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Madagascar 3: The Video Game

Can you give me any tips for this game?

Games Guru: Sure, here are a few tips that might help.

—  When selling tickets, accuracy is more important than speed.

— Walking the tightrope can be tricky when King Julien is throwing mangos! When you see one being hurled, stop immediately to keep it from hitting you.

— When you’re a human (or zebra) cannonball, flips and rolls will please the crowd and help you cover ground faster and get to those hard-to-reach balloons.

— In the snack toss circus game, don’t steal customers from your opponent. It’s faster to get your own.

— Offer your partner a hand in the trapeze to get a better team score.

— When jumping through flaming hoops as Vitaly, there’s no need to rush your jumps. Vitaly is quick on his feet, so don’t jump too early before the hoop comes into view.

— At the Coliseum, time your jumps to land on the rotating platforms. Get into a rhythm and don’t wait too long, or the platform you’re standing on might disappear!

— At the Leaning Tower of Pisa, watch for gigantic swinging hammers. Check for Mort in the alleyways behind the fruit cart.

— When Skipper sends you looking for a statue in Paris, stop by the nearest cheese shop and keep your ears peeled for Mort. Advertise the circus at the Eiffel Tower.

— In London, pick up any tea you see lying around for King Julien. Double-decker buses won’t stop unless you hit the traffic-light switch.

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  1. this is avery intresting game for kids all ages

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