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Ben 10 Galactic Racing

Hi, Games Guru. Do you have any tips for Ben 10 Galactic Racing?

Games Guru: Here’s how to get in some really nice Mario Kart-type racing.

— Winning grand prix circuits unlocks additional circuits, tracks and characters. Each character has unique powers, so you’re bound to find a fave that fits your skill level and style of play.

— Each character has a Light and Heavy kart, and you can unlock more karts by breaking track records in time trials. Light karts have better acceleration and handling and faster defensive charge rates, but they are slower. Heavy karts are fast and have better offensive charge rates, but they have slower acceleration and are harder to handle.

— Every track has lots of Omni-Nodes — those glowing badges that look like Ben’s Omnitrix. Drive through one and get a special alien power to boost speed or attack and slow down opponents.

— Each character has an offensive power that blasts racers and hazards out of the way. Perform stunts to charge up your offensive power. Doing different stunts one after another gives you a combo bonus and charges your shield faster.

— Every character also has a defensive shield to block most attacks and prevent damage from some hazards. Drifting charges your defensive power.

— If you’re falling behind, driving through a pick-up might give you an Ultimate Omni-Node. When activated, it maxes out your speed and power for a short time, letting you gain on opponents and blow them off the track.

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  1. how do you unlock heat blast

  2. playstation3 // January 26, 2012 at 9:50 pm // Reply

    Big Chill rules

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