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Zoids: Battle Legends

I am having trouble getting money, so what do I do?

Games Guru: Start out by fighting in the New Century Zero series. The series has no boss characters and the fights are fairly easy, so it’s a good place to build up some cash and experience. After that, you will want to upgrade before trying the tougher battles.

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20 Comments on Zoids: Battle Legends

  1. Save to get the ultra z it makes any zoid good I have the game 10 times in less than an hour and the super large zoids even look seem like little ants

  2. Ihad a friend who had a zoids game he also whtched the shows. I sall them too and I was almost unstopable!!!

  3. How can i get a stelth viper on zoids battle legends

  4. puerto rico* // June 22, 2009 at 1:21 pm // Reply

    how do you beat mission 13 on empire side

  5. Zoids is cool and ive beat the game like 40 times

  6. how do u beat last lvl

  7. Psychicmaster666 // August 4, 2008 at 10:03 pm // Reply

    No body can kill me in Zoidz because I play with the best poeple on earth and also i can get on top of all the objects that nobody can get to

  8. how do you beat mission 13 on the empire side

  9. i just cant figure out how to beat mission 6 i keep dying

    i try to use walkthroughs but they dont seem to work

    any tips

  10. try using older zoid for some missions it helps out if you need a quick lay out the whats going to happen

  11. I think zoids is not all that nice because how wants to be robat animals

  12. to ecape the tera giest base just run on the inside of the walls until you find an opening

  13. the tera giest base is easy you just run around the inside of the walls until you find an open gate

  14. I used to whatch this show on TV when i was 6 but know they cansuled it does anyone know why?

  15. having trouble beating the mission on the empire side where you have to escape from the tere giest base how do i unlock the doors i need help

  16. robo cup winner // June 21, 2007 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    I use to watch this show well till it got cut off t.v. here or was it over can’t remember that long ago good game

  17. Hi sack

    I mean ”nic777”

  18. nice spelling

    just jockin

  19. I have beated the game and i still can’t the best zoid in the game but i over 2,000,000$

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