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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

How do you evolve yourself and your partner? Also, how do you get ALL of the Legendaries? Thank you.

Games Guru: This would take a very long time to answer since there are 33 Legendaries in  the game. Usually, you can find them wandering the floors of various dungeons, but you need a special item to find them. Regarding evolving, you have to defeat Palvia for a second time to evolve your starters. That doesn’t happen until you beat Dark Crater, near the end of the game.

What’s with team raider on the beach after you unlock marine resort?

Games Guru: I know at one point Team Raider is on the beach because they rescued Dugtrio from the water. Otherwise they just sort of hang out. It’s a beach, after all!

How do you get the top screen adjustment on Explorers of Time?

Games Guru: Changing what is displayed on the top screen is done in the options. Just bring up the menu screen, choose “Others” then “Options.” The second option on the list is called “Top screen.” Then simply choose what you would the top screen to display.

How do I recruit Darkrai? I went back and he isn’t there. And what do I do after I beat Darkrai?

Games Guru: First complete a random mission to obtain a Mystery Part or Secret Slab. Put this item in your inventory and go to Mystifying Forest floor 13, Miracle Sea floor 3, Lower Crevasse Cave floor 2, Mt Travail floor 17, or Spacial Rift floor 14. Darkrai will be on the floor somewhere. If you defeat it and it doesn’t join, it will not respawn until the dungeon is exited and re-entered.

There is only one more story event after defeating Darkrai. Simply complete random missions for a few days to get the last event.

What happens after you get the Lucario rank? I already know I can get to a higher rank, but I’m just stuck!

Games Guru: Ranks are increased by taking random missions off the Job Bulletin Board or Outlaw Board. Master Rank is the highest attainable rank.

Could you tell me how many floors dark crater has?

Games Guru: 29 floors, plus the Dark Crater Pit.

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61 Comments on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

  1. team tabogo, Destiny Tower is 99 floors. You get the Space Globe, a very rare item, on Destiny Tower Apex. I do not know what it does, but it affects all pokemon.

  2. long time no comment! Nice blaziken how many floors are there? i unlocked destiny tower and its impossible!

  3. Shadowspartan // January 19, 2010 at 1:05 am // Reply

    I have all the legendaries, I have lucario lvl 100 and gallade lvl 99, and tons of revived seeds and rare items such as enigma part, stoneplate ect… If andone need any help anytime I’d be glad to help u, even in zero ilses, my name is team Shadows, good luck all explorers!!

  4. team shaymin // January 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm // Reply

    yo! if u need to get rescued and need to send SOS mail then post the code for the mission here and I’ll rescue u! I promiss a rescue within one week of the day u posted the code or I’ll send u a item and a pokemon to help u get through! PS: im a totodile!

    • team CROKONILE // January 16, 2010 at 9:34 am // Reply

      if anyone needs HELP i am master rank and i am only 10 years old.I finished the game too and have have Darkrai.If you don’t beileive me check when i come get you.Post your SOS and i can come get you.I’m gona need your Wonder Mail,team name, and your character.

  5. how do you evole

  6. team shaymin // January 12, 2010 at 4:13 pm // Reply

    yo! if u get stuck in a dungen and u need to be recued (with SOS mail i mean) then put the code for the mission on here and i will rescue u! this has been a message from all star rescue team, ur favorite and mine, team shaymin!

  7. I have Suicune lv.65 in Explorers of Sky!!!!!!!

  8. if you want to be a Riolu then you have to answer the sassy type questions.

  9. team shaymin // January 8, 2010 at 11:13 am // Reply

    yo! if ur team pokemons, and u got defeted at desert place in sky, then i rescued u! here is password. unless you’d rather connect to the internet to get the a-ok mail,

  10. *lugiarock4eva* // January 7, 2010 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    i have dialga jirachi mew and mewtwo shaymin articuno

  11. *lugiarock4eva* // January 7, 2010 at 1:22 pm // Reply

    my team is!!!i am riolu lv 50,partner picachu lv 49

    recruited pokemon:articuno lv 46,mewtwo lv 48

    by the way i have explorers os sky**

  12. in explores of sky you first have to beat daialga then palkia right please reply

  13. I got exploers of sky!

  14. i have pokemon mystery dungeon exporers of time which i have completed and i have explorers of sky but i cant rember what to do after you save scisor. plz help

  15. can someone tell me a cheat code on how to get 999 reviver seeds without having one in ur treasure bag??? because when u face darkrai cresselia stinks and dies then has to go back to the beginning of deep dark crater!!!!

  16. Rock, you do not have to beat Bottemless Sea twice to get Kyogre. In my Darkness, he recruited the first time. There is no specific number of times you have to beat any of the 7 Treasures guardians to recruit them. Mew recruited the fourth time for me.

  17. Did I say I cleared Zero Isle North in Sky? I meant to say I cleared it in Darkness. I also got all those items I told you about in Darknesss, not Sky.

  18. Hi my team is called team TUTWUX but don’t ask me why I called it that. My team has 164 Pokiemon on it but my favs are Mudcip (lv:100), Torchic (lv:96), and Dialga (lv:86).If you need help just ask because I recruted Uxie,Mespirt,Azleaf,Cresselia,Manphy,Dialga,Palkia,Groudon,Griatina, and Kyogere. oh WOBBUFFET!! if I were you I would just level up your Pokiemon and store your stuff. And Overload to recrute Kyogere you have to complete Bottemless Sea 2 times.
    PS: I have the darkness verssion
    PSS: If any one has any wonder mail codes for recruting Gallade pleese tell ;0

  19. I haven’t told you about my team in Explorers of darkness in a while. It is Blaziken lv.100, Raichu lv.95, and Darkrai lv.53. In Sky, it is Infernape lv.63, Pikachu lv.65, and Mewtwo lv.80. P.S. In Sky I cleared Zero Isle North and got the golden mask, the wonder chest, and 2 wonder gummies.

