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Build a Pingpong Ball Launcher

Make this cool pingpong ball launcher for target-shooting fun.


Cut the board as follows:


1. Cut out the body and crosspiece of the launcher and sand both pieces. Follow the dimensions shown above.

2. Drill holes in the crosspiece for the eyebolts. Drill and countersink the two holes for the wood screws that hold the crosspiece to the body.

3. Screw the crosspiece onto the body.

4. If you can’t find a rubber band long enough for the launcher, you can loop several smaller ones together.

5. Loop the rubber band(s) to the eyebolts.

6. Attach the eyebolts to the crosspiece using the washers and nuts.

7. Take apart the clothespin and screw the bottom half to the body. Be careful to drill and countersink these screws so you don’t split the clothespin. Reassemble the clothespin.

8. Load a pingpong ball and you’re ready to launch. If the clothespin is to weak to hold the rubber band, wrap another rubber band around the gun to strengthen it.

Cardboard or plywood makes a good target. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles.