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Pee Wee’s Nightmare!

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One gloomy October evening, Pee Wee went to bed early. He set his alarm for 6 a.m. because he had to get to school for The Big Test. He had studied hard, but he was still nervous … SO nervous, in fact, that he tossed and turned all night, trapped in a nightmare. You can help! Get Pee Wee through his nightmare and into peaceful dreamland. With enough rest, he’s sure to ace the test.

Pee Wee’s Nightmare! was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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62 Comments on Pee Wee’s Nightmare!

  1. A+ on sweet dreams! Impossible right?

  2. this game is hard!

  3. i beat 9 levels in night terror and i got 17 sheep


  4. Love the game.

  5. i finally got an A on sweet dreams!

  6. C on sweet dreams

  7. its imposible to get a plus

  8. how do i play.

  9. A+ on night of terror!

  10. I got an f- on sweet dreems

  11. i got bplus

  12. I had 100,000 gosts!

  13. i got a a+ on sweetdreems

  14. HARD!!! like they,re trying to fail me! f-

  15. i feel soooo lost

  16. I got D+ on SWEET DREAMS

  17. A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on hardest level!!!!!!!!!

  18. help! stuck on terror of night

  19. i wish they would get rid of the gosts that show you what you did wrong. i had so many i could’t see pee wee


  21. AnonymousBoysLifefan // November 22, 2011 at 10:35 am // Reply

    my score is f- on easy i do not think it is not posable to get a+ on hard

  22. i tried sweet dreams again ….drum roll please…. F MINUS AGAIN!!!!!!!>:o


  24. this is cool but WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET A NEW GAME

  25. this game stinks

  26. In a real test, its not possible to get a F-.

  27. c b a on night terror

  28. it wont work

  29. jeffbob132423 // November 17, 2011 at 9:38 pm // Reply

    My first time playing,I got an F-!!!=(

  30. I have trouble with it. The first level is a breeze, until you get to the second one, then everything goes downhill… and FAST!


  32. D-! are you kiding me!!!!!

  33. sweet dreams is hard-i only got to the 2nd level.

  34. d+ on medium

  35. a+!!! ilmost ranout of time.

  36. The Game Master // November 15, 2011 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    A’s on all levels. Night Terror is especially fun. 🙂 Ha ha ha

  37. d- on nightmare!

  38. i got an f- again!

  39. love this game

  40. I got an f-!I did awful!

  41. B+ on sweet dreams and C+ on night terror 😛

  42. C+ on Night Terror! 😉

  43. I got A+ on everything!!!

    \m/ (>.<) \m/

  44. THIS GAME STINKS!!!!!!!!!!

  45. A+ on easy

  46. c b a on night terror

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