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Bust-A-Move Bash!

Can you give me some tips for this Wii game?

Games Guru: Here are some things that might help:

  • In Versus Mode, keep an eye out for power-ups on the left and right sides of the screens.
  • To rack up big points, use the Star Bubble on the Jewel Bubbles. Star and Bomb Bubbles also can take out Obstacle Bubbles. If you have a field with many Bomb Bubbles, shoot them to start a chain reaction.
  • Use Slip Bubbles to get hard-to-reach bubbles, rather than the ones closest to the bottom.
  • Aim as far to the left or right of the screen as you can, and fire a Metal Bubble to wipe out as many rows as possible.
  • In Versus Mode, you can bounce your bubble off an opponent’s bubble to help take out their special ones.
  • To unlock a character’s portrait in the Gallery, win a Versus Mode game with that character.In Versus Mode, get as many chains as possible in addition to jewels, since they act as tie breakers in the final score tally.

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