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Spin Doctor mystery

magic-200x1481On an evening stroll through the park, Mac King saw his friend Kelly Diaz sitting on a bench, her eyes filled with tears.

When she explained that a new kid named Dennis had stolen one of her favorite compact disks, Mac had to admit, “I know Dennis, but I’ve never heard of Randy Rainbow.”

Kelly told Mac that Randy Rainbow’s CD was immediately recognizable. “It’s got six different colors printed on its face.” She drew a pie shape in the dust with her toe (and it looked very much like the picture at right).

“So you confronted Dennis?”

Kelly nodded. “He has a portable CD player with a transparent plastic top. You can look right in and see what’s playing over his head phones.”

“And you looked, and it wasn’t Randy?”

“Nope. He had a CD spinning in there, but the disk was pure white. No colors at all!”

“Kelly, I don’t know if he stole it from you, but I’ll bet Dennis was indeed playing a Randy Rainbow CD!

Why Did Mac Say That?

Use your mouse to highlight the hidden text below and reveal the answer

Solution: Mac knows that white light is a combination of colors. For example, you can break these colors apart by shining a white light through a prism. So too, you can blend the colors. As the Randy Rainbow disk spun, the colors overlapped and Kelly’s eye saw a combination of colors that appeared white. Dennis might have been spinning a white disk … or he might have been playing Kelly’s disk as Mac surmised.

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