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A safe bet mystery

Police lieutenant Brewer spat a direct order into his car radio: “We’ve had a robbery at the theater. I want Fingers Lawson picked up right away. He takes great pride in being the top combination safe burglar in the state. He’s just out of jail last week and yesterday he started working at the theater as a janitor.”

Mac King turned to face the tall brick theater where he was scheduled to perform that night. “Do you have any other suspects?”

“No,” said Brewer. “The only ones around this morning besides you and your monkey were Lawson and that other magician…the old guy with all the little sleight-of-hand tricks: Zenario.”

Mac recalled a picture of the freshly plundered safe. (It looked much like the picture above.)

“If I were you,” said Mac. “I’d reissue your order, but forget Lawson. It’s a safe bet that Zenario is your man!”

Why did Mac think so?

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Solution: Brewer told Mac that Fingers Lawson took great pride in cracking combination locks. In recalling the crime scene inside the theater, Mac realized the safe was secured with a key padlock. If neither Mac nor Lawson had opened the safe, that left Zenario as the chief suspect; Zenario, a master of small sleight-of-hand and, Mac guessed, picking padlocks.

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