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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan (1953)

Peter Pan (1953)

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  1. I all ready have the block I can have a spar Incase my first one rips I buy that thankyou

  2. it will live in your heart forever!!!!!! awesome movie!!!!! love peter pan wendy john michael and the lost boys- cubby(also curly) slightly nibs the twins and tootles.

  3. peter pan will always be an enjoyable movie to me

  4. good movie

  5. Go Tink!!!! Shine your light!!!!! We believe in you!!!!! faith trust and…. pixie dust!!!!!

  6. yeah it just so happens that his name is hook and he has a hook for a hand

  7. dude, peter pan is epic man he fights off hook and saves wendy john michael and the lost boys!!!!!!!!!

  8. i like smee he is my favorite pirate in peter pan

  9. Peter101 // July 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm //

    hey peter is cool and funny

  10. Peter Pan is cool cause he can fly.

  11. I think Peter Pan is cool. He lives in a cool place(Neverland), and he gets to do many fun things. He always has adventures, and fights with pirates, and all kinds more cool stuff. The fact that he stays a kid forever is cool. I wish that I could be a kid forever.

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