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Crash of the Titans

I would like to know how to defeat (not hijack) the Gores, Spikes, Raticans and the Yuktopus in the end of level four, Temple of Zoom. (Hijacking the Yuktopus doesn’t help at all.) Also, what levels will Crash meet Nina Cortex, Tiny and N-Gin? And can I use the Motion FX on Crash of the Titans for PS2?

Games Guru: Wow. You asked a lot of good questions. For me to answer the one about defeating all those enemies would take a whole page. But I can answer your last two questions.You’ll see Nina at the end of World One, after the defeat of Boss 3 and Boss 4, at the end of the Minority Rapport Level and in the Final Boss Battle during the encounter called Nina and Friend in Boss 5. Once you meet Nina in the last battle, you have to use Ground and Pound, block and light attacks. This is the hardest level to beat, and although I can’t tell you everything, those attacks will give you a good start.

You’ve already met Tiny in the Boss Two level. But you’ll meet Tiny again in Level Seven. As for N-Gin, you hear about him a few times in the game. But you don’t really meet up with him.

You probably won’t be able to use Motion FX for the game, but give it a try and see what happens. The best use of this peripheral for the controller is with racing and flying games. That’s where it shines.

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