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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How do you get to the water temple?

Games Guru: It’s complicated, especially on the original game. Basically, you have to change the water level a lot and constantly put on and take off your Iron Boots. Keep the Zora Tunic on to stop from drowning. To help, here’s a video:

I can’t find the bomb bag to use on Death Mountain because the level I am on is Death Mountain. I need the bomb bag to blow up the rock that blocks the way to Dodongos Cavern so I can find Goron’s bracelet. Can you help me?

Games Guru: Here’s how to get a bomb bag. As a kid, you have to play the Bombchu game in the Hyrule Market. Play it a second time and win, and you’ll get the bomb bag, which can hold up to 30 bombs.

Where do you find the sword in the Deku Tree?

Games Guru: You should have a sword before entering the Deku Tree. You do get a slingshot in that tree. Have you checked for swords in the caves of the Kokiri Forest?

How do I get my bow in the forest temple? And are there any codes of any sort for this game?

Games Guru: There are many, many secrets in this game, but no code that I am aware of. There are hidden stores, including one in Gannon’s tower, places in which you can load up on Rupees or even collect gold skultullahs, but nothing so easy as a code.

About the fairy bow: Getting the bow is quite straightforward. As you explore the temple, you will enter a room in which you are attacked by a stalfos, a skeleton guard. Beat that stalfos and two more will appear. Beat them too slowly and they will simply reappear until you beat them in a set time. Beat them within the time limit, and a chest will appear. The bow is in that chest.

Do you have any tips on beating the Water Temple boss?

Games Guru: Having explored the HUGE Water Temple and survived your battle with Dark Link, your ultimate fight will be with a pesky water creature. Making this even more difficult, you fight it while jumping from pillar to pillar in a room filled with water.

Stay on the outer pillars. The key to victory is to keep moving so the creature can’t hit you, and keep your eyes open for it to give you an opening after its slow but powerful attacks. Using the Longshot, target its heart, which is visible in its water tentacles. Shoot it, pull it out and spin attack it with your sword, then keep moving.

You will need to repeat this process a few times, but I predict you will emerge from this battle swimmingly.

After I beat the Water Temple, how do I get into the Shadow Temple?

Games Guru: Congratulations on beating the Water Temple. Most people who quit this game stop during the lengthy Water Temple portion. Play the “Nocturne of Shadow” to warp to the Shadow Temple. Now go down the stairs, stand in the middle of the room and use Din’s Fire to light all the torches. If you hit all the torches, the door to the temple will open.

Where do I find the Master Sword and how do I get it?

Games Guru: The Master Sword is in the Temple of Time. Use the Ocarina to play the Song of Time to enter the Temple of Time. Once you can enter, the sword is yours for the taking—but there are consequences.

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96 Comments on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  1. In the Spirit Temple, how do you get the sunlight to shine on the sun thing on the wall, in the room with the four Armos and the blue switch?

  2. rexmaximus // August 5, 2011 at 9:44 am // Reply

    in goron city there is a thing you can pull behind darunia. what is it and where does it lead?

  3. i think that ocarina of time is the best out of thee intire seris

  4. I have the 3DS virsion.

    Great Game 5 out of 5 Stars…

    …But the Water Temple…


  5. best ending ever!!!!

  6. hey im new here so can anyone tell me what is going on here

  7. AwesomeSauce // July 24, 2011 at 11:52 pm // Reply

    Nnngghh. Water Temple is really annoying. How do I move that red block onto the blue switch in that one room in the water temple? (Sorry I can’t be more specific, there’s just too many rooms.)

  8. I’m back guys

  9. I’m back

  10. gsgsgsgsg // July 5, 2011 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    is this game fun

  11. hi guys I know everything about the legend of Zelda. Tips, boss’s weaknesses and every thing you can think of. I will not be available for a week though I will be available today. Please answer with my nametag and your question, I’ll be waiting

  12. in boron city you need proof that you’re a royal do you prove to the guards that you are?

    • Either you play zelda’s lullaby in front of him or show him a letter from zelda. If you haven’t got the letter I believe you have to go to hyrule castle, bribe the guard w/ 10 rupees and sneak in to the castle. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET CAUGHT BY THE GUARDS. Sneak through the courtyard until you find an alcove with a window in it, zelda’s there & should give you the lullaby and possibly the letter.

    • awesome guy12 // July 26, 2011 at 3:40 pm // Reply

      play zeldas lullaby on your ocarina in front of the door

  13. Starwarsnerd224 // June 19, 2011 at 9:28 am // Reply

    Were is the secret shop in gannon’s tower?

  14. i won the game but my sister delleted it!

  15. zelda fan // June 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    who is exited for the new zelda 3ds?!

  16. dude i beat the game by myself when i was 8!

  17. i don t have iny bomachu and i am in the forest temt

  18. How do you get in Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly?

    • zelda fan // June 7, 2011 at 3:49 pm // Reply

      to get inside jabu-jabu’s belly inside zoras domain is a shallow area of water and ther is fish in it.Get out your bottle and scoop one up…….you will find a bottle with a note in it out side next to jabu-jabu.

    • how do you BEAT lord jabu jabu’s belly!?

  19. i relly need help on the phatom ganon

  20. Ace Trainer Ash // April 26, 2011 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    use your sword wto hit back the energy balls he shoots at you and rebound them and when he is in the painting shoot him with aroows when he is about to come out

  21. i need some tips the forest temt boss i need help

  22. Ace Trainer Ash // April 15, 2011 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    Does anyone know about the secret gautlets they are only found in a hard way. But it is the only ones that are not the silver and golden gautlets and they have the same effect. Just ask me about them.

