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Pick Trick magic trick

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31 Comments on Pick Trick magic trick

  1. We had fun!

  2. I tricked my brother

  3. I tricked my dad

  4. easy pesy

  5. That was a huge fad at our school just last week!

  6. this is hard to do . wont people see the toothpick

  7. how would you tape it the toothpick is to small

  8. COOL

  9. lame i hit my cat with it!

  10. I fooled my mom with this

  11. professor wood // February 20, 2011 at 11:41 am // Reply

    i just wedged it under the top layer of skin on my finger and flicked it so hard it flew backwards. it worked much better.


  13. cool but need improvement

  14. ok……

  15. We have been doing this trick for a long time and LOVE IT.

  16. didnt work…

  17. it did’nt work.(mumble.)

  18. Amazing! And the toothpick is thin which helps it disappear. That is so cool!

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