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  1. the 2 is not needs to be fixed.but it`s o.k.
    on others.

  2. hard but helps with signalling

  3. hard and wierd, but it’s fun

  4. too bad the audio tone is so bad.

  5. i like it is real easy when you do for an hour im 11 and i can do this i getting the merit badge for this signaling

    • I 2 am doing it for the signaling MB. I absolutely hate it, but it does help…after a couple of hours, u see progress. Kinda boring, but again, it helps. Worth ur while, if you want to learn.

  6. The tests are hard!

  7. Its a great start to really master Morse Code! Just wish they would have added “Space”

  8. second scout // June 20, 2010 at 10:36 pm // Reply

    all numbers have 5 charaters; 1:.—- 2:..— ect.

  9. Really cool, helped me get the signaling merit badge, via the 2010 sentimental merit badges…


  10. Managed to learn morse code in under an hour with this. Cheers.

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