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Ni No Kuni

How do you get past the The Royal Jelly?

Games Guru: I love this game. Good choice. You probably shouldn’t try fighting the Royal Jelly until Level 30. But, try this:

– Block the skill/attack to get a Golden Glim. Now, you’re ready with a super attack.
– Don’t rely on your allies.
– Stick with Oliver (his super attack is more powerful than the familiars).
– Move around him in a circle. Don’t attack.
– Defend and block when he does unleashes his skills.
– Remember the Golden Glim and blast him – about 10 times. Fight takes a while.

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4 Comments on Ni No Kuni

  1. If you look up stampylonghead on youtube and watch the Ni No Kuni video, it shows how to fail and complete it on the second try (Note: do not watch if British people’s voices annoy you).

  2. Purplechicken101 // December 17, 2013 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    I have completed the entirety of Ni No Kuni, and I think that this game was amazing. For the Royal Jelly Boss Battle, I used my quickest familiars, delt some amount of damage with them, and then focused on Oliver. You have to remember to revive Esther so she can keep healing you.

  3. This is the best game ever!

    Mr. Derpy

  4. I really want this game.A lot.

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