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I’m playing the tutorial for Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition, on survival mode, with peaceful difficulty, and yet I keep seeing monsters, which sometimes attack me! Why is this happening, and is it possible to make it stop? Please help, and thank you.

Games Guru: Unfortunately, others have had this issue, too. First, don’t play online. Second, when you load your world, move the difficulty bar from peaceful to easy and than back to peaceful. Then start the game. That should do it, I’m told.

How do I get to a village? I type in a seed, but it never works.

Games Guru: Minecraft can be complex, as I’m sure you know. It’s not as easy as typing in a seed.

Here are various methods that might help:

No matter how hard I try, I cannot build anything impressive in Minecraft. Do you have any tips on what and how to build an awesome structure?

Games Guru: It was like that when I started, too. Minecraft takes a ton of commitment, and because of the time involved, it’s not for everyone. But here’s how to build a mansion:

And here’s another way to construct one:

Games Guru, how rare is lapis lazuli and redstone? Thank you.

Games Guru: I got this from the Minecraft Wiki: “Lapis lazuli can be mined with a stone or better pickaxe. It is usually found at a depth of 31 and below. The highest concentration of lapis lazuli ore is found between levels 13 and 16. At this level the concentration is about 0.083% of all blocks (0.1013% of stone). The concentration drops linearly as one gets farther from these rows. Overall, lapis lazuli is around 1.1 times as common as diamond ore with an average of 3.43 lapis lazuli per chunk.”

And here’s everything you need to know about redstone:

How do you spawn hero brine?

Games Guru:  There’s a mystery surrounding this. Does it really work? Check this out:

My favorite game is Minecraft. Do you know any codes for me?

Games Guru: There are no actual codes that I know of. If you’re playing on a PC, there are a lot of keyboard commands that are helpful. Here’s the full list:

