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Megaman Battle Network 3: White

How do you get the Folder Back Gigachip? I really want to get it!

Games Guru:
– Do the jobs for Tora
– Get to at LEAST the PlantMan scenario.
– You need 200 BugFrags.
– You need to be able to access Hades Isle.
– Plug into the gargoyle-head lighthouse there. Traverse through this O-shaped computer and take the warp at the end to reach a small floating 3×3 platform.
– A navi runs a shop here. Buy Folder Back for 200 BugFrags.

Oh almighty Games Guru, I need tips on fighting Alpha. I have a total of 400 HP, I am ElecShld and my Normal Chip is RndmMetr. PLEASE help me!

Games Guru: Alpha is hard to bring down! Some people prefer to use Heat Guts style with the machine gun ability. You can also use tornado chips or multiple attack chips. Both will eat away his many layers. Keep hitting him.

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  1. bowlman chips in white???

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