  23. im stuck on jabba jabbas bely i got the zora out but how do you get to the boss

  24. im stuck on getting the i of truth.

    • if u learn the song of storms and drain the well,lower the water flow and kill the Dead Hand by letting it stangle u so it will come out of the ground.then slash it three times and repeat the process. at the end of the battle u get the lens.

  25. This game is classic i love it beat it so many times its so easy

    • it is easy when you are a kid, but adult is hard, escpcially the water, forest, shadow, and spirit temples.

  26. you get the giants sword by going to the giant goron shop when you are an adult.:)

    • 1, its the giants *knife* not sword and 2, its the worst weapon in Zelda history cuz it breaks when you hit it on a wall.

      • Supermario // March 26, 2011 at 6:23 pm //

        There’s a way to get a unbreakable one. Just do the trading sequence. Follow the flashing dots on your map and talk to the people in that area. The people will give you an item to take to someone else and eventually you get the Biggoron’s Sword (same as Giant’s Knife but unbreakable).

      • Amen

  27. HEY! Where do you find the Giant’s sword? help!

  28. what is after the forest temt

  29. what were your favorite bosses to fight or that u think is cool?
    mine are: King Dondongo,Phantom Ganon, Volvagia, Morpha, and Twinorva

  30. My brother beat the game twice!!

  31. Here’s a little tip for some people stuck in the shadow temple. Play the Song of Storms and quickly use your Lens of Truth. Your magic meter won’t be depleating!

  32. i beat the regular game (not the master quest) so ask anything though i might not answer very well because i havent played in a while
    P.S. be SPECIFIC on the questions so that i dont have to ask something to answer

  33. I just started. I am in the korkri forest. I have got a sword and and shield to get past Mido, but how to you break the curse on the great deku tree?

    • awesome guy12 // July 26, 2011 at 3:53 pm // Reply

      when you get to the boss ghoma and when her red eye shows, shoot it with your slingshot. then finish her off with the kokiri sword. it took me about 30 seconds to kill her

  34. Is this on N64?

  35. what do i do after i finish the deku tree

    • To gdog just go to the hurule market and then to hyrule castle. Its not that tricky after you leave the kokiri forest.

  36. how do you get to the boss in the forest temple when your an adult?

  37. explosives kid // October 21, 2010 at 8:18 am // Reply

    Hey peoples. I’m stuck on volvagia. What’s the easiest way to beat him?

  38. ive beat it anyone need help?

  39. I’m in th spirit temple,and i got the silver gauntlets, and i followed the corridors and i somehow got to the same place that i was in as young link!!!! how do i get to the second iron knuckle and get the mirror shield???Thaks if you can help!!!

  40. BTW to all who dont know how u need bombchus for the spirit temple

  41. This is the most underrated game ever. I am NOT kidding. Everyone used to think it was the greatest game ever made! Now they think it’s a terrible game. Just so you know, I like Twilight Princess a little better than this game, but this is still my 4th favorite game ever.

    • wow
      i dont agree, and who told u that they think that everyone thinks that this game stinks

      • Noone told me that everyone hates it. I found out myself because everyone I see says it’s an overrated “piece of garbadge”.

      • and do u really think that or did u start after reading what ppl wrote
        dont change your opinion because other ppl think its overrated

      • what! this is the best game in ever!

    • ProjectTermina // July 28, 2011 at 3:03 pm // Reply

      THis game is overrated. Navi and Kaepora Gaebora(the owl) make the game really annoying to play. I think it’s a 9.7 out of 10.

      btw you get the bomb bag for free inside Dodongo’s cavern! You need to use the bomb flower growing on the cliff right next to Goron city to get inside dodongo’s cavern. I didn’t know there was a bomb bag reward for bombchu bowling.

  42. what do you do after the forest temple??????

    • Go to Goron City then stop the goron’s wild rolling with a bomb. It takes a while but it’s possible. When you do it, he’ll give you a red tunic. Then talk to Darunia and he’ll show you a passage into the death mountain crater. Equip the red tunic, then find Shiek and then enter the temple. I can’t remember exactly, but this is what I remember.

  43. Purple Link // August 28, 2010 at 8:15 pm // Reply

    All Zelda games are the best games ever! 🙂

  44. ive beaten every boss so if you need help just ask but i do need help getting the ice arrows from the dessert village (sorry i cant be more specific its just that i havent played in a while)

  45. if your stuck on twinorva in the spirite tempel go right when you ent er desert collosuss bomb the crack between the palm trees go foward to a foutan and play zeldas lulliby to get a magic then go to the boss with green potion and yous the magic

  46. Dark Link's knight // August 1, 2010 at 11:36 am // Reply

    The water temple alawys seems to be the most challinging in every zelda game

  47. Zelda Rocks // July 30, 2010 at 10:32 am // Reply

    Dumb water temple!I forgot a key,and now I have to figure out how
    to fix the water levels.

  48. Dark Link's knight // July 29, 2010 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    I wish you fought dark link in 3 places Temple of Time, Water Temple, And In Ganon’s tower

  49. Dark Link's knight // July 29, 2010 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    I beat Ganondorf with a bottle the master sword and the hover boots and the light arrows i did it by refleckting his blast with a bottle and hitting him with a light arrow and getting there with hover boots and wailing at him

  50. can anyone help me? I’m in jabu-jabu’s belly, and I got the boomerang,hit the long thing in the one room,but what do I do now?? Please help

    • ninetailedbeast // March 11, 2011 at 10:54 am // Reply

      after you kill the long thing go back out in turn lft keep on going look around and you will see a nother wall open that was coverd before and repeat in in till you open the green thing where you find the fish girl

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