  • ascend – Moves you to the next platform above your position
  • atlantis – Toggles atlantis mode on/off
  • biome – Tells you what biome you are currently in
  • bind {COMMANDPARAMS} – Binds a command to a keyboard button.
  • bindid {ARGS} – Binds a command to a keyboard key using the key id
  • bring [ENTITY] – Brings the specified entity to you.
  • cannon [STRENGTH] – Shoots a primed TNT in the direction you are pointing.
  • chest – Allow access of chests
  • clear – Clears the console
  • clearwater – Toggles water clarity on/off
  • clone [QUANTITY] – Clones the NPC which you are looking at
  • config – Allows you to set the global configuration file as your current configuration
  • confuse [DISTANCE] – Confuses nearby mobs
  • confusesuicide – ?
  • cyclepainting – Cycles through the painting which you are pointing at
  • damage – Turns player damage on/off
  • defuse [all] – Defuses any TNT nearby which has been hit, drops 1 tnt in its place
  • descend – Moves you to the next platform below your position
  • destroy [all] – Destroys the current item
  • difficulty – Sets the difficulty to the specified level (0-3)
  • drops – Turns item drops on/off, having them turned off will make the game run a little bit faster, and also stop your inventory from filling.
  • dropstore – This command transfers everything in your inventory into achest that it creates next to you.
  • duplicate [all] – Duplicates and drops the currently selected item stack
  • explode [SIZE] – Sets off an explosion in your current location.
  • exterminate [SIZE] – KillNPC with style, kills the NPC you are pointing at
  • extinguish|ext [all] – Puts out all nearby fire (or all fire)
  • falldamage – Turns fall damage on/off
  • firedamage – Turns fire damage on/off
  • flammable [CATCH] [SPREAD] – Sets the specified block at the flammability level
  • fly [SPEED] – Allows you to turn flying mode on/off, speed specified your flying speed
  • freeze – Freezes mobs so that they cannot move or attack you
  • goto – Goto a waypoint
  • grow [all] – Grows all saplings/wheat on the map.
  • heal – Heals a player the specified number of points
  • health – Sets the health of a player to pre-defined figures
  • help [COMMAND] – Gives general help when COMMAND isn’t specified, gives specific help when COMMAND is specified. Same as /h
  • helmet [ITEM] [QTY] [DAMAGE] – Specifies the helmet the player wears
  • home – Teleport to spawn point
  • infiniteitems – Toggles infinite items on/off
  • instantkill – Instantly kills any NPC you hit
  • instantmine – Turns instant mining on/off
  • instantplant [grow] – Instantly plants saplings into the ground, if grow is specified the tree will when instantly gro
  • item [QUANTITY] [DAMAGE] – Gives player item, if quantity isn’t specified maximum amount of that item. Same as /give and /i
  • itemdamage – Turn item damage on/off. This means you will never have torepair an item again
  • itemname – Use this command to discover the itemname and ID of your currently selected item.
  • itemstack [QUANTITY] – Gives the player the specified quantity of maximum item stacks of the item.
  • jump – Moves you from where you are to where your mouse is pointing. Note: This command is buggy and may put you in the block you move to.
  • keepitems – Turn this on and you will keep your items when you die.
  • kill – Kills the current player
  • killall – Kills all of the specified mob type
  • killnpc [all|monster|animal] – Kills all living creatures nearby.
  • light – Turns permanent lighting on and off
  • listwaypoints – Lists all waypoints. Same as /l
  • longerlegs – Makes your legs longer so you can walk up 1 block high
  • macro – Runs a macro
  • maxstack [ITEMID|ITEMNAME|all] [STACKSIZE] – Configures the maximum stack size of that item between 1 and 64.
  • mobdamage – Mobs cannot give you damage
  • msg – This commands adds a message to the console.
  • music [play|pause|skip|stop|VOLUME] – Requests a music track to be played, there is a limitation of at MAX 2 tracks per day. Set the volume by specifying VOLUME.
  • noclip – Turns no clip on/off.
  • output – This just toggles SPC messages on/off, useful for macros/scripts.
  • phelp [COMMAND] – Provides help for plugins
  • platform – Puts a glass square under your feet
  • plugin – Lists all loaded plugins and also allows you to enable/disable plugins
  • pos – Gives current player position. Same as /p
  • reach – Sets the player reach distance.
  • refill [all] – Re-stocks your items in your inventory to the maximum ammount
  • rem – Removes the specified waypoint
  • removedrops [all] – This command removes item drops from the world.
  • rename – Allows you rename a command to a new name
  • repair [all] – Repairs the currently selected item to full health
  • reset – Resets the player settings
  • reskin – Reskins the NPC which you are pointing at to the specifiedskin
  • return – Moves the player to the last position before teleport
  • ride – Allows you to ride any NPC which you point at
  • sc – Added scripting support (more information coming soon)
  • search – Allows you to search for items using a name
  • set – Mark a waypoint on the world
  • setjump [JUMP|reset] – Sets the height that you jump. Note: Turns fall damage off if the jump is configured to move than 1.
  • setspawn [ ] – Set the current position as the spawn point, if X Y Z are specified sets that position as spawn point
  • setspeed [SPEED|reset] – Sets the speed that the player moves
  • skin – Change your players skin to ANY minecraft player
  • slippery [SLIPPERYNESS] – Makes the specified block slippery
  • spawn [QTY] – Allows you to spawn an individual creature.
  • spawnportal – Spawns a portal nearby the player
  • spawnstack – Spawns the specified creature a few blocks away from your current position (use “/spawn list” to get a list of creature names and codes).
  • superheat [all] – Turns items which are furnace-able into their furnaced form
  • superpunch [DISTANCE|reset] – Hit that NPC with a punch like no other
  • tele – Teleport to X Y Z coordinates. Same as /t
  • time [set|get|day|night [minute|hour|day [TIME]]] – Set and get the time within minecraft.
  • timeschedule > – Sets a period of time (HH:MM format), this will make minecraft always within this time.
  • unbind – Unbinds the specified key from a command.
  • unbindid – Unbinds a command from a keyboard key using the key id
  • useportal – Instantly transfers you to the nether, use it again to go back.
  • waterdamage – Turns water damage on/off
  • weather – Toggles weather on/off
  • world – Allows you to explicitly, have control over your world.
  • world load – Loads the specified FILE, this allows you to play ANY save on your computer, not just World1-5, and can have any name
  • world save – Explicitly saves your game then returns to it
  • world seed [SEED] – Allows you to see and change the seed of the map, so it will generate custom terrain
  • world new [FILENAME] [SEED] – Creates a new map at the specified location
  • world exit – Lets you exit a game without saving (perfect from when a creeper blows something up)
  • world list – Lists all the saves which you can load from “.minecraft/saves”
  • world backup – Allows you to backup your current world into .minecraft/backup

Can you find out some Dwarf Castle servers? I have been searching for four months straight!

Games Guru: Go here for a list of all the Minecraft servers:

Games Guru, how do you read the enchantments for tools and armor? I read about it on the Minecraft Wiki, but I still do not understand.

Games Guru: It’s hard, but not that hard. And the writers of the Wikis aren’t that clear. This kid has a decent video that should help:

Hey Games Guru, do you know any EASY ways to find diamonds? I watched a Youtube video that said to dig straight down, but I’m not following that.

Games Guru: This can be tricky and takes time. So I’m sending you to a site that has the scoop, so to speak:

Do you have any tips for this game?

Games Guru: Wow. That would fill a book, especially since I don’t know what you want to do. The thing that’s hardest to do is to defeat the dragon. But even telling you that would take the whole column. Go to Google and search for Minecraft Wiki. It will give you a ton of information. Minecraft rocks!

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  1. Minecraft is so cool with the new update 1.4.2 it is the best ever

    • I thought it was 4.5.1,also when I play it is all glitchy like when I spawn all you see is sky and you cant go anywhere unless you mine down and the #1 rule of minecraft is dont mine down. so I fell into a lava pit.


