the wiggilytuff and that you have both moltres and zapdos but if you don’t have anything else they will do. That team could beat the elite four if the part about having a variety of moves is true.

  43. Shoot, I meant to put this on Firered

  44. Hey I’m Back.I’m fighting the Elite Four with Nidoking(One of my favs)Lv. 46,Blastoise Lv.46,Abrok Lv.44,Wigglytuff Lv.43,Zapdos Lv.52,and Moltres Lv.50.I know I need to raise them somemore but what do you think of my team?They know a variety of move types

  45. To Umbreon freak,
    Good to see you back, and cool smileys by the way…

  46. Umbreon freak // July 6, 2009 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    Froggy 16

    Just saying hi. Yes I know that i have not been on the forums for a while. I just lost intrest for a while.

    :mrgreen: 😛 😈 👿 :p 😆 😦 🙂

  47. To larvitar_kid,
    The mew glitch and the missingo glitch were taken out of fire red and leaf green version and only work for the older games. The truck “easter egg” was left in for some reason, maybe just to mess with us.

  48. larvitar_kid // June 27, 2009 at 10:31 pm // Reply

    to froggy16,
    whats games are u sure that glitch works 4? just the old ones?

  49. larvitar_kid // June 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm // Reply

    to froggy16,

    thanx dude u know alot but i lost my old blue version so all i have is leaf green

  50. To pinkpearlmica,
    Put your masterball in the 6th slot of your item bag. Then go to Viridian City and let the old man show you how to catch a pokemon. Then fly to Cinnibar island and surf along the east edge of the island. Eventually you will run into a pokemon called Missingo that will look like a glitch. All you need to do is run from it and you will have a large number of masterballs. You can do this as many times as you want and with any item, (won’t work in yellow version by the way).

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