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Morse Code Machine

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  1. Scrolling LED Message Signs // January 9, 2017 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    When I was young I memorized morse code and then a week later I completely forgot.

  2. i have a phone why use this

  3. It won’t load!

  4. I like your shirt

  5. i like pups

  6. so simple………. CM Tony

  7. Get the morse code machine working

  8. i want to learn

  9. The timing and spacing of the code generator is plain awful! Using this code machine will make things far more difficult than they need to be.

  10. morse code should be learned by sound, alone. If you develop the habit of counting dots and dashes you will never progress beyond 5-10 wpm. And, speaking from experience, it is an extremely difficult habit to break. If anyone is serious about learning the code, consult the resources of the ARRL.

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