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Triassic Triops

Triassic Triops

Triassic Park

Grow your own prehistoric creatures with Triassic Triops. Scientists say triops, critters that look like mini horseshoe crabs, have been around for more than 200 million years. Kit comes with 100 triops eggs, tank with magnified viewing and more. ($24.00)

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6 Comments on Triassic Triops

  1. …I think they are….not…..prehistoric…….creatures.

  2. These things actually hatched. From the other comments, they probably didn’t raise them correctly. My triops had lived for about 6 weeks.

  3. These things stink!!! mine hatched and died 3 days later!!! and one of them ate the other and i fed them well!!! 😦

  4. We bought a triops kit, nothing hatched. Sent away for replacement eggs, nothing hatched. Not impressed. We followed the instructions to a T.

  5. How long do they live for?

  6. ive had them before, it was a little hard for me to give them up

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