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Morse Code Machine

GAME NOT WORKING? This game only works on computers with the Flash plugin installed. It does not work on phones or tablets.
Please visit our new HTML5 Games section for fun games that can be played on any device.

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  1. um it doesnt work

  2. love it. I’m a CW op for 48 yrs…And this is one of the better learning programs.

  3. how do you download as i cant see where the download button is ?

  4. Oh it’s just the font. Y and V look kinda similar. My bad.

  5. There’s a bug. Sometimes the game asks for V and expects the answer to Y.

  6. To creators
    I am a furry and I am deeply offended by this horrendous game

  7. This is a great practice tool. I will keep coming back unit I get my goal of 20 groups per minute.

  8. what is the name of the background music?

  9. Too bad it doesn’t work for phone

  10. this is really fun

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