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Grid 2

Please give me some tips for Grid 2.

Games Guru: This new racing game is packed with offline and online features. Here are some tips:

— Push the limit of every corner to carry extra speed into the straights. Use the force feedback to learn how close your car is to skidding out of control.

— Use Flashback to correct crashes, spins and run-offs.

— To get a fanbase boost, meet the objective set for you by your season sponsors.

— Some cars drift easily, some have a balanced setup, some have more traction. Find out which style you prefer by practicing with the different cars you’ve unlocked, and then try to unlock that style of car in the future. The styles become more pronounced as the game progresses.

— Keep it safe on the first lap, which is the one likely to see major crashes on opening corners. Just try to stay in touch with the leaders. There will be time to catch them later.

— If there are certain events that you find tough, remember that you don’t need to win every race. Amassing enough fanbase will get you to the next stage.

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  1. anders3433 // June 28, 2013 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    it was ok but not that good

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