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Gear for the Jamboree

Q. I was just wondering where I could get some wonderful gear? I am going to the National Jamboree in July, and I love camping but I don’t have much money. Oh, and by the way, I love your advice.
–Wondering Joshua, Green Bay, Wis.

A. Way to butter up the Gear Guy, Josh. Nah, seriously, thanks for the compliment. So you want “wonderful” gear at a “wonderful” price, right? Well, there are definitely some ways to save money on quality outdoor gear. First off, don’t be afraid to buy gently used stuff. Ask around your troop for folks who have older gear they’d be willing to sell. And check the classified ads in the local paper or online. As for buying new outdoor gear, check online outlet-style websites like, and Of course, it’s always good to support your Scout shop (and, local outfitter or sporting goods shops, too. The best way to score good deals there is to keep an eye out for end of season sales where you can often get “last year’s model” for close-out prices. And don’t forget about military surplus stores, which often have good deals on camping gear.

Ask the Gear Guy

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  1. I am going also and you can ask your jamboree scout master for good places to shop. Some things that they say you need you realy don’t.

  2. Your lucky I can’t afford to go to National Jamboree. 😦

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