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50 Incredible Pinewood Derby Cars of 2012

Looking for some new Pinewood Derby car design ideas? readers have sent us photos of some incredible Pinewood Derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites sent to us in 2012, and then send us a picture of your Pinewood Derby car.

Pinewood Derby Car Design Photo Gallery

Send in a photo of your Pinewood Derby car design.

7 Comments on 50 Incredible Pinewood Derby Cars of 2012

  1. Awsome! My brother likes the really cute turtle!🐢

  2. Swagloopy24 // May 5, 2016 at 9:16 am // Reply

    The SpongeBob car is cool

  3. I love the turtle!
    Whoever did the turtle rocks!
    I also love the ice cream cart, m&m’s one, and the Baseball bat!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    (P.S. U should all try doing a one shaped like a pencil. It’s good for speed and looks cool!

  4. i really like the R2D2 one


  6. they all look awesome

  7. i like the minecraft one

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