  20. darkpokemon88 // December 24, 2009 at 10:59 am // Reply

    Can anyone tell me how to get riolu as a starter please.

  21. I beat the game in explorers of sky. My team is infernape lv.62 and pikachu lv.62.

  22. Army, sorry I couldn’t respond. My old computer broke. To beat Groudon, you will need at least 3 reviver seeds and an x-eye seed or 2. The x-eye seeds will immobilize him for a while. He knowws earthquake, so he can hit you anywhere. Use long range attacks because I’m sure he has fire blast, which is powered up by his ability, sunny day.

  23. oh and also I’m a phanpy partners a eevee also i have lombre and muk

  24. Team tabogo is my team’s name in explorers of sky and about the 7 treasures in explorers of sky after you rescue scizor and get the special rank go to spinda’s juice bar (the little hole in the ground) and talk to the pokemon on the left they will give you the mission to go get one of the 7 treasures keep going there until you’ve got them all oh also after you take the job the message self-destructs so you can’t ever re-read it there is no reward! i got the terra cymbal fiery drum icy flute and grass cornet and mew and heatran asked to join my team

  25. Pokemon Master // December 9, 2009 at 8:24 am // Reply

    Can somebody help in pokemon explores of sky I cant beat Palkia and I dont have reviver seeds

  26. Hi! I’ll be helping on games like this. Codes, Game tips, you name it, I’ve got it! I’ll help anyone so you can count on me!

  27. coco the riolu // December 2, 2009 at 1:03 am // Reply

    Im wondering is there is a pichu recruit code or even beter a pikachu one 😀 please answer

  28. Hey,Blaziken86,HOW do you beat groudon? I am stuck on that guy!I always am very close, but he beats me with achenietpower!Help!P.S.Overload,take a Water guy level 36,(or higher)and a grass guy.Oh,and soon after that, Dusknoir will kidnap you,and take you into the future!It is hard to get out of there!

    • Tips for beating Groundon:

      1. If you have Sing, Leaf Whistle, or other such moves KEEP HIM ASLEEP! Otherwise, hill get you. (When I beat him, my partner had Sing.)

      2. If you have Force Palm, Imprison, or other moves that immobilize, or paralize, don’t let him move!

      3. If your moves are a little weak, don’t hesitate to use TMs to get stronger. (Moves like Bite and Force Palm really get him.)


  29. Overload, you can’t recruit Kyogre until you get the wonder mail code for the Aqua Monica, which is the one of the 7 treasures that he is Kyogre guards. I got it from Wi-Fi. The code unlocks Bottomless Sea, which has 49 floors. Kyogre is on the 50th floor. You can’t use the code until you clear Blizzard Island, clear Crevice Cave, and rescue Scizor at the end. That happens after you graduate from the guild. Trust me, I’ve recruited Kyogre in My Explorers of Darkness.

  30. I`ve got amudkip Lv.26 and a munchlax Lv.25 and I`m stuck in the desert I forget the name of it but it has ALOT of sandstorms!!!!PLEASE could anybuddy PLEASE help a Neady fellow explorer out and PLEASE tell me some EXCELENT pok`emon among powerfull pok`emon to take thier with me and PLEASE tell me some good levles to raise them to?!?!P.S.I have pok`emon sky.

  31. How do you get kiogre as a recruit?!?!

  32. im fox of team shadow i need a code for 999 reviver seeds now

  33. Hey, guys. I’m back! I got Explorers of Sky!!! It rules! In it, I am a chimchar lv. 34. My partner is pikachu lv. 35. I am at blizzard island.

  34. pokemon mystery dungeon is AWSOME!

  35. Team Power Leader // November 12, 2009 at 11:35 am // Reply

    Explorers of Sky is awesome!

  36. Does team Raider just stayon the beach or do they actually visit the guild or leave? Diglett does miss his dad…dads…well parents anyway…

  37. what happens after evolution in sky mystery dungeon?

  38. pokemon, the Rainbow Stoneship is not in Blue Rescue Team. It is in Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky.


  40. My team is:I am a cyndaquil,my partner is piplup.

  41. i need help how do you find a munchlax in a dungen

  42. in mystery dungeon blue,how do you get HMs like Surf or Fly? (I already got Dive from Solar Cave in the treasure chamber on 10F)Also,how do you beat the dungeon that takes you to the Rainbow Stoneship?(I haven’t gotten there,but I saw the videos)

    • Forget about the rainbow stoneship and I also got HM Fly.

  43. to get out of future, complete the dungeons. sorry, no easy way out :j

  44. Hey, Army I can help you if you tell me your hero and partner, what dungeon you are stuck on, and what pokemon you are having trouble with.

  45. i need to evolve can somone help me

  46. How do you get out of the future!?!

  47. I have been training. Here is my upgraded team: Blaziken lv.75 and Pikachu lv.73!!!!!

  48. Also to Team Totwig,after you beat Palkia a 2nd time you should be able to evolve.

  49. To Team totwig,you just need one of them to get the pokemon thats y i put the / in between secret slab and mystery part meaning “or”

  50. To Blazikin86,just keep battleing him until he joins (exit the dungeon if he doesn’t want to join than re-enter and battle him again) after a while he might join you…

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