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Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

Do you have any tips for this game?

Games Guru: Here are some tips for the game based on the new movie:

— Use your experience points to upgrade often.

— Try to string special attacks together to quickly defeat enemies.

— Use the Claw ability to throw enemies into each other, and then use special attacks to damage multiple enemies at once.

— The Smash ability is great for destroying generators, drills and large guns.

— Scan all enemies to find their weaknesses.

— Think about what kind of enemies youโ€™re facing before using the Mini-gun ability โ€” that will give some enemies extra health.

— Call on your fellow Green Lanterns if youโ€™re in a tough spot.

— Melee attacks wonโ€™t work on enemies with shields; you have to shoot the shields first.

— Ground pound can be very useful against small, fast opponents.

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  1. ilike it

  2. i like this!!!!!!

  3. are thare any coods

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