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NCAA Football 14

Do you have any tips or hints for NCAA Football 14?

Games Guru: Here are some things that might help.

— Use your coach cam to identify the read defender before the snap. If the read defender crashes through the line, keep the ball with the QB. If he stays at home, give the ball to your running back.

— When running the option, identify who the pitch defender is before the play starts. If he attacks the QB, pitch the ball. If he takes the pitch man, you’ll want to turn upfield and get as many yards as you can with your QB.

— Coach Skills give a boost when you’re struggling. If you’re having a hard time finishing off your recruiting class, get The Closer to receive those extra recruiting points in the final weeks of the year. On the field, if you’ve ever missed a game-winning kick, you may want to focus on maxing out De-Icer to ensure your kicker is calm under pressure.

— Coach Skills can be combined. Combine Road Warrior with Big Game and not only will a freshman QB keep his composure, but he and his teammates will get a ratings boost when heading into that big rivalry game.

— The key to being a great recruiter: Stay in the race and know when to turn up the heat on a prospect. If you’re sixth on the prospect’s list and he’s down to eight teams, spend more points to move yourself up the list.

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