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Knight Switch

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14 Comments on Knight Switch

  1. I got through level 1

  2. This game is easy

  3. With about 35-45 minutes of work I beat every level!!!! My score was 43920!

  4. awesome dude // March 30, 2013 at 10:04 am // Reply

    the first level is easy the second level is even more easy the third level is pretty hard the fourth level is sort of challenging but the fifth level is impossible

  5. None of you will believe me, but I finished the game in under an hour. It was really fun!

    Here’s how to finish level 1, then you’re all on your own.
    Drag all the knights counter-clockwise keeping them on the outside tiles, and that’s it. Easy.

  6. how do you play

  7. i tried it 1 time and beat it.

  8. 1 is hard

  9. level 3 is impossible

  10. How do you even get past level 1?

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