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NHL 09

Do you have any tips for NHL 09?

Games Guru: As you move from amateur to the Stanley Cup, here are some tips:

— Be patient on defense. Don’t overcommit by rushing at the puck carrier. Hold down the poke check button and your player will automatically block passing lanes and shots.

— Be conservative when you have the lead by using the 1-2-2 High forechecking strategy and dumping the puck into the offensive zone. When down by a goal, switch to the 3-2 forechecking strategy to quickly get the puck back.

— When you have the puck in the offensive zone, work it around the perimeter until a chance opens up. Shoot from the point when there is traffic in front of the goalie.

— Use the Create Plays feature to tell your teammates where you want them to be. Customize breakouts, rush plays and offensive zone strategies.

— To get to the net with the puck: In the neutral zone, use the new push puck control to give you more speed. Use the new protect puck control to power your way to the net.

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  1. V.Hedman Fan 77 // July 31, 2014 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    You should do NHL 15 When it comes out!

  2. 1st off I’m surprised anybody likes hockey, because I’m 1 of those hockey fan. My favorite team in the NHL is the Columbus Blue Jackets:-] If I learn how to skate, the I’ll try to play and try to make the cut. 2nd i’ve rented the game for Xbox 360.

  3. when u check always try to hit head on

  4. Here’s a tip, in Be A Pro mode play as a “playmaker” center and sim through the first season (Don’t worry if you don’t complete your expectations, it dosn’t matter). Check your “player progresion”, your skill should improve graetly (P.S this might only work for PC and PS2).

  5. monkeykiller // March 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    this game is awsome. I just played it yesterday and i love it.

  6. thanks for the tips

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