  3. Try to mine to bed rock with an iron pick and then mine in a direction. When I did this i got 6 diamonds. P.S. Watch out for lava

  4. teh 1 minecrafter // October 24, 2012 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    minecraft=BEST GAME EVER

  5. NEVER dig straight down or up.You never know about lava..

  6. hotsonicfan1234 // October 24, 2012 at 11:13 am // Reply

    dig intill u get to the bed rock and use aton of TNT like 100 TNTs

    • Percy Jackson // December 4, 2012 at 10:18 pm // Reply

      You would need to kill more than 500 creepers to do that. Plus, TNT destroys like 50% of what it hits.

      • or you can alow cheats and go to ethier(type it in exactly like this) gamemode 1 or gamemode 2 and then collect 2 stacks of tnt and bam you have 100+ tnt blocks.

  7. creepers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve tried many ways to find diamonds and many tricks
    1. NEVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN you fall in lava!
    2. Just go on wikiave
    3. They are usually next to l

  9. I LOVE Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Minecraft is awesome

  11. I…like…TNT

  12. avatar master // October 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm // Reply

    XBOX 360 is better than pc version. i know how to glitch items after patch and i made a diamond house. cant desribe process, its complicated

  13. How do you install mods?

  14. For the Xbox 360 Version, punch in “gargamel” (no quotations) for a very cool map. Several surface lava locations, and once I spilled water all over one of the lava lakes, and I got TONS of obsidian! :O 😀

    There is also a great world if you punch in my full name with spaces and proper capitalization, but I can’t post it here for obvious reasons. AS SOON AS I SPAWNED, I turned around and collected 79 clay!

  15. how do you play offline fo free?

  16. minecraft is cool // September 26, 2012 at 2:44 pm // Reply

    herobrine is a dead guy but has a curse.they do different video`s about him. i want to see him.

  17. my favorit mobs are the endermen,ghast,zombie pigman,enderdragon,and a wolf

  18. It is the best game ever!I have x-box 360 edition and it rocks!

  19. What’s the seed to unlock desert and jungle temples?

  20. play mine craft and tekkit

  21. I play it offline because I don’t have an account and it costs $28.



  24. Percy jackson // September 23, 2012 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    minecraft is epic

  25. I love minecraft.

  26. crimsonmonkey8 // September 22, 2012 at 9:30 am // Reply

    i play minecraft

  27. i play it

  28. It is awesome!!!!!

  29. i think its aouseme

  30. minecraft is amazing you can eat STUFF like porkchop,chicken,beef, and even cake

  31. icefireelement // September 7, 2012 at 3:35 pm // Reply

    minecraft rocks

  32. UltraBlackStar // September 7, 2012 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    i heard if you mix some stuff, you can make tornado creaters and sirens

  33. creeperlover // September 5, 2012 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    i love creative ode you can do thing you would never be able to in survival. oh and sethbling i really good at redstone. check out his channel. AND hemircrafter battle royal is AWESOME. do kirshire’s point of view

  34. I whant to play minecraft but I want to play for free

  35. minecraft is awesome!!!

  36. I want to get Minecraft but my parents won’t let me

    • don’t get freaked out but theres this myth about HEROBRINE on minecraft on the older versions.

      • minecraftpro // September 16, 2012 at 5:22 pm //

        i have caught herobrine when he was haunting me i trapped him. when i killed him with tnt stuff pops out of him like crazy stuff u cant even get with mods i am not going to tell all u what stuff it is its awesome if u want to find out kill herobrine for yourself . An adventure awaits you.

      • herobine?? real!! I want to see that I do a 1.2 server and haven’t seen him… or is it a she

      • MDofficial // May 26, 2013 at 9:12 pm //

        I remember when Herobrine got caught in my mob grinder… 0_0

  37. I want to play Minecraft

  38. I want to get Minecraft but my mom won’t let me

  39. any good servers

  40. 1.3.3 update // September 1, 2012 at 7:51 am // Reply

    type Artomix for forest and i dont care for the mushroom biom

  41. has any one herd of the wither boss new 1.3.3 next update

  42. Soon

  43. minecraftbeast // August 26, 2012 at 9:36 pm // Reply

    I have the Aether mod for minecraft and it totally rocks. You can have ur own bird and can ride on flying pigs and cows!

  44. Minecraftian // August 26, 2012 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    Minecraft is my life and when you mine mine in a line:)

  45. The only time I don’t pay minecraft is when IO’m doing scouts!

  46. minecraft is the bomb // August 21, 2012 at 12:34 pm // Reply

    cool game hope thay make more:]

  47. Minecraft is awesome but can anyone tell me if you can get a potion of swiftness with a water bottle instead of a thick potion cause i cannot find nether fortress to get blaze rods for brewing stand

  48. I am Lord Voldemort // August 13, 2012 at 7:59 pm // Reply

    I have Minecraft on my ipod touch.

  49. minecraft genius // August 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    minecraft is the best! i play it everyday

  50. are we taling about the comuter or Xbox????????

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