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Mega Man Star Force Leo

What’s the easiest way to get the CrownThunderSP card? I’ve tried beating CrownThunder a lot of times and I still don’t get it! (PS: You can unlock the CrownThunder fight by talking to the ghost in the City Dump after beating Andromeda). Also,what’s the best way to get the Taurusfire EX card (the fire bull)?

Games Guru: I can only answer one question. As you know, this is a complex action role-playing game with complicated answers to questions. First, there is no code to unlock the card. The first tip: Don’t get hit because getting hit will stun you. If you hit him in the middle of one of his terrible thunder attacks, he will stop attacking. If you successfully avoid getting hit, here’s when you have a chance to make your move with a strong Wood card. These do a lot of damage. You can try freezing him as well. Also, block the helper with a shield.

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