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Pinewood Derby car

Pinewood Derby car

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  1. cool I love planes

  2. Best Iv EVER seen

  3. zombie-man // May 24, 2013 at 7:18 pm // Reply

    i believe i can fly>=)

  4. That is my car

  5. Aww…. you can’t race it without cutting off the wings 😦

  6. Highwingpilot // February 25, 2013 at 9:46 pm // Reply

    Actually, President Bush flew an Avenger (until he was shot down), not a Dauntless. And the Corsair has inverted gull wings – very easy to spot.

    But that said, BEAUTIFUL job on your Dauntless – our neighbor flew one in WW2. Do the wings fold up for racing?

  7. Love all the detail man. Really realistic looking!

  8. p-51 mustang

  9. Actually, that’s a Dauntless, not a Corsair, the cockpit design gives it away, but it’s still really cool!

  10. omg! thats a F4U corsair, that is epic!

  11. my grandad was a gunner in one of those!love it!

  12. phd bossness // January 9, 2013 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    y u no make machine gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dear Old Kit // December 28, 2012 at 5:57 pm // Reply

    Now there’s a great tribute to WWII Naval Aviator and President George H.W. Bush. Great Job, Cub Scout!

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