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Top Spin 4

Got any tips for this tennis game?

Games Guru: After a three-year hiatus, the fine tennis series is back. Here are some tips:

— Andy Roddick has one of the fastest serve speeds. By using Advanced Serves with the Right Analog stick, you’ll be serving more than 130 mph in no time! Pull back on the stick to toss the ball up. When the ball is at the top of the toss, push the stick straight forward quickly to deliver a scorcher.

— Drop shots are a good way to catch your opponent off guard if they’re hanging back at the baseline. Hold down RT (RS on PS3) and hit X (Square on PS3).

— Serve-and-Volley players like Pete Sampras dominate the net game. Hold RB (R1 on PS3) while serving to rush the net, and you’ll be in a prime spot to quickly finish off the point.

— Tap B (Circle on PS3) to hit controlled top spin shots across the court and force your opponent to run down the ball. This is a good way to tire them out.

— Timing is everything. For maximum effect, release the shot button just as your player is about to swing.

— Some players are better with forehand or backhand. To switch to your better side, hold LT (L2 on PS3) to move to the far side of the ball and perform an inside-out shot.

— Eugenie Bouchard’s “Top Spin Invasion” ability increases the efficiency of your top spin shots every time you use them in a rally. Use these to run your opponent all over the court.

— Leveling up isn’t just for career mode. You can also gain experience points for your Created Player in Exhibition matches and online modes.

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