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Supreme Commander

Do you have any codes for the game?

Games Guru: Here are a few.

— Bling Bling – Increase Mass/Energy by 10,000: CTRL + ALT + B
— Change game speed: WLD_gamespeed
— Change gravity (4.9 is default): Sim_gravity
— Change player color: SetArmyColor
— Copy Unit/Structure: CTRL+SHIFT+[C]
— Delete units – Target a unit then delete it: CTRL + DELETE
— Increase game speed by 1: WLD_increasesimrate
— Up raw material storage by 10,000 and fill camps: BlingBling

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  1. I have been needing to know how to delete units for so long now, thanks!

  2. Supreme Commander 2 is awesome!

  3. cool

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