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How to Build a Fun PVC Sprinkler

Cool off with this backyard summertime sprinkler system made from PVC pipes.


Following the cutting diagram below, cut the following lengths from the five 3⁄4″ x 10′ PVC pipes:

The following are 3⁄4″ fittings:

The following are 1⁄2″ fittings:


1. Follow the cutting diagram below and cut all the pieces to length. Sand the ends of each piece.

2. Glue together the four 6′ vertical uprights. Connect the uprights with 2′ braces. These are the sides of the frame.

3. Complete the horizontal ground support legs by gluing on the 1′ end pieces. Glue on the end caps and hose connector.

4. Glue together the top two 5′ cross pieces. Connect them with two 2′ braces.

5. Glue the assembled 5′ top section to the 6′  vertical leg assembles. Screw in the six cut-off risers and shrub sprinkler heads.

6. Attach a water hose, and your project is complete. Remember, always follow local water restrictions and use this sprinkler in an area where you’ll be watering the grass while you play.


Check out these photos of the completed project sent to us by Boys’ Life readers. If you have a photos of a BL Workshop project, please use the form below to send them to us.