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FIFA Soccer 11

What do you know about the new FIFA Soccer 11 game?

Games Guru: Here are some tips:

— Be a Goalie: A GK who has his angles correct greatly increases chances of saving any shots that come his way.

— Personality+: Access players’ bio screens through team management to check out their strengths. Pay particular attention to the Badges, which highlight skills of your top players.

— 360-Degree Fight for Possession: Utilize the shield by holding “RT+no left stick direction” when you have a strong player in an isolated position. This gives teammates time to support you and might open up space for you to beat your mark if he gets impatient and tries to take the ball.

— Skill Move: Do the Cristiano Ronaldo Fancy Feet — hold LT pull the right stick back. Save the replay to show off to your friends.

— Pro Passing: With improvements to passing, it’s now more important to build up play in a controlled manner. Making risky one-timer passes with weak players might result in a turnover. Take a touch and turn in the direction of your pass to increase the chance of it finding its target.

— Creation Center: Create any player and build your dream team. Go to to browse teams and players that other gamers have created. Check the user rating of the team you want to make sure you’re downloading the best